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New Technology eduphoria! HelpDesk Launched

The new eduphoria! HelpDesk has been launched.  With this new system, technology support request can be submitted and tracked from one simple place. It has a simple user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly enter various technology requests that will create a work order and automatically route it to designated support members. Once submitted, you can track the progress of your request and exchange notes and information with Technology Services Support Teams. This will streamline communications with Technology Services to ensure work orders are resolve in a timely manner.

Some the Categories you can submit include:Eduphoria Workshop

  1. Hardware and Software
  2. District Log on/Access
  3. Moves and Adds of Technology Items
  4. Audio/Visual
  5. Help with Technology
  6. Communications
  7. Security Systems
  8. Technology Equipment Quote request

We hope you find the new system friendly and easy to use.  You can access the HelpDesk from the eduphoria! link in the myJISD portal by using your district username and password.   If you need assistance, feel free to call 210-945-JISD (5473).


Summer Technology eCamps

MCj04080500000[1]Set up the tents and start the camp fire! The JISD Instructional Technology Department will be hosting our 2nd Annual Proficiency eCamps!  

What are eCamps? Who attends?

Are you too busy during the school year to attend our Proficiency Training and Testing sessions? Don’t you wish you could just get it all done during the summer? Well, now you can! eCamps are three day camps that provide training and testing on 3 applications. Each day is devoted to one application. CITs deliver training on the application in the morning and provide an independent practice activity to allow participants some time to practice the skills taught. After lunch, the participants take the test on that application.

There are two different camps:

  • Outlook, Word, & PowerPoint (POW Camp)
    • Campuses attending:
      • Converse, Metzger, Salinas, Masters, and Judson Early College Academy
  • Publisher, Inspiration, and Excel (PIE Camp)
      • Campuses attending:
        • Kirby, Miller's Point, Hopkins, Crestview, Elolf, Park Village, Hartman, Secondary Alternative Campus, and Judson Learning Academy
  • Any teachers that are NEW to the district are welcome to attend; however, the priority is for you to attend a “POW Camp”.
  • Any teachers that are at bond-deployed campuses that have not completed their proficiencies are also welcome to attend.
  • Just because a camp is for one particular campus, doesn’t mean you can’t register. Please register for the camp that is most convenient for YOU!

Why eCamps?

It is a district expectation that all professional staff fulfill SBEC’s Technology Application Standards for all teachers. The training sessions are tailored toward teaching SBEC standard skills. Teachers must score an 85% or above on each test to demonstrate proficiency.

I want to attend! What do I do?

You must hurry! There is limited space in our tents!

Please see the Proficiency eCamp flyers for a listing of all dates, times, and locations. To attend any of these camps, you must register in Workshop. The training and testing sessions are separate so you have to register for each individually. Space is limited, so only registered participants will be able to attend. Sorry, no walk-ins will be allowed.


Are you free/busy? When can we meet?

It never fails—you get asked this question endlessly throughout the day.  Whether working with a specific individual or with a department, there is an easy way to plan a meeting and check the schedules of required attendees using the Outlook® calendar.  The free/busy grid is a feature in Outlook® that allows you to see if the individual is free or busy, and it has the capability to select a new meeting time where all attendees can be present!

To plan a meeting and check the schedules of attendees, perform the following steps:

  • Free Busy SearchMake sure that you are in the Calendar of Outlook®.
  • From the Actions menu, select Plan a Meeting.
  • The Plan a Meeting window appears.
  • Type the name of the attendees in the All Attendees Pane . 

Note:  If the name does not appear, Click the Add Others button and select Add from Address Book.



  • Free Busy SearchThe attendee’s schedule of availability will appear in the Free/Busy Grid.  If the bar is blue, it indicates the attendee is busy. 
  • Select a Meeting Start Date and Time then select the Meeting End Date and Time.

 Note:  The bold green vertical line indicates the start of the meeting.  The bold red vertical line indicates the end of the meeting.

  • If the meeting time is not convenient, select the AutoPick Next button to find another time available for all attendees. 
  • Once a date and time are determined, click the Make Meeting button.
  • In the Meeting message that appears, enter information into the Subject and Location field.
  • Click Send.