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Teacher Access Center assistance is a click away

helpMany Judson ISD staff members have expressed that they are not as well versed in using the Teacher Access Center grade book as they would like to be. There are many resources to assist you to better utilize Teacher Access Center. Technology Services and Instructional Technology have several offerings to help you:

  • There is a Teacher Access Center support web site on the Judson ISD Intranet.
  • Want to know how to copy assignments between classes? Want to know why JISD moved to Teacher Access Center? Want to know why grades you enter do not affect a student's current average? For these and the other most frequently asked questions (and answers), please visit the often updated Teacher Access Center FAQ page on the Judson ISD Intranet Teacher Access Center support web site.
  • Within Teacher Access Center there is a wonderful eLearning Center which is launched by clicking eLearning Center in the left side navigation menu of Teacher Access Center. eLearning contains demo videos on many topics as well as practice exercises to help you become proficient in using the software's features.Help Picture
  • Within Teacher Access Center there is a great help section to help you learn about the software's features. Just click the yellow Help icon in the upper right corner of Teacher Access Center.
  • Technology Services is conducting short faculty presentations, which include covering top Teacher Access Center FAQ's. Please contact Debra Stephens to schedule a presentation. Additional campus training can also be requested.
  • If you have a questions you cannot find an answer to, please call or submit a ticket to the Judson ISD Help Desk at 210-945-JISD or click here.
  • We have received a lot of feedback on features and usability which we have shared with Sungard. The company is planning a major update to Teacher Access Center for Fall 2012.

by S. Young

What is eLearning 360?

eLearning 360Four components combine to make what is called the Judson ISD eLearning 360 initiative.  Two of the components facilitate network access, while two of the components facilitate the use of a 21st century online learning environment and the associated tools for success.

The JISD-Guest wireless network is currently available campus-wide at about 2/3 of the campuses.  1/3 of the district has a wireless network in the office only.  Network Services is continuing to build the wireless network during the Fall semester to expand wireless services to the remaining facilities.  The JISD-Guest wireless network specifically allows non-district owned wireless devices to connect to the JISD network.  This service is for educational purposes only and all content is filtered.  All users of this network are directed to an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which must be agreed upon to begin using the service.

The JISD-Guest wireless network helps facilitate BYOD also known as “Bring Your Own Device”.  While 1-to-1 computing initiatives are not always feasible, BYOD is a different approach which brings districts closer to idea of empowering technology for learning by the use of devices students and staff already own.  JISD has embraced this idea and has amended student, staff, and public AUPs to allow for BYOD.  It is now the decision of the campus administrator to allow the use of personal devices on their campus.

Live@Edu offers free email communication and collaboration services for JISD secondary students which includes web versions of Microsoft Office, Outlook, 25GB storage, application sharing, and file sharing.  Whether a student is using a laptop, netbook, tablet/pad, or smart phone, the service is available anytime, anywhere an Internet connection is available. Students are encouraged to use Live@ Edu by logging into the JISD portal and then choosing the Live@edu icon. Teachers will see new address books available in Outlook, listing all student email addresses.

Last by not least is Schoology.  Schoology is a learning management system.  What is unique about Schoology is the blending of academic, social, and managerial features to make creation and sharing of academic content simple.  The interface is very similar to that of Facebook.  Even if you are not familiar with the Facebook-like layout, navigation is intuitive.  Some of the key features include class profiles and web pages, online events and assignments, online dropboxes, assessment tools, and student usage tracking and analytics. Much like Live@Edu, Schoology is accessible anytime, anywhere from a multitude of devices as long as you have an Internet connection.  Schoology is currently available to secondary students only.  Students and staff are encouraged to explore and use Schoology by logging into the JISD portal and choosing the Schoology icon.

by P. Johnson

24/7 Online Technology Training is HERE!

The Judson ISD Department of Instructional Technology & Library Services has purchased a new program to assist all staff with technology staff development on the Microsoft Office suiteonline expert

 Learn Key’s Online Expert is a web based video training program that allows users to access the training 24/7, work at their own pace, pause and view the videos multiple times and all from the convenience of home or school. To access the program, simply login to My JISD Portal using your district credentials and select the “OE” icon for Online Expert.

Since it is a District expectation that all professional staff demonstrate proficiency on 5 Microsoft Applications and Inspiration 8 within two years of hire, we are providing this resource to help you prepare for the competency testing. Additional district-created resources, located on the JISD Intranet, are also available to help you prepare. These resources include Course Syllabus for each Microsoft application and Inspiration 8 program, Independent Practice Activity for each Microsoft application and Inspiration 8 and the Inspiration 8 program training video created by department staff. The Course Syllabus for each application is useful for participants who wish to view only the portions of the video directly aligned to the assessment by identifying each session topic, section and vocabulary. It is highly recommended that participants use the Independent Practice activity as a practice test so that the video can be reviewed as needed before registering for the proficiency assessment in Eduphoria Workshop.

by B. Ahr

District-Wide Projector Installation Initiative

There are many benefits to having a projector in a classroom such as improvements in student understanding and retention of information.  As a district-wide initiative to equip every classroom with a projector, Technology Services will be funding the installation cost for projectors this year. Sixteen campuses have been identified as not having 100% of its classrooms with projectors.  The first school installations will start the week of October 17th.  Principals will be contacted with an approximate time line once the campus comes up on the install list.  We look forward to completing this initiative for all JISD teachers and students.

The campuses identified for projector mounting are:

Park Village
Kirby Middle
Spring Meadows
Millers Point
Mary Hartman

Woodlake Hills Middle
Woodlake Elem
Wagner High
Coronado Village
Kitty Hawk Middle
Metzger Middle

by J. Orona