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Judson MS Student Is Magazine Cover Girl

There is all sorts of talent in Judson ISD and every day it seems that our students are in the spotlight in one way or the other.  Congratulations to Judson Middle School 8th grader Miranda Hendricks who made it to the cover of Quinceanera Magazine.  Along with modeling, Miranda is in the school orchestra, is part of the PTSO (Parent, Teacher Student Organization) and dance team.  Dance seems to be her big passion as she participates in ballet, modern, folklorico Spanish and Mexican, ballroom and sings in her church teen choir. 

Spring Break "Vampire Walk" Winners

Smart energy usage is a big deal at JISD.  It's there to use, but we must use it wisely and that is the idea behind the Energy Management's Vampire Walk.  The district has been doing Vampire Walks for a while now during significant breaks during the school year...Christmas and Spring Break.  The purpose is to make sure that during these breaks all electrical appliances and electronics (computers, printers, etc.) are not only powered down, but unplugged because even powered down units still draw power if they are plugged in.

All campuses were given a heads-up about the walks and out of the 143 offices and classrooms that were audited, 12 rooms scored a perfect 10 out of 10. Masters Elementary came out the big winner with three classrooms earning the highest scores.  Check out the other schools that did very well too.

Pictures below are with Energy Management Director David Oehler, Energy Mgt. Specialist Marcelo Jimenez and Masters ES Principal Tracey Valree.


Masters:  B110 Courtney Lopez
                 A108  LeLiani Sifuentes
                 C107  Teresa Newbould
Franz :   A101 Lara Biggins
Copperfield:   E106 Sarah Lamkin
Converse:  A131 Deedee Haralson
                    B221 Alyssa Newell
Rolling Meadows:  G103 Shon Williams
                                 D105 Stacy Castellanos
Woodlake Hills MS:  B111/ Admin
Crestview:  221 Sylvia Tysinger
Wagner HS:  T207  April Pickering

Metzger Orchestra Sweeps Up Competition

Recently, Metzger Advanced Orchestra received Sweepstakes at UIL (receiving a 1st division on stage and in Sight-Reading). On March 28, Metzger Orchestra once again received a 1st division performance during the Blue Bonnet Classics Music Festival downtown at the Lila Cockrell Auditorium. The awards ceremony also had a pleasant surprise in store for students. In addition to the 1st Division Trophy, they also received an Outstanding Performance Trophy and finally were awarded with the Best in Festival Trophy for their performance. Way to go Metzger Orchestra!

Kitty Hawk's Skills USA Teams Take Top Awards

SkillsUSA teams from across the state gathered recently in Corpus Christi for the SkillsUSA Texas Leadership and Skills Conference. The teams from Kitty Hawk Middle School under the direction of Mr. Julian Acevedo did very well.  The Opening & Closing team of Maddie Lagrimanta, Eliana Parada, Serena Rayburn, Julia Torres-Herrera, and Ariana Burleson, Cami Villanueva, and Alexis Gonzales took 1st Place in the Exploratory Division. Also, the Chapter Business Procedure team of Alexis Gonzales, Yanil Bahena, Martina Magana, Eva Perales, Angle Tolbert and Aiden McCloskey wrapped up first place too. 

The Barbecue Trailer Welding Project built by, Maddie Lagrimanta, Eliana Parada, Serena Rayburn, Julia Torres-Herrera, and Ariana Burleson, took 1st place as did the Porch Swing by Brennen Turner and the Porch Glider by Aiden McCloskey. 

Congratulations to these students for their hard work and the skills they have learned.

JECA Students Place At State Science Fair

 Annelise Cornwell and Ashley McCoy along with Physics Teacher Mr. Botello

The quality of students from Judson Early College Academy continues to come through year after year through so many measures.  Annelise Cornwell and Ashley McCoy recently participated in the Exxon-Mobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair and certainly got the judges attention.  They received a 3rd Place Special Award from Texas Tech for Natural Resource Management.  Part of the award was a $500 scholarship for each girl.  Congratulations to these students for their hard work.