MR. LAMBERT (8th grade U.S. History Class at Kirby Middle School)

Phone: (210) 661-1140


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor in History Teaching Certification

Mr. John Lambert

Welcome to the website of the WORLD'S MEANEST TEACHER!!!!

I am Mr. Lambert and welcome to my class.  I believe in being firm and fair while helping students grow with their understanding of the world around them.  

The torments which await you this 2019-2020 schoolyear will help you to grow in ways that you never thought possible! Besides teaching, I also enjoy acting, writing, yoga, and traveling.  Life is an adventure!

I describe my job as helping students get a deeper understanding of the questions:  WHO AM I?  HOW DID WE GET HERE?  WHY ARE THINGS THE WAY THAT WE ARE? Time is short and I believe that we don't have time to waste on the small questions--so let's get right down to it!  This year's activities include:  

1)  Reading Primary Source Material:

2)  Identifying, comparing, and contrasting points of view

3)  Reading and interpreting maps and charts

4)  Researching facts and Writing opinions about Historical issues.