• Teacher Advisor: Jennifer Ruth

    Meeting Dates and Time: Mondays / 4:30 – 5:30 pm

    Brief Description about Club including links to other information: Currently, we’re using Google Classroom as our “Meeting Room” – use the code  hmof2lp  to join!

    We usually rotate our activities, so we’ll get involved in:

    Watching various genres of Anime episodes – hopefully you’ll find something new to enjoy.

    Learn some about the Cultures shown in those Anime – usually Japanese – with some phrases, how to use chopstick, tea ceremonies, and festivals.

    Experiment in Arts and Crafts, such as origami, kanji, creating manga, painting, and kite building.

    Playing Games with an Asian flavor, such as Go, Munchkin Fu, Stirfry 21, etc.

    As we attempt a new virtual mode of attending clubs, I’m hoping to introduce some virtual tours of museums or even include documentaries for the countries or ‘behind the scenes’ for how Anime is created.