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A Free Student Response System - Plickers!

Would you love to have the instant feedback provided by a student response system, but don’t have $2000 to purchase it?  Have you looked at some online ideas, but all of your students do not have mobile devices?  Here is one solution...Plickers

Plickers is an excellent formative assessment tool that gives the teacher instant feedback on student understanding!  It consists of free cards that can be printed on cardstock paper and the Plickers app.  The teacher projects a question for the entire class to answer and students hold up their individual cards indicating an answer of A, B, C, or D.  The teacher uses the Plickers app on any iOS or Android device to read the student responses and graph correct and incorrect answers providing real-time formative assessment data without the need for expensive student devices!  Does this sound too good to be true? Try Plickers @ https://plickers.com/

by E. Everett

Do You Use Google Apps?

Judson ISD implemented Google Apps for Education two years ago.  Campuses are expected to begin using Google Apps for Education with their students to collaborate in a paperless, cloud computing environment.   When was the last time that you or your students logged into your Google account?  

Login to My JISD Portal
Under Applications, select Google Drive-Staff icon
When prompted, enter username@judsonisd.org
Enter your district log in password

Students :
PK-2ndgoogle drive
Login to My JISD Portal
Under Applications, select Google Drive icon
When prompted, enter studentid@student.judsonisd.org
For password, enter student id +abc (i.e. 12345abc)

Login to My JISD Portal
Under Applications, select Google Drive icon
When prompted, enter username@student.judsonisd.org
For password, enter student id +abc (i.e. 12345abc)

Secondary (6-12)
Login to My JISD Portal
Under Applications, select Google Drive icon
When prompted, enter username@student.judsonisd.org
For password, enter student created password

If you encounter any issues with logging in, please contact the JISD Help Desk.
by A. Hernandez

Spam Filtering at Judson ISD

You may remember that Judson ISD Network Services installed a new spam blocker this past July. The goal of the spam blocker was twofold. The first goal was to cut down on the amount of time spent reviewing the morning spam summaries.  The second SPAMgoal was to improve the level of protection from emails with viruses, malware and inappropriate content. With the new system, in order to cut down on time spent reviewing the morning summary, it was decided that marketing related emails would be allowed to be sent directly to you, instead of being quarantined as they were previously. We recommend taking the time to unsubscribe now, so that you will stop receiving any further unwanted marketing emails.  The intention is to get that information to you as fast as you need it and block less or no good incoming email, unless they contain harmful viruses or other inappropriate content. You will also notice much less objectionable content in your morning summaries, as most of this is never presented to you.

In order to provide you an idea of the amount of emails that are quarantined, allowed and blocked for because they are spam or viruses, here are some numbers: On average Judson ISD receives 38,000 emails daily. Of this total, 10,000 is blocked content such as inappropriate emails, 1,000 are quarantined, 18,000 are allowed and 150 virus-infected emails are received daily. This hopefully provides some clarity as to how well this spam blocker is operating.
by C. Dean

“Add-on” a Twist to Google Docs

Using Google Docs in the classroom allows valuable collaboration for teachers and students.  Students can share their work with peers for review and teachers can offer comments to improve an assignment. Want to intensify the power of Google Docs?  Select add-ons from the Add-ons menu in Google Docs to strengthen its functionality!  Simply click Get Add-ons from the menu and search for it.  Then click the Free button and start increasing the productivity within your Google Docs.  Some suggested add-ons for teachers and students include:

MindMeister converts any selected bullet point list in Google Docs into a mind map.  
This add-on is a fantastic way to transform a list of thinking/brainstorming ideas into
a visual,graphical interpretation! To get started:

  • Jot down your bulleted list and highlight
  • Access the Add-ons menu
  • Select MindMeister
  • Choose “Insert as Mind Map”
  • The mind map appears on the doc!

Easy Bib adds citations to Google Docs in the format of your choice: MLA, APA, Chicago and more!
This add-on is a great way to help students keep track of their information sources and quickly create a
bibliography or works cited page.To get started:

  • Try the Research Tool in Google Docs
  • Add information and/or images to your Doc straight from the Research Tool and cite each piece of information
    or write down the title or URL
  • When you are ready to create a bibliography page, access EasyBib in your Add-ons
  • Select Journal Article, Book, or Website and type in the title or URL
  • Select the citation created and when you see them all choose “Add to Bibliography”
  • EasyBib creates a Bibliography for you!

Tag Cloud Generator creates a tag cloud in Google Docs in text with 50 words or more! This add-on for word
clouds make it easy to determine themes, main ideas and overused words. With this information, students
can revise their writing or summarize complicated text.  To get started:

  • Access the Add-ons menu
  • Select Tag Cloud Generator
  • In the right panel, a word cloud appears!

RhymeFinder allows the selection of a word and then provides a list of rhyming words!  This is a great add-on
for students and teachers to utilize in writing poetry. Younger students will benefit as it assists them in learning language. To get started:

  • Select a word from your text
  • Access the Add-ons menu
  • Select RhymeFinder
  • In the right panel, a list of rhyming words appears!

There are many add-ons available for Google Docs, so be bold and provide that extra twist and enjoy its benefits for learning!

by E. Everett

To Share or Not to Share, that is the Question!

One of the most valuable tools available with Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, etc. is the ability to “SHARE” with others, but like any tool, this should be used thoughtfully!  When you create a new item in Google, you are the “Owner” and you have the ability to “Share” or “Not to Share” by controlling the settings on your account.  Right now, my @judsonisd.org account is set so that all the items I create say that “Anyone at Judson ISD can find and view” them.  If I do not want others looking at my work, I have to right click on the item, choose “Share” and use the drop down arrow to reset my sharing feature to “OFF”.  To avoid sharing sensitive information through your Google account, please pay attention to your settings! 

Google Sharing

by E. Everett