• Miller's Point Library Hour of Code Resources

    What is Hour of Code?

    This year Hour of Code is exploring the limitless realms of creativity empowered by AI! Whether you or your students are experienced coders or you are setting out on your very first computer science expedition, this Hour of Code promises an extraordinary voyage. What is Hour of Code? n.d., accessed 19 November 2023, <https://code.org/hourofcode>.

    Here are some resources to get started with coding at home. Join the millions of students around the world that are learning to code.  

    Botlogic.us https://botlogic.us/

    Hour of Code https://hourofcode.com/us/learn

    CODE https:/code.org/

    Microsoft MakeCode Arcade https://arcade.makecode.com/

    MIT App Inventor https://appinventor.mit.edu/

    SCRATCH https://scratch.mit.edu/

    Let me know if you enjoyed one of these sites. Happy coding y’all!


    Mrs. Pinedo

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