Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Knight

ELRA 8th Grade | 7th Grade Head Volleyball Coach | Assistant Track & Field Coach 

Welcome to 2023-2024 8th Grade ELRA! My name is Ms. Knight, and it is such an honor to have the opportunity to be a part of the growth and preparation of our student's success.  

So, let’s talk about... 

I am a San Antonio native and an alum here at Kirby Middle School. Upon graduating from Karen Wagner Highschool I furthered my education at Texas Southern University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice with a minor in Forensic Science. I am sure you are now wondering what brought me to teaching? Well, I am happy that you asked. Since my youthful years I have always been interested in being the difference in my community that I wanted to see. Throughout both my college and work career, mentoring and representing children (Secondary-College), I quickly identified my purpose. Our youth is not only our future but the very essence of hope and prosperity for our future, and what better way to ensure that we have hope and prosperity than to guide the ones that hold it? It is my calling, to say the least. My objective is to create a positive and supportive environment that allows our students to safely develop their skills and thrive both in and out of the classrooms.  

So, how about my experience in the athletic world? I am naturally gifted at track & field and have been running and competing since the age of 7. I was a former varsity athlete, having the opportunity to display my athletic skills in both Track & Field and Volleyball at Karen Wagner Highschool. Though presented with a full ride scholarship to West Point Military Academy for Track & Field, I decided to focus the next chapter of my life on my education and developing who I am as an individual. Upon graduating college, I was Director of Athlete Relations for Agency One Athlete Management Group in Miami, Florida; this experience equipped me with the additional tools needed to properly develop our students to be prepared for their journey as a student athlete.  

Nevertheless, to my Divine and uniquely created students, I welcome you with love, kindness and much respect. As to my courageous and passionate parents, I thank you for trusting me with your precious gifts from above.   

I welcome you to the opportunity to explore the provided materials listed to the left, so that you are better acquainted with what to expect and prepare for this upcoming school year. 

Without further or due, may our prosperous journey begin!