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Degrees and Certifications:

*Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies *Associate of Arts in Teaching

Mr. Jarrod Perales

Hello! Welcome to the classroom where math is made FUN! If you dislike math now, not to worry, I'll change your mind by the end of the month! My name is Mr. Perales. This is my 10th year teaching overall, and my 8th year at Hartman Elementary. Hartman is my home! I graduated from Judson High School, then from Texas A&M University- San Antonio. I have been happily married for 8 years to my wife, Cassandra. Together, we have two beautiful children: Julius (6 years old) and Chrisynthia (almost 4 years old).


I LOVE MATH, and I LOVE TEACHING MATH. My goal, first and foremost, is to create a safe, inviting environment for ALL students. I love questions, and I love wrong answers (as long as they're reasonable, of course)! Learning can't happen without those two things. However, I don't want the students to only learn it; I want them to understand how it works in the real world. I teach math, but I teach life. I create as many teaching moments as possible every day with my students as well as my own kids. I love modeling positivity and leadership, and always try my best to have a smile on my face since happiness is contagious. Having fun with my students is very important to me. Respect between me and the student is crucial to OUR success!


I need students to be here every day to give yourself the greatest opportunity to learn as much as possible. Absences give EVERYONE more work to do. I teach math in a way that it's understandable to students, so the word FOCUS is very important to me. Something I know about a 5th grader: misbehavior is a choice. If you meet me halfway and work hard, you'll make me, your family, and especially yourself very proud!


Here's a little more about your awesome math teacher: spending time with family is the greatest thing on Earth. I love taking my kids places where they can play and learn. Putting smiles on their faces is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I play the electric guitar, and actually had a band back in high school. I have loved watching cagefighting since I was about 8 years old, and even do boxing myself. I love the San Antonio Spurs, and am very proud of their accomplishments throughout my lifetime. I love playing baseball, watching football, hanging out with friends, swimming, and cooking! One more thing: Music is LIFE!


I look forward to an amazing year! This is going to be the... best... year... ever! Let's kick some math instruction in the rear, shall we?