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Board Recognitions 1-25-18

Pledge Leader Janabou Diallo is a 5th TAG and Choir Student at James Masters Elementary. She is Judson Strong and a model student in all of her endeavors! Janabou treats her Teachers and Peers with the upmost respect at all times!



January has been Board Appreciation Month and campuses all across the district have been showing their appreciation for the work the board has been doing to benefit our students.  Their impact has been immense on such accomplishments such as recent bond elections, new school construction as well as the upgrading of existing campuses and finding a way to continue to offer students a cost effective way to earn college credit while still in high school. So Hats-Off to the Judson ISD Board of Trustees!


We want to recognize this evening a group of students that have been showing their artistic talent for quite a while.  The Judson High School Theater Department has been competing in the Texas Forensics League since September.  They are nearing the end of the season and this group of students have set themselves apart from the pack.  They’ve done that by qualifying to represent Judson at the T.F.A. State Competition.  These students are:

Josh Mayo
Nathaniel Cullors
Faith Hooks
Autumn Johnson
Sarah Ekenroth
Jordan Watler
Eli Roberts
Alexis Patterson

Their coach is Instructor/ Coach is Mr. Larry Bailey…Judson High School Director of Theater Arts. These students will be competiting at the TFA State Contest in La Vernia in March…we wish them the best of luck.  Will their parents please stand and be recognized.


JISD AgriScience Program: Upgrades and Success

The Judson High School AgriScience has been around since 1959 and it has been active and flourishing ever since.  Students even today continue learning not just the latest techniques of raising livestock for today's consumers, but responsibility, time management and working together as a team for the greater good.  

There have been a number of upgrades, improvements and renovations that have helped make the students involved in the Ag program more successful and more efficient in what they do with animals and equipment.

During the last several weeks of regional and county competitions, more than 75 percent of students and their animals placed in their respective categories. That's pigs, chickens, lambs, goats...well you get the idea. That means they move on to the San Antonio Livestock Expo ( S.A.L.E.) and earn significant scholarships.  This is a 25 percent increase in S.A.L.E. participation over last year.  

The investments in our students do make a difference and this program is a prime example. It's with the support of the JISD Board, Administration and dedicated teachers that this happens...Thank you.  

Board Recognitions 12-21-17

Pledge reader Jazlynn Phillips is an outstanding 5th grade student at Park Village Elementary. Jazlynn makes A & B’s and science is her favorite subject. She plays Volleyball and wants to play for Kirby Middle School.  She loves to watch Spurs Basketball, enjoys Chinese food and watching spooky movies.  Jazlynn is the oldest sibling and is already being a good role model for her siblings by making good grades and having a positive attitude.

Our first board recognition comes from Judson High School.  When you are a student-athlete, you have to really be disciplined about how you divide up your time.  Giving your undivided attention at the right times to academics and to athletics is crucial to being standout student athletes.  We want to recognized these individuals for demonstrating that balance and for being named Academic All-State Student Athletes.  Please congratulate Colton Gruewals, Brody Stoepler and Remy Borrego.  Also making Academic All-State is Trainer Rebekah Wynn who was not able to attend this evening.

Our next recognition comes from Judson High School.  The Lone Star State School Counselor Association honors school counseling programs around the state that show excellence in results with students. It does that by recognizing select schools at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels that represent increased levels of rigor. Judson High School’s counseling staff has been named a 2017 LSSSCA Bronze Winner. Staff members are:
JoAnne Cruz (Lead), Destiny Price, Velma Lopez, Hitomi Wilson, Misty Ornelas, Arlene Waldon, Christian Angulo, Mike Frantz, Leslie McClellan, Thomas Jimenez, Michelle Tubilla (At-Risk Counselor), Cynthia Cortez (College Counselor), Tammy Cantu (Career Counselor), Amber Palmer (Parenting Social Worker).

Our final Board Recognition comes from Crestview Elementary School.  I’m sure many of you have heard the recognition Crestview has received from the U.S. Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School.  They were one of only two selected in the San Antonio area…only 26 were chosen in the state of Texas.  We want to formally recognize Principal Yvonne Munoz and her staff before the board and get a look at the big plaque from the Education Department. I want to also point out that a good number of other schools chosen for this recognition are special academies or specific focus schools.  Crestview Elementary is a typical school in its structure, but is anything but typical in how it instructs and supports students garnering all possible assessment distinctions last year as a Title 1 campus.

There were over 40 entries from the district. Last night at the Distrct Board Meeting, JEF executive director Ms. Marisa Perez Diaz presented the top three contestants with gift certificates to Best Buy courtesy of Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union.

3rd Place was Alexis Malone from Judson Middle School

2nd Place was Felix Velasquez from Judson High School

1st Place was Chloe Bayani from Judson High School

The Judson Education Foundation is now accepting pre-orders for the Fiesta Medal for $7.00 until Jan 31st. Starting Feb 1st they will increase to $8.00.

Medals will be mailed out mid March. Place your order here: https://jef.revtrak.net/fiesta-medal/

For more information on the 2018 JEF & JISD Fiesta Medal please contact Marisa Perez Diaz at Mperezdiaz@judsonisd.org or 210-945-5412.



