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Board Recognitions 2-16-17

Pledge Leader: Jordan Castilleja is a 5th grader from Rolling Meadows Elementary. She is an honor roll student and has worked with Wolf TV, the Rolling Meadows morning announcement show.  She is very entertaining, energetic, and a hard worker.  She is always willing to help out another student who doesn’t understand or just needs a little extra help. She enjoys learning and perseveres through struggles by asking questions.


Our first recognition comes from our Post Secondary Education and Career Readiness Department.  It's always helpful to get the best ideas for teaching students from a variety of sources that are reliable and bring results. That’s why Pitsco Education went out looking for the best and brightest instructors across the country for their Teacher Advisory Group. The mission with this group is to form more effective curriculum that can be used in the area of STEM education. JISD's K-12 STEM Specialist Deborah Rice was one of four Texas teachers and among only 22 teachers picked nationwide for this expert panel.


Our final recognition comes from Judson High School. Members of Judson’s Chapter of Business Professionals of America participated in their regional leadership conference back in January and represented Judson with pride and distinction.  The following teams and Individuals will move on to the BPA state leadership conference in Dallas:

Makayla Turner (Presentation Management Team Member - serves as Treasurer)
Anabelle Perez (Advanced Word Processing)
Sarai Hodges (Presentation Management Team Member - serves as Vice President)
Makira Andrus-Morrison
Mykenzie McAlister
Demia Barnett
Dwayne Shorter (Business Teacher/BPA Sponsor)


JISD Board Accepts President's Resignation

The Judson ISD Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Board President Steve Salyer in a special meeting on January 11, 2017.  This action left the board with a vacancy in the District 1 seat.  After the board met in executive session, it decided to allow the seat to remain vacant until the upcoming May election when that position will be put on the ballot for voters to decide.   Ms. Paschall and Dr. Salinas, the two board members serving in At Large positions, both welcome the opportunity to serve the residents of District 1 until the May election.


JISD Special Board Meeting Called For 1-11-17

The Judson ISD Board of Trustees has called a special board meeting for January 11, 2017 in the ERC Board Room.  Below is the agenda for this special meeting. 

Agenda of Special Meeting

The Board of Trustees
Judson ISD


A Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Judson ISD will be held January 11, 2017, beginning at 7:00 PM in the ERC Board Room, 8205 Palisades Dr., Live Oak, Texas.

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are as listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the order shown on this meeting notice.

Unless removed from the consent agenda, items identified within the consent agenda will be acted on at one time.

A.    Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum    
A.    Consider and Take Possible Action to Accept Resignation of Board Member Steve Salyer    
A.    Pursuant To Tex. Govt Code 551.071, Attorney Consultation Regarding Legal Issues Related to Resignation of Board Member and Related to Possible Filling of Board Vacancy by Appointment or Special Election    
B.    Pursuant to Texas Government Code 551.074, Consider and Discuss Possible Appointment of Board Member to Fill Vacancy    
A.    Consider and Take Possible Action to Fill Board Vacancy by Appointment or by Calling a Special Election    

Board Recognitions Regular Board Meeting 12-15-16

Pledge Leader: McKenna Page is an tremendous 5th grade student from Hopkins Elementary School. She is a member of the Student Council serving as its president. McKenna is an A/B honor roll student who serves on the school safety patrol as well.  She has won numerous school awards such as 1st place in a school handwriting contest, 2nd place in cheer competition and is also a valuable member of the Kirby girls softball team.  She says she would like to become a member of the Special Forces in the army…her second career choice would be a teacher. 

One of JSTEM's teachers has received an international award for instructional excellence. The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association has selected its Teacher Excellence Award recipients for 2017 and JSTEM teacher Sarah Bancroft was one chosen for this very prestigious honor. 

Her nomination to a large degree was based on how she teaches her Gateways To Technology classes. But along with the technology instruction, she also incorporates many “soft skills” in the daily teaching of her students that help make them more confident and marketable in what they choose to do with others. Congratulations to Ms. Bancroft. Her principal is Ms. Dawn Worley.


Fiesta medals as you may know are a big thing during the annual celebration.  They have a lot of meaning for the groups and organizations they represent.  Judson ISD a few years ago decided to make a JISD medal available and each year we enlist the help of student artists to come up with a medal design for the district. The winners for this years Fiesta Medals are:

1st place: Kevin Blaz, Veterans HS
2nd place Joharis Romero, Veterans HS
3rd place Brooke Skrobanek, Judson HS


Each year Judson ISD partners with the United Way campaign in helping generate support for a number of worthy organizations that service and help individuals in Bexar and surrounding counties.  Mr. David Schrantz with United Way was present to make the plaque presentations to the campus champions whose campuses or departments that were outstanding performers.

Converse ES:    Debra   Ramos (100%)
Copperfield ES:    Gerry  Spellman, Kayone Carter (100%)
Coronado Village ES: Esmeralda  Fabela Maria Harris (100%)
Crestview ES:  Alma  Neira (100%)
Elolf ES: Cynthia Zimmy (100%)
Hartman ES: Staci  Vargo (100%)
JLA: Sabrina Trejo (100%)
JSTEM Academy: Adriana Perez (100%)
Judson CARE Academy:  Dolores Ovalle (100%)
Kitty Hawk MS:    Amy Geurkink (100%)
Millers' Point ES:   Susan McIhenny (100%)
Olympia ES:     Jo Anne Hardy (100%)
Park Village ES:    Leanne  Hewitt (100%)
Police Department:  Diane Davidson (100%)
Veterans Memorial HS:    Michelle Douglas (100%)
Woodlake ES:  Sue Carter (100%)
Candlewood ES:    Kaitlin Andersen (98.6%)
Franz ES:  Sherlyn DeHoog (98.30%)


Kitty Hawk MS:   Amy Geurkink (Highest Overall Contribution $6,135.00)
Masters ES:  Dawn    Moreno (High Contribution Increast at 221.6%)
Police Department:  Diane  Davidson (Highest Per Capita 89.52 and 100%)


Those campuses that reached 98-100% participation in United Way had the opportunity to be a part of a drawing for an incentive grant.  That grant is worth $1,000..  Board President Mr. Steve Salyer to pull the winner out of the drawing. The winner was Kitty Hawk Middle School.  Principal Beverly Broom accepted the big check for the school.  

Dr. Montoya And JISD Board's Christmas Wishes

The Judson ISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya and the JISD Board of Trustees want to wish everyone in the community a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  May your dreams come true for 2017!