Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. White

Tutoring is available most school days by appointment.  Please see me during the day to get a hall pass so you will be allowed up onto this floor for tutoring.  Routine Tutoring is before class on Mondays  8:05- 8:35  and after school on Thursdays from 4:26 to 5:15.  

We usually have at least one quiz or daily assignment each day.  If you are away from class on a school day you may check in Canvas under Modules and look for assignments with that day's date. You can keep up by working on those items.

We will normally take our tests on the Tuesday every 3rd week of class.  This is due to the scheduling of the midterms and finals on a Tuesday.  This will allow us to be consistent with all 6 test days.  If something changes that schedule you will see an announcement on the home page in Canvas.

1st period Law 1 8:35-10 AM

2nd period LPSCS 10:05 to  11:35

3rd period LPSCS 11:40 to 1:40 PM

4th period Conf. 1:40 to 15:00 PM

5th Period LPSCS 15:15 to 16:26


 Wagner High School 2018 to present: I began teaching CTE Law Enforcement classes at Wagner in December of 2018.

Degrees and Certifications


BA Texas Tech

Texas PSB Level 3 Classroom Instructor

Texas PSB Level 3 Firearms Instructor

TEA CTE Law Enforcement