October 2006 |Newsletter Issue #1
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Computer Literacy
The 2006-2007 school year presents the first K-8 Computer Literacy Implementation for Judson ISD.  In an effort to promote Computer Literacy across the district, middle school computer literacy teachers and interested elementary classroom teachers met in June 2006 for a weeklong collaborative curriculum writing session.  During these sessions, these teachers reviewed state adopted computer literacy programs to develop a standard implementation plan for each campus.  Read Full Article

New Technology Personnel
Technology Services is pleased to have three new staff members on our team:
John Pron is our new Network Administrator and David Neill is our new Desktop Technician. Soon to join us will be our new Applications Coordinator, John Orona. In our spring newsletter, Technology Services will have several more new personnel to announce.

GradeSpeed ParentConnection
Parent ConnectionParentConnection is live for the new year and allows parents to view their child’s daily grades and attendance.  Parents can view notes and comments entered by the teacher in GradeSpeed.  ParentConnection is a great tool for communicating with parents.  Please be sure to update your GradeSpeed grade book weekly as instructed by your campus principal. A handout for parents on the ParentConnection is available here.

Technology Has a New Home!
Or at least the servers have new homes.   For the past eighteen months, Judson ISD has been working on a project to consolidate servers within the district to three locations called Network Operating Centers or NOCs. Over the past few months we have been consolidating most servers in the ERC to one location.  Read Full Article

Securing Your Computer and Protecting District Data
Private and sensitive data exists on all computers on the JISD network.  Never share your password(s) with any other users.  It is the responsibility of all users to lock or log off of their computers when they will leave them unattended.  Leaving a computer in an unsecured state can expose sensitive information such as email, grades, student, financial, and employee data to theft and/or alteration. 

In addition never keep any sensitive data on laptops, thumb drives, external disk drives, or floppy disks, as these items are the most commonly lost items and their loss can result in your exposing private data to others.  No one wants to be in the headlines as the cause of a data theft or leak!

For details on how to lock your computer, see the Fall 2006 JumpStart computer user guide.

By The Numbers:
Technology Services has been Computer with graph on screenvery busy the past few months. Desktop Services and Infrastructure Services have completed and closed over 1205 work orders from August 1 through October 15. These numbers do not include the hundreds of Basic Services work orders that were completed during this time or all the phone calls for support to the Help Desk. We know that we need to improve our service times and we will be working to do this throughout the rest of the year.


In This Issue...

Board Approves New Acceptable Usage Policy
H: Drive, the Way to Save
Coming Soon to a Screen Near You
Basic Services Update
Staff Development Update
Board Approves Department Changes
Computer Literacy
New Technology Personnel
GradeSpeed ParentConnection
Technology has a New Home!
Securing Your Computer and Protecting District Data
By the Numbers

Board of Trustees Approves New Acceptable Usage Policy
The district Technology Services Department strives to handle the At Signneeds of an ever-growing, ever-changing population of users in a way that will benefit the district as a whole.  We accomplish this by looking at the needs of all users and building a technology-based structure that addresses as many needs as we are able to do both financially and structurally.  To that end, there have been provisions put in place to make sure problems are minimized and positive results are maximized. Read Full Article
H: Drive, the Way to Save
Home directory graphicOne might ask “why do I need to save my documents in the H: drive?”  The H: Drive offers protection and accessibility. By
saving your documents here they will be protected from being lost. When documents are saved on the computer itself, or in "My Documents", there is chance your documents can be lost if the computer crashes.  Your documents stored in the H: Drive can be seen from any computer you are logged into and are stored on a server that is backed up on a regular schedule. This gives you the freedom to work from any computer in the district with assurance that your documents are protected on the network.
Coming Soon to a Screen Near You
The Desktop Services department will soon be rolling out a small addition to your computer screen, so don’t let it catch you by surprise!  This small area that will appear on the bottom right side of your screen will be useful when reporting problems with your computer to the JISD Helpdesk. 

Desktop picture

It will give you information about your computer we need when reporting a problem  In addition, the JISD Helpdesk number is always at hand for your convenience.
Basic Services Update
For the first time in history, Judson ISD teachers have access to standard instructional technology tools. The Technology Services Department has completed the first phase of the Basic Services Project which includes upgrades to campus libraries, computer labs and classroom computers. As teachers returneCDd to their classrooms this fall, they had access to refurbished computers and new network services including networked printers and file storage. The standard software upgrade package includes Windows XP, Office 2000 with Publisher, and a re-image of the CPU for a fresh start. Windows XP provides an updated operating system that allows for remote assistance and more security than previously prevalent Windows 98 and Windows 95. File services provide the ability to utilize “paperless” communication as teachers and students exchange information and complete assignments electronically.

The Desktop Services and Instructional Technology departments collaborated together from October 2005 through September 2006 to clean, upgrade and install software on over 4000 district computers. Many hundreds of computers that were "beyond economic repair" were recycled for parts or sent to auction.
Staff Development Update

Instructional Technology had a very successful Super Saturday, September 9th with over 220 teachers and other staff attending classes. Thanks to all who attended for making it such a big success. Due to numerous requests from both teachers and staff, the Instructional Technology Department will be offering various technology classes after school to accommodate both elementary and secondary release times. These trainings will be designed to give Judson ISD employees the tools and the confidence to successfully implement technology into their job or classroom.

To search and register for these and other classes, log on to A-Train at http://atrain.judson.k12.tx.us/atrain/ or from the Employee page located on the Judson ISD web site. If you need assistance, please contact Jennifer Schultes at (210) 945-5218.

There is one upcoming dsitrict-wide class on Excel on 11/14 from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. Many more classes will be offered in the spring at campuses.    

To explore training opportunities for your campus, please contact Beverly Ahr at (210) 945-5581.

Board of Trustees Approves Department Changes
After a detailed salary report and presentation to the JISD Board of Trustees Board meetingon September 7, 2006 by Sharon Fuery, Executive Director of Human Resources, and Steve Young, Chief Technology Officer, the Board approved a personnel and salary package on September 21, 2006 to help Judson ISD stay competitive and move forward in technology. Technology Services appreciates the support of the Board and will be adding the following personnel in the near future to better server our customers:
  - Programmer/Application Developer
  - 2 Desktop Technicians
  - 3 Campus Instructional Technologists
  - Network Engineer
Contact Technology Services:
Help Desk: (210) 945-JISD
Main Number: (210) 945-5562
Technology Services phone list and organizational chart in PDF format
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