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Board Recognitions 2-18-15

Pledge Leader Gracie Flores: Gracie Flores…she’s a 5th grader from Franz Elementary. Gracie is in the TAG program, an Honor Roll student, and in the Chess Club.  She loves to read, knit, play online games and play chess.

February is National Career-Technical Education Month and the CTE program at Judson ISD is a growing and vibrant track for many students.

Sierra Gonzales is a big player in the Business, Marketing and Finance program at Wagner High School.  She maintains an “A” average in all her classes including AP and dual credit courses. She participates in UIL contests where she has advanced deep into the competition. Her specialty is accounting. Alex Lopez is also a Wagner student in the Business, Marketing and Finance program who spends a number of Saturdays competing against other students from across the state in various UIL business related contests. He plans to pursue a degree in accounting with an entrepreneurial spirit. Sierra's and Alex's instructor is Norma Trevino.  George Cano is a Judson student driven by the art of communication. He is involved in Commercial Photography and Audio Video Production, appears in and produces many of the J Rocket TV broadcasts and has already been offered work in Computer Aided Design. George's instructor is David Bourbois.

Joshua Meador is a senior Registered Dental Assistant, already working at a local clinic. He’s been accepted into the Texas Tech Honors Program aspiring to be an oral surgeon.  Pablo Espinoza is a JHS senior Registered Dental Assistant, who is the lead dental assistant at a local professional practice already.  He’s been accepted at the University of Houston and dreams of being a dentist.  Zoe Albidres is a junior at Judson and in the Dental program. She is already working in a pediatric dentistry office and is working to get her registered dental license. She hopes to be a pediatric dentist. Teacher for these students is Monica Nichols.

The following students here today won 1st place and/or placed in the top three of their contest and have qualified to represent Judson ISD and their school at the state competition. 

WHS-Business Professionals of America (Rodney Neal, Instructor)

Brycen Adams-Brady
Hector Jaimes
Isaac Quinn
Kenneth Shango
Ariel Griffie 
Edward Voyce 

JHS-Health Occupations Students of America (Dental) (Monica Nichols, instructor)
Jose Barron
Madison Castillo
Deshaun Collins
Alexis Dimando
Pablo Espinoza
Stacy Gallegos
Alexis Longoria
Joshua Meador
Victoria Sauceda
Zoe Albidres
Zaria Hall
Aimee Jimenez
Gwen Martinez
Indira Mora
Jazmin Serrano

JHS-Health Occupations Students of America (Nursing) (Monica Nichols Instructor)
Jahnaya Clarke
Jaime Conway
Shea Couch
Heaven Hutchinson
Gloria Lemaire
Richard Ramirez
Brittany Stevens
Elle Stewart

Board Briefs: Regular Meeting 2-20-15

Agenda of Regular Meeting

The Board of Trustees
Judson ISD


A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Judson ISD will be held February 18, 2015, beginning at 7:00 PM in the ERC Board Room, 8205 Palisades Dr., Live Oak, Texas 78233.

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are as listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the order shown on this meeting notice.

Unless removed from the consent agenda, items identified within the consent agenda will be acted on at one time.

A.    Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance    
       a.    Judson High School senior class officers- Project Graduation proposal    
A.    Consider and take action regarding approving Board Minutes for the Regular Board Meeting held on January 15, 2015     
B.    Consider and take action regarding approving Board Minutes for the Special Board Meetings held on January 8, January 17, January 26, January 27, February 4 and February 9, 2015    
C.    Consider and take action regarding approving Monthly Financial Information as of January 31, 2015    
D.    Consider and take action regarding the approving Amendments to the Budget for the 2015 Fiscal Year (pulled- Adair)    
E.    Consider and take action regarding Approving a Resolution Relating to Establishing the Judson Independent School District's Intention to Reimburse Itself for the Prior Lawful Expenditure of Funds Relating to Constructing Various School District Improvements from the Proceeds of Obligations to be Issued by the District for Authorized Purposes; Authorizing Other Matters Incident and Related Thereto; and Providing an Effective Date (pulled-Macias)    
F.    Consider and take action regarding approving an Order by the Board of Trustees of the Judson Independent School District Authorizing the Issuance of “Judson Independent School District Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds, Series 2015”; Levying a Continuing Direct Annual Ad Valorem Tax for the Payment of the Bonds; Prescribing the Form, Terms, Conditions, and Resolving Other Matters Incident and Related to the Issuance, Sale, and Delivery of the Bonds, Including the Approval and Distribution of an Official Statement Pertaining Thereto; Authorizing the Execution of a Paying Agent/Registrar Agreement, an Escrow and Trust Agreement, and a Purchase Contract; Complying with the Letter of Representations on File with the Depository Trust Company; Delegating the Authority to Certain Members of the Board of Trustees and District Staff to Execute Certain Documents Relating to the Sale of the Bonds; and Providing an Effective Date. (Pulled-Adair)   
G.    Consider and take action regarding approving the Fast Track Hiring of Teachers (Pulled-Adair)     
H.    Consider and take action regarding approving a Proclamation Declaring February Career and Technical Education Month.    

