Phone: (210) 662-2210


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Middle Grades Education Certification in 4-8 Mathematics (GA & TX) Certification in 4-8 Science (GA & TX)

Miss Chelsea Lucas

Hi! My name is Chelsea Lucas (also Miss Lucas) as my kids refer me as. I am a 8th Grade Math/Algebra teacher at Metzger Middle School. I few things about myself are: 1.) I enjoy being outside when I am not inside the classroom (walking/hiking trails, swimming, and just chilling with my dog). 2.) I moved here from Georgia last September and have been a JISD employee since last November. Lastly, 3.) I am certified to teach  both math and science, and I like to incorporate interdisiplinary concepts into my lessons. I am always here too help anyone in need, because everyone needs some grace. If I am every in my classroom, and you need something please don't hesitate to come on in and I will do everything I can possibly do to help as much as I can. 

Canvas Instructions/Information: 

Please make sure that you are completing your daily checkpoints for every class! Daily checkpoints & assignments can be found under the modules tab. They are labeled "the date of the day checkpoint (all caps)".   I have posted a "Daily/Weekly Schedule" in my canvas homepage with  ZOOM links associated iwth each class period. A Days are when Periods 1-4 come to class (on ZOOM), and B Days are when Periods 5-7 come to class (on ZOOM). I have an agenda for each day as well, informing students A Day and B Day what needs to be done on that specific day. Another platform that I am using is google classroom. I will add students manually OR invite the to my google classroom via email/google classroom. I do not give google/zoom codes out publicly, so if you need to join my class, inform me via email or in ZOOM class. My office hours are located on the Canvas homepage AND google classroom (stream).