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VH-1 Save The Music Grant Goes To Wagner!

The Arts are such an important part of a total education and we have teachers that are going the extra mile to make sure it happens.  Each year VH-1 Save The Music Foundation considers competitive submissions for its Keys+Kids Grant.  This year they awarded just 18 grants across the country at $10,000 a piece.  Wagner High School's Choir Department won one of those grants...the only one in Texas.  That grant provided a Casio Celviano Grand HYbrid GP-500 piano and an equipment package that allows music and tracks to recorded and used for a number of different rehearsal purposes. 

Wagner Choir Director Antionette Harris applied for the grant and was more than happy to demonstrate how the piano worked and could be employed to student musical rehearsals.  We congratulate her and all the choir students that will benefit from this great tool for instruction, practices and even performances. 


This piano grant was made possible by generous donors like Avnet, Inc. who have been consistently partnering with the VH-1 Save The Music Foundation for years.  Avnet is a Fortune 500 company with offices in San Antonio.  

Below Ed Morales of Avnet Inc.  and Trell Thomas of VH-1 Save The Music


Veterans Memorial High School: A Beginning

Veterans Memorial High School has been open to students since the first day of school, but September 9th was a special day of formally cutting the ribbon on the school.  Principal Christina Clark hosted the ceremony that brought in the student body to the gymnasium complete with the Patriot Band and Choir. Brigadier General James P. Wong (Commanding General, ARNG, Army South) Fort Sam Houston, JISD Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya and JISD Board President Steve Salyer addressed the students.  Veterans Memorial High School opened this year to approximately 600 freshmen and sophomore students and will be expanding in the coming years to include juniors and seniors. We are proud of Patriot Nation and look for great things from these students and staff over the years.  What a tremendous start!



Olympia Students On Mayor's Fitness Council

Doing things that help keep your body healthy have so many other positive effects...it helps the way you feel, think and how well you perform at school or work.  A number of Olympia Elementary School students have been chosen as ambassadors for the Mayor's Fitness Council. They are Emaya Stahley-Langston, Avery Harwood, Madison Cooper, Jensen Heisler, and Victor Ortiz. This is the third year for Olympia to have students on this council.  Congratulations to them. In addition, Olympia has been named a Health Legacy Campus by the council and will be active in promoting fitness throughout the year at various events.

They are under the direction of Stephanie Mihleder and Ms. Jessika Langston.  

 Some of the students recently working at Food Bank garden

SAT/PSAT Test Day Cometh, Positive Prep Is Key

For sophomores, juniors and seniors, October 19th is a big day. It's the day many of these students will be taking the SAT/PSAT to show colleges and universities how prepared they are for college academics.  While seniors will take the test for college admission, sophomores and juniors will take the preliminary SAT or PSAT. It will give them a good idea of the skills they'll need to improve their chances of getting accepted to the school of their choice.  

SAT prep workshops are being hosted by Judson, Wagner and JECA leading up to the test day. The district is also making online resources available to help students to be ready through Shmoop University, practice tests with Khan Academy and even a test prep app for Apple and Android devices for getting prepared even on the go.  Take a look at the resources below.




Judson Post Is Back With Great New Content

Just like many teachers and administrators take a much deserved summer break, the Judson Post took a brief sabbatical, but it's back with all new content.  Stories that you won't see on the District website or are just a "touch and go" version, will be fleshed out a bit more in the Judson Post.

So when you see the email in your inbox, give it a click and see what great things are going on with Judson ISD.  It's a dynamic school district that has something big and new going on all the time and we want you to know about it!

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