• The Crestview Library is a learning environment where the benefit of reading is realized and the love of reading is cultivated.  We provide a safe nurturing place for inquiry in hopes of creating more dreamers and imagineers in our world.

    Soar Eagles!!



    7:00am -2:30pm


    Policy and Procedures

    The library is open and available to all Crestview students grades PreK - 5th. Students in PreK - 1st will visit the library once per week with their class and may check out one book. Students in grades 2nd -5th will visit the library with their class once every other week and may check out 2 books.  The books may be kept for a duration of 2 weeks then they should be returned or rechecked.

    Students may visit the library outside of their class library time during open library times. 

    If a book becomes lost or damaged, students must pay a replacement cost. Checkout privileges will be suspended until fines are paid.