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Accolades For Judson FFA, State and National

Texas State Lone Star degree recipients included (L-R) Sidney Luna, Dylan Cole, and McKenna Mosmeyer

The Agriscience program at Judson High School is truly one of the most active and honored CTE magnet programs anywhere in the city and state. The tradition continued even through the summer.  Recently six students from the Judson FFA chapter were awarded the Texas State Lone Star degree at the 90th annual Texas State FFA Convention. That's the highest honor that can be bestowed at the state level.  They are McKenna Mosmeyer, Dylan Cole, Sidney Luna, Ian Melani Cameron Dilworth, and Sutton Horner.  This recognizes the outstanding work of these students in their FFA careers.

At the same time, one student has taken it a step further and has qualified as a candidate to the national level for the American FFA degree.  Mallori Johnson qualified on the national level because of her commitment and accomplishments during her time in the Judson FFA chapter.  This recognition is awarded to less than 1 percent of FFA members, making it the most prestigious of degrees to receive in the program.  

In addition, the Judson FFA chapter picked up some honors as an organization as well.  The Golden Horizon Chapter Recognition program is an honor that spotlights chapters that succeed in involving a large number of members in a diverse array of activities available through the FFA.  Finally, the Rocket FFA chapter picked up the National Chapter Award for the robust program of activities that encourages students, chapter, and community development. 

Judson program is ranked in the top 25% of all Texas FFA chapters!  Congratulations!

JISD AgriScience Program: Upgrades and Success

The Judson High School AgriScience has been around since 1959 and it has been active and flourishing ever since.  Students even today continue learning not just the latest techniques of raising livestock for today's consumers, but responsibility, time management and working together as a team for the greater good.  

There have been a number of upgrades, improvements and renovations that have helped make the students involved in the Ag program more successful and more efficient in what they do with animals and equipment.

During the last several weeks of regional and county competitions, more than 75 percent of students and their animals placed in their respective categories. That's pigs, chickens, lambs, goats...well you get the idea. That means they move on to the San Antonio Livestock Expo ( S.A.L.E.) and earn significant scholarships.  This is a 25 percent increase in S.A.L.E. participation over last year.  

The investments in our students do make a difference and this program is a prime example. It's with the support of the JISD Board, Administration and dedicated teachers that this happens...Thank you.  

Judson Ag Students Building A Place To Grow

It's great to see students using the skills and lessons they've learned in a practical way…and that gives back. The Judson High School Ag department is seeing a new addition taking shape on the complex and it's coming together through the sweat equity of the AgScience students.  They are constructing an expansion to the Horticulture Program's greenhouse.  They're applying their technical skills in a way that will help the program now, but will also be a great asset to kids coming in behind them.  
The addition will provide more shaded space for plants to survive the brutal Texas heat. More plants that thrive means a better chance to increase student fund raising efforts when it comes to selling plants, flowers and greenery to the community. 

Judson Ag Open House Rescheduled For Sept. 2nd



The Agriscience Magnet Program at Judson High School will be opening its doors for a special open house on Saturday, September 2, 2017.  It will be a great opportunity to see some of the upgrades and improvements to the facilities out there already.  Your bond money at work!  See the details below.

Kitty Hawk Ag Students Make A Beautiful Difference

You may not know it, but Kitty Hawk Middle School has a class of students that are learning the principles of agriculture.  Mr. Rumfield has been working with them on of the basics of growing plants and it's serving a two-fold purpose.  The students are developing a green thumb while the campus gets better and better looking with the landscaping getting attention. 

Landscaped areas can be a real job just keeping them maintained with controlling and pulling weeds and keeping the plants from getting overgrown. Nothing like a little sweat equity to keep your campus looking good while learning at the same time.