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New High School: Facts For Your FAQs


Judson ISD's new high school on Evans Road is now more than halfway finished and is on schedule to be opened for students in August 2016. When a new high school is being built we know there are naturally going to be questions about it. After all, it's going to affect your student and you want to know what to prepare for to make it the best experience possible.  We've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will help.  It's not exhaustive, but it will address some of the more common areas you might be uncertain about.  If there is something else you have a question about, remember you can let us know through Let's Talk (CLICK BELOW)...our two way communication tool.  We are listening.

FAQs  About Judson ISD’s Newest Comprