Judson ISD

Park Village Welcome

We just finished off our first week of school and continue to get into a groove with the second. But for many, it's still kind of new...especially for some of the new students and parents. The folks over at Park Village Elementary School wanted to take a moment to make all students and parents welcome and show their commitment to their kids this school year.


Week 2: Wagner At Rutledge, Judson At Farris

The first week of high school football was an exciting one for Judson ISD.  It showed that both schools are fielding some great talent and will make some serious noise in this year's regular season and beyond.  Judson pulled out a squeaker against Pflugerville Hendrickson 12-9 while Wagner came up short on a high scoring contest against Stevens 30-26. This week both schools continue their non-district schedule as Judson hits the road for a Thursday night game at Farris Stadium to take on Brandeis who lost to Johnson last week, while Wagner is at home Friday night at Rutledge Stadium to take on Churchill who previously beat Clark handily. With the Judson game on Thursday, ticket sales for that game begin on Tuesday.  Support our T-Birds and Rockets!!

Wagner Thunderbirds

Judson Rockets

Football's Back! Judson, Wagner In Action

The Judson Rockets hope to improve on their State Semi-Final season last year as Coach Sean McAuliffe begins his second year at the helm.  They start the regular season at home at Rutledge against Pflugerville Hendrickson.  Meanwhile, Wagner Head Football Coach Charles Bruce (named Head Coach for East All-Star Football Game) will take his Thunderbird team on the road to Gustafson Stadium to take on Stevens High School.  Let's start off the season right by being there and supporting our schools and our kids.

Judson Rockets

Wagner Thunderbirds

Back To School Thoughts From Dr. Montoya

JISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya wanted to make sure he visited JISD schools the first day and this first week and as he did, he was encouraged and impressed by what he saw.  He wants to pass that encouragement on to each staff member and offer his support to ensure that everyone makes this year a successful one for our students. 


Convocation 2015--We Know How To Start A Year!

Convocation each year is an opportunity to get everyone cranked up for a new school year.  By the looks of what happened at this year's event, I think we're ready...don't you?  This was the first time in a several years to have Convocation at another location other than the Performing Arts Center.  This year it was at the Wagner gym and the change of venue produced a change in atmosphere.  Not that past convocation events were not exciting, but it dialed up the energy and sort of gave everyone permission to cut loose...a little bit. That included Dr. Montoya and Board President Steve Salyer and Board Member Renee Paschall.  It was an event that was filled with music, humor and some folks that stepped out of themselves a little bit and showed a different side.  It was a great fun and a super way to get our staff amped up for the year!  Take a look.