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Summer Winding Down, Bond Work Cranking Up

Work going on at JCARE Academy

If you've been around any number of campuses in Judson ISD, chances are you've been seeing some construction work going on.  This is the result of the 2016 Bond propositions that voters passed.  This involved a number of upgrades and renovations at existing campuses.  The initial work at some of the older campuses was to make them a bit more secure with vestibule style entrances. After that, it was updating flooring, dressing rooms and facilities that students use all the time.  Technology upgrades are also on the way and don't forget work is beginning on a new elementary school on the south end of the district in the Escondido North area.  

Below are pictures of some of the biggest projects that have been pretty active...such as Woodlake Hills Middle School where expansive soils are being addressed and the impact is being dealt with. Also, Hartman Elementary School where new flooring and wall surfaces are being replaced. We'll be touring the district over the next many months to try to give a smattering of the work being done. Stay tuned. 

Woodlake Elementary's floor work



New walls and flooring at Hartman Elementary School



Woodlake Hills Middle School work on impact of expansive soils



New fencing at Paschall Elementary School



Improvements to Judson Middle School locker rooms



Improvements at the JISD Police Department



Your 2016 Bond Money At Work

Box office side of parking lot 

One of the first projects from the 2016 bond that's turning dirt...actually in this case it's turning asphalt, is the Rutledge Stadium parking lot.  If you've been to any event at the stadium over recent years and driven across the parking lot, you know it's needed work.  Well, it's underway with some of the work preps already finished on the box office side, while the end zone area has been excavated with the old surface being ripped up and will be resurfaced next.  The box office side at least is scheduled to be finished by the beginning of football season with the end zone following soon after that.  The last part will be the lot in front of the gym. Each one will feature a beefed up composition and structure. 
We'll soon bring you more information and photos during the summer of other bond projects that are underway.  Be looking for updates periodically showing progress of the work. It'll give you an idea of what's going on.


Below: work going on at the end zone part of the lot


Thank You Voters-The 2017 Bond Passes

Judson ISD just wants to thank all voters for participating in the 2017 Bond Election.  This was a very important proposition to keep up with growing enrollment within the district and voters saw the facts and passed the bond.  

We will honor the confidence voters have placed in this bond by using these resources as effectively and as transparent as possible for the good of the students. 

Election Coming Up! Get Important Information

Judson ISD will have some important decisions for voters to make in the upcoming May 6th election.  A $60 million dollar bond proposal involving Veterans Memorial High School and three positions on the JISD Board of Trustees will be on the ballot.  Information on early voting, the issues and races are all within a click.  Please let your voice be heard and vote.  




2017 Bond Forums: What's It All About?

The 2017 JISD Bond is a proposal for voters' consideration on the May 6th election ballot. The Judson ISD Board of Trustees called for the bond in its February 2017 regular meeting.  It involves construction at Veterans Memorial High School. JISD invites everyone to two upcoming 2017 Bond Forums. Upcoming forums will be at Veterans Memorial High School - Cafeteria on March 29, 2017 at 6:30-7:30 pm. The second will be at Woodlake Hills Middle School – Cafeteria on April 5, 2017 from 6:30-7:30 pm. These forums will be information and the public is invited to hear the details of the proposal and ask questions.

Bond Forums:

March 29th: Veterans Memorial High School - Cafeteria, 7618 Evans Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266  6:30-7:30 pm

April 5th:  Woodlake Hills Middle School – Cafeteria, 6625 Woodlake Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78244  6:30 to 7:30 pm