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Jazz Pro Visits With Our Students

It's a great thing to see when students engage with someone who is in the top of their field and willing to talk to students about their journey.  That's what jazz saxophonist Ryan Kilgore did when he visited our students at Metzger MS, Kitty Hawk MS, Woodlake Hills MS and Judson High School.  He was in town recently for a concert and took time with students to play and talk about the life of music. A big thanks to Ryan.  Check out the bigger story on Ryan Kilgore and pictures with our students on this month's Judson Post.

Band Extravaganza Night

We have some exceptional band programs in JISD and when you get them together in one place to perform you can really see the talent.  The 2015 Band Extravaganza at Rutledge Stadium featured the top musicians at each of the five middle schools and the marching bands from both Judson and Wagner.  It's amazing the big, clean sound these kids can produce when they are on the field. Fine Arts Director Keith Witt produced a great show once again and Communications Director Steve Linscomb was the Master of Ceremonies who introduced each of the bands.  For the middle schools it was a great experience to play in front of an audience and get use to playing in a less controlled environment (outdoors) so they know what it sounds like when they get to the marching band level in the coming years.  For the high school musicians, it is kind of a last staging before they get to some of the big marching contests coming up.  The Rocket Band's marching production show was entitled "Dialogue," while Wagner's show was called "Queen of the Night."  What an effort by all the bands...it makes you look forward to the music coming to us now and in the years to come. 







Judson Rocket Band Takes Contest Sweepstakes!

For those participating in band programs, the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest is the BIG ONE.  It not only tests the muscianship of students in their preparation of prepared musical pieces, but it also measures how they measure up in a setting where you play music you haven't seen before.  The Judson High School Band received first division ratings in both Concert Performance and Sight Reading.  That means SWEEPSTAKES!  We commend these students on their hard work and preparation that went into it. 




Metzger's Bands Sweep Sweepstakes Honors

Not every middle school enters both its varsity and non-varsity bands to major UIL contests, but some do. Even fewer schools see both of those bands awarded Sweepstakes honors.  But that's exactly what happened with the Metzger Middle School Honors and Symphonic Bands.  But the big UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest was not the only competition these two bands participated in.


Leading up to the big UIL contest, both bands traveled to Canyon Lake High School and competed in the Director's Choice Alamo Showcase of Music. Both the Honors and Symphonic Bands earned a first division and "Best in Class" awards.  The Honors Band also took Overall Outstanding Band in the competition.

Then there was the UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest at Johnson and Steele High Schools. For the first time in school history, both bands received the coveted Sweepstakes award...the last time that happened to a JISD school was 2004 when Woodlake Hills MS did it.  

On the heels of that big accomplishment, both bands geared up again for a final Director's Choice Alamo Showcase of Music at the Judson Performing Arts Center. The trend continued as both Metzger bands swept the competition earning first divisions, best in class and overall outstanding band trophies.


Congratulations to all band members and to Directors John Robertson and Steven Rosario

Kirby Bands Playing Top Notes

Springtime means that bands across the state are working on their concert pieces and their ability to sight-read music they've never seen before.  Kirby Middle School's music program continues to prove they are a program that commands respect for their work and performance.  The school's Honors Band racked up the coveted Sweepstakes award with straight 1s across the board...meaning every judge mark was the best in both concert and sight-reading. This is the third straight year that Kirby has achieved Sweepstakes awards and the ninth time in the school history.  Congratulations to the 27 members of the Kirby Middle School Honors Band and to their director Mr. Elizondo.

Meanwhile, the Kirby Symphonic Band did very well too.  This group was awarded a 1 Superior Rating for its concert performance.  This is the first time a non-varsity band at Kirby Middle School has brought home this top award.  Congratulations to the 20 members of this ensemble for working so hard to get this...the highest UIL award possible in concert performance.  Congratulations also to the Symphonic Band Director Ms. Ascolese for successfully guiding these students.