Board Briefs Regular Meeting 12-21-17

Agenda of Regular School Board Meeting

The Board of Trustees

Judson ISD

A Regular School Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Judson ISD will be held December 21, 2017, beginning at 7:00 PM in the ERC Board Room, 8205 Palisades Dr., Live Oak, Texas.
The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on this meeting notice. Unless removed from the consent agenda, items identified within the consent agenda will be acted on at one time.
A. Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance
a. Cassie Flores-IB program at Judson HS
b. Mark Patrick– IB program at Judson HS (graduate)
c. Alexis McJilten- IB program at Judson HS (teacher)
d. Katelyn Padron, Juliana Vargas, Maya Felan, Jareth Quintero  - National Hispanic Institute
A. Consider and take action regarding approving Board Minutes from the Special Meeting held on July 10, Minutes the from the Regular Meeting held on November 16 and Minutes from the Special Meeting held on November 28, 2017
B. Consider and take action regarding approving Monthly Financial Information as of November 30, 2017
C. Consider and take action regarding approving Amendments to the Budget for the 2018 Fiscal Year
D. Consider and take action regarding approving Expenditures Equal to or Greater than $50,000
E. Consider and take action regarding approval of Budget Transfers Across Functions
F. Consider and take action regarding approving Request for Proposal 17-35 General and Instructional Supplies
G. Consider and take action regarding approving Request for Proposal 18-05 Print and Copy Services
H. Consider and take action regarding approving Request for Proposals 18-10 Computer Networking Equipment and Software
I. Consider and take action regarding approving Request for Proposals 18-12 for Vehicle Paint and Body Repair Services
J. Consider and take action regarding approving the Second Reading of the following LOCAL Policies:
1. BBE (LOCAL):  Board Members Authority
2. CDA (LOCAL):  Other Revenues - Investments
3. CKC (LOCAL):  Safety Program/Risk Management - Emergency Plans
4. CNA (LOCAL):  Transportation Management - Student Transportation
5. CO (LOCAL):  Food Services Management
6. DF (LOCAL):  Termination of Employment
7. DH (LOCAL):  Employee Standards of Conduct
8. EJ (LOCAL):  Academic Guidance Program
9. FEA (LOCAL):  Attendance - Compulsory Attendance
10. FFAA (LOCAL):  Wellness and Health Services - Physical Examinations
11. FFF (LOCAL):  Student Welfare - Student Safety
12. FFI (LOCAL):  Student Welfare - Freedom from Bullying
13. GKA (LOCAL):  Community Relations - Conduct on School Premises
14. GKC (LOCAL):  Community Relations - Visitors
15. GKE (LOCAL):  Community Relations - Business, Civic and Youth Groups


A. Consider and take possible action regarding approving the Annual End of Year Report for Continuing Education Credits for School Board Members (Passed 5-0)
B. Consider and take possible action regarding approving Campus Improvement Plan Executive Summary Reports (Passed, 5-0)
C. Consider and take possible action regarding approving Moving the Regular Board Meeting from January 18 to January 25, 2018 (Passed, 5-0)
D. Consider and take possible action regarding Early College High School revised option for three (3) comprehensive high schools (Passed, 5-0)
E. Consider and take possible action regarding approving the following reclassification staffing request from Assistant Director of Special Education to Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction (pulled by Administration)
F. Consider and take possible action regarding approving the following reclassification staffing request from Construction Project Manager (AP504) to Assistant Director of Facilities Planning (AP506) (Passed, 4-1 LaFoille dissenting)
G. Consider and take possible action regarding approving the new staffing request for Elementary Principal at Escondido North ES and Wortham Oaks ES for the 18-19 school year, effective January 25, 2018 (Passed, 5-0)
H. Consider and take possible action(s) regarding approving the Personnel Report and Updates Including New Hires, Resignations and Administrative Appointments (Passed, 5-0)

A. Superintendent Report 
1. Construction Update 
B. Discussion of the Fall 2017 Demographic Report 
C. First Reading of the following Local Policies: 
1. DEC(LOCAL):  Compensation and Benefits - Leaves and Absences 
2. EHBAF(LOCAL):  Special Education - Video/Audio Monitoring 
3. EIA(LOCAL):  Academic Achievement - Grading/Progress Reports to Parents 
4. FFH(LOCAL):  Student Welfare - Freedom From Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation 
5. GBAA (LOCAL):  Information Access - Requests for Information 
D. Update on Statement of Impact submitted by the following schools:  
1. Promesa Academy, Inc. 
2. The Academy of Stone Oak 
E. Mid-Year Update on Requests Made by Board Members 
F. Annual Judson Early College Academy (JECA) Report 
G. Update on Board Advisory Committees 
H. Update on Board Training, Conferences, Events and Consider Future Agenda Item Requests by Board Members

A. Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, Discussing Personnel
B. Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.075, Update on outcome of attorney-rendered second opinion on JEF annuity divestment issue
C. Pursuant to Texas Governmental Code 551.071, Attorney Consultation related to proposed revised board policy
A. Consider and take possible action(s) regarding Personnel (Passed, 5-0)

Holiday Greeting From JISD Board And Dr. Montoya

Judson ISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya and the JISD Board of Trustees want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!