Mr. Harwell

Phone: (210) 662-5000


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor Degree: English English Language Arts & Reading (4-8) English Language Arts & Reading (7-12)

Mr. Harwell


Google Classroom codes:

BLOCK I: zmxlpj2

BLOCK II: du4hqka

BLOCK III: obni2ao

BLOCK V: v4kb2kz


Classes will be held on ZOOM once a week. Please refer to the schedule to find your class' time and link:

BLOCK I: Mondays at 1PM:

BLOCK II: Tuesdays at 1PM:

BLOCK III: Wednesdays at 1PM:

BLOCK V: Fridays at 1PM:


Tutorials will be held on ZOOM every Monday and Wednesday at 2:30 PM. Please join at