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JEF Scholarship Squad On the Prowl!


The Judson Education Foundation's mission is to support students and teachers in the pursuit of their dreams of college and teaching in effective and innovative ways.  The Scholarship Squad visited Judson, Wagner and JECA to award scholarships to 19 students.  The amount awarded varied from $1,000 to $2,500 to each student.  Most of the visits were a surprise...which is half the fun...seeing how they react when they get the check. The grand total that was awarded to students...$25,250!! We congratulate these students for their accomplishments... and you know the JEF Prize Parade is right around the corner for teachers grants, so be looking for them very soon. 

JECA    Gillen, Danielle
JECA    Duran, Kristopher
JECA    Hocking, Crystele
JECA    Ibarra, Daniela
JECA    Nguyen, Vivian
Judson    Akai, Michael
Judson    Bueno, Delisa
Judson    Holmes, Jaelyn
Judson    Moreno, Shaydee
Judson    Aguilar, Idalia
Judson    Hubbard, Jeri
Judson    Torres, Angel
Wagner    Martinez Garcia, Grecia
Wagner    Canales, Mary
Wagner    Hall, Taylor
Wagner    Macias, Jennifer
Wagner    Marshall, Brianna
Wagner    Munoz Jr, Samuel
Wagner    Henley, Calvin-James







JECA Students Get Two For One At NLC Graduation

It's such a great program for students wanting to get ahead in the pursuit of a college education. So many of these students have made an intentional decision to make a commitment to their academics and this was a day they've been waiting for.  This was the ceremony where students from Judson Early College Academy graduated with their associate's degree in their field.  That means while being a student in JISD, they have completed two years of college with most getting substantial scholarships to finish out their undergraduate degree and in just a few short days, they will also get their distinguished high school diploma. This year's senior class secured more than $13 million in scholarships. This year 102 qualified to walk the NLC stage.  Congratulations to everyone and good luck to all who will go on to finish their degree.



JLEAP Graduation

JLEAP stands for Judson Leaders in Education Administration Program. This is a leadership program that Judson ISD launched several years ago that helps prepare prospective administrators for the challenges that come when they get their opportunities for a principal position or being a director in some capacity.  A lot of the program also makes sure that these individuals know the district inside and out and are at least familiar with the departments that make this district go...how they work and who they need to contact if they have a need.  It takes a lot of personal time to go through this program, but it primes them to be the kind of leader for the district that has the knowledge and spirit to be the best they can be. Congratulations.


Congratulations JLEAP Graduates:

Charlene Alexander
LaTanya Baker
Miriam Blanton
Evelyn Crespo
Jose Falcon
Jorge Gallegos
Christopher Galloway
Ashley Hawk
Fran Kurtz 
Derrick Landry
Sandra Medina
Kate Patterson
Andrea Wrapp
Kristin Saunders
Leilani Sifuentes
Aimee Tijerian Lara
Shannon Tolliver


The Judson Rocket Girls Track Team have repeated as STATE CHAMPS.  They sealed the deal while at the same time breaking two greater San Antonio track records and producing three nationally ranked performances. The back to back championships saw the return of standout Mariah Kuykendoll who moved back to the Judson ISD district after moving to Oklahoma last summer. But even before their return, the Judson Girls Track Team was on pace to repeat as champs.  Even Mariah was quoted as saying "“If I didn’t come back, they still could have won...everyone on this team has heart."   Want to read the Express News article about it?   CLICK HERE

BPA Freshmen Compete At National Conference

Business Professionals of America students from Judson High School hit the road to Anaheim California recently for the Fair Trade Challenge at the BPA National Leadership Conference. The three Judson students, Sarah Megan, Britney Reyes and Megan Mosman are all 9th graders who were competing with close to 20 state teams of upper classmen.  But they didn't let that bother them. They saw it as an opportunity and were recognized as one of the best representatives of fair trade practices at the event.  A big thank you to CTE Director Renee Lafreniere, Principal Jesse Hernandez and CTE Department Chair Laura Lauinger for all their support. Congratulations to these students!