I.    Consider and take action regarding approving the 2015-2016 District Instructional Calendar (pulled-Adair)     
J.    Consider and take action regarding approving the Official District Instructional Materials Committee Members    
K.    Consider and take action approving Update to BDB(LOCAL): Board Internal Organization - Internal Committees, Second Reading (Merrell)    
L.    Consider and take action regarding approving Update to FFAC(LOCAL): Wellness and Health Services - Medical Treatment, Second Reading (pulled-Salyer)    
M.    Consider and take action regarding approving Moving the Regular Board Meeting from March 19 to March 26, 2015 (pulled-Macias)
A.    Consider and take action regarding approving a Date to Conduct the Superintendent Evaluation (Merrell) Passed February 25,2015 at 6pm    
B.    Consider and take possible action regarding approving an Internal Audit Committee (Flores) made this a first reading as board policy item    
C.    Consider and take possible action(s) regarding approving the Personnel Report and Updates Including New Hires, Resignations and Administrative Appointments (Passed)    
A.    Superintendent Report    
1.    Construction Update    
2.    Budget Calendar    
B.    Discuss a Knox Box Placement at Metzger Middle School    
C.    May 9 General Election Early Voting (Salinas)    
D.    Attorneys (LaFoille)    
E.    Discuss Policies and Procedures for Placing Agenda Items on the Agenda and Calling for a Special Board Meeting (Salyer)    
F.    Update on Statement of Impact Amendments    
G.    Update on Board Advisory Committees    
H.    Update on Board Training, Conferences, Events and Consider Future Agenda Item Requests by Board Members    
A.    Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071, Attorney Consultation Regarding Legal Issues Related to Resolution and Release Agreement with a Teacher    
B.    Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, Consider and Discuss Possible Resolution and Release Agreement with a Teacher    
C.    Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, Discussing Personnel    
A.    Consider and take possible action regarding approving a Resolution and Release Agreement with a Teacher. (Passed)    
B.    Consider and take possible action(s) regarding Personnel (Passed)    

JISD Board Names Lone Superintendent Candidate

Dr. Carl Montoya named as lone finalist for JISD Superintendent

In a special meeting of the Judson ISD Board of Trustees February 9th, Dr. Carl Montoya was named the lone finalist to take over as the new JISD Superintendent. Dr. Montoya currently heads up the Brownsville ISD. He first served as BISD Area Assistant Superintendent in 2007, was tapped as Interim Superintendent of Schools in July 2011 and later named to the position permanently in December of 2011. He has 36 years in education, first as high school principal and later in various administrative positions with Dallas ISD. He later served as superintendent at Aransas Pass ISD (’01-’07) before heading to Brownsville.  

Dr. Montoya's accomplishments include initiating a Three Tier Model for academic success addressing all student performance levels and launching an innovative STEM program that features an aerospace component. He also has a history of strongly supporting the Fine Arts.  

As a valued educator and Certified Master Peace Officer, Dr. Montoya was appointed by Governor Rick Perry as Vice Chairman of the Texas School Safety Center Board assisting schools on safety and anti-violence issues. 

Dr. Montoya has been married to his wife Debbie for 30 years and they have two grown daughters.  He is a Boy Scout volunteer and a Rotary International member.   As BISD Superintendent, Dr. Montoya heads up a school district of 49,000 students and 7,500 employees.

The JISD Board will allow for the 21-day mandated waiting period before officially offering him the position. 

Judson ISD Accepting Applications For School Board

The Judson ISD is accepting applications for citizens living within the JISD Boundaries who would like to run for the JISD Board of Trustees.  The positions that are up for election this May are:

Single Member District 1
At Large Place 6
At Large Place 7

Those interested in running for the JISD Board of Trustees can pick up a packet at the JISD Administration Offices in the Superintendent's Office or simply download the packet by clicking on the link below.


Applications can be submitted by mail or bringing them to the Superintendent's Office located in the JISD Administration Building located at 8012 Shin Oak Drive, Live Oak, Texas 78233. The deadline for applications is 5pm Friday, February 27, 2015. Questions can be addressed by calling 210-945-5100. 


Recognitions For Regular Board Meeting 1-15-15

Pledge Leader: Javier Torres. Javier is 10 years old and is in the 4th grade at Candlewood Elem.  Javier is an outstanding student and positive role model that demonstrates leadership qualities.   Javier is a student of the TAG, talented and gifted program, is currently an "A" honor roll student and is on  the school safety patrol program.  Javier excels in academics, but also athletics. He is part of an elite baseball team that plays year around.  This past July his baseball team had the opportunity to participate in the USSSA Summer World Series in Dallas, TX.  

The counseling staff at these schools were recognized by the Texas School Counselor Association. That group recognizes outstanding counseling efforts through what is called the CREST awards.  That stands for Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas. The counseling staffs at these two schools showed significant evidence of improving the lives and achievement of students in their academic, career and social pursuits. They were two of only 40 chosen from across the state. Congratulations to Misty Ornales of Park Village Elementary and Kirsten Hadas of Paschall Elementary.  Also making contributions to these counseling efforts are Social Workers Meosha Hawkins of Park Village and Cecelia Alvarez of Paschall Elementary. They earned these awards based on 7 criteria…Principal’s support, the school counseling advisory council, school climate and safety, student results, major achievements, community partnerships/ resources and parent collaboration. I’d also like to recognize Park Village Principal Marsha Bellinger and Paschall Principal Anthony Willard. Finally, Mr. Ernest Cox…He is the guiding force as the JISD Director of Guidance and Counseling.