Nichols Dental Internship Program

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Biology Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Teacher Dental Internship Program Director & Instructor Health Science Technology African & Mexican American Student Union Sponsor

Mrs. Mónica Nichols


Mrs. Nichols is a 2001 Judson Graduate , were she was also apart of the Certified Nurses Aide program and HOSA member and officer.

Mrs.Nichols is a graduate of Texas Lutheran University, receiving her B.S. in Biology. Mrs. Nichols  has worked in the Dental field for 9 years acquiring an extensive dental background  until coming to Judson in 2009, to start the Dental Internship Program for the 2010-2011 school year.

 She is the  proud wife to Diamond Nichols and mother of three children two girls Iliana and Tatiana, and one boy Diamond. Mrs. Nichols is committed to the successes of her students inside and outside of the classroom, and reminds her students often that they are the “change we seek." The main goal of the Dental Assisting program is to use the skills gained in the internship to give back and be heavily involved in the community.


I am so excited about your interest in the Health Dental Internship Program!  The internship gives the students an opportunity to become a Certified Dental Assistant/Radiology Certified, a state and national recognized certification.  This allows the students’ to explore the many areas of the Dental Industry including local San Antonio hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics where they spend time observing as well as gaining hands direct patient care experiences in the various dental fields.  There are a few things you need to be aware of concerning the internship.

This course is designed to develop the skills necessary for the dental industry, to later become a certified as a Registered Dental Assistant.  The internship is a two year program. The student will enter the program their JUNIOR year in which the student will be in the classroom/lab learning the various roles and skills of the dental assistant including receiving their OSHA, first aid & CPR certifications, and skills in clinical chair side assisting, dental tools and materials, infection control, and laboratory procedures .  The class content to include head/neck/oral anatomy, tooth morphology, oral microbiology, oral pathology, embryology, histology, psychology and patient care, pharmacology, pain control, preventative dentistry, and nutrition , basic radiology , human relations and job seeking skills in the industry. We are a clinical heavy internship and go to clinical rotation October through May of each school year.

 Students their JUNIOR year will be participating in clinical rotation mostly but not limited to general /pediatric dentistry and geriatric dentistry. The school will provide transportation to and from the various health care facilities and clinical sites both their senior and junior year. Please note this is a college level course and is taught in the classroom at that level of rigor. Students will be expected to perform at that collegiate level. There will be times that the student will be solely responsible for learning the material, as there is much to cover. My expectation of your son/daughter is that they are solely responsible for their education and will be treated like adults and must conduct themselves at a high maturity level, as they will be working with doctors, patients, and healthcare facilities and will be put in adult situations. 

Their SENIOR year, the students will go in depth with the practicum portion, where they will continue the clinical portion. Your son/daughter will also during their senior year continue clinical rotation however, the focus will be on the specialties: Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, and Oral Surgery.

 CERTIFICATIONS EARNED: RDA ( Registered Dental Assistant), Nitrous Oxide Sedation, OSHA, HIPPA, and CPR 

AGAIN, UPON ACCEPTANCE INTO THE DENTAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM THE STUDENTS’ ARE MAKING A TWO YEAR COMMITMENT OF THEIR JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEAR. I’m so excited you are interested in the Dental Internship Program. If a career in the dental field is truly what your passion is, your choosing the right program. Please see your counselor and make sure you are enrolled in the Health Science Pathway and are put in the necessary prerequisite courses.

The Career Counselor for Judson High School is Jose Flores 

The Dental Internship Program is by application ONLY! 



The Judson Dental Internship Program believes strongly in exposing its interns real world industry related clinical experiences. Interns are given the option to choose their clinical site to compete this rotation. This in-depth clinical experience is intended to immerse the intern with the day to day atmosphere of the dental office and broaden their scope of dental skills. The experience gained at your office will help the student assimilate the skills they have been learning  and adapt them to the real world experience along with the consistency of  finishing their clinical at the same dental office.

This clinical experience is an indispensable part of the student training. The majority of the student’s rotation should be hands on and provide patient care within the scope of a dental assistant. However, the entire clinical experience is solely up to your discretion. If you would like to be a clinical rotation partner, donate dental supplies to the program, or be a guest speaker please contact me at