Meet Mrs. Shicora

Phone: (210) 802-6720


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Mathematics

Mrs. Jessica Shicora

I received my bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2008 then I went into the business world. I held the position of Office Manager / Sales Analyst for a local food brokerage.  That experience allows me to discuss with the students about their life after high school and how important their diploma and extra-curriculars are to the work force. Throughout the years, I heard from many professionals that they hated math class after they learned that I had a degree in the subject. These conversations continually reminded me of my dream to teach in order to encourage people to enjoy math.  After reflection and many family conversations, I chose to leave the business world and earn my certificate to teach at the high school level and follow my dream.

I am driven by a desire to educate young people. I hope that I can instill lasting critical thinking skills that can be used for their entire lives. 

I am now the Academic Trainer over Math. I am excited to assist our dream team of incredible math teachers.  We will be working together to create a comprehensive curriculum to excel our students well past the state STAAR test, SAT, ACT or TSI. We will be encouraging skills that will propel the students into the higher-level math classes and prepare them for life after high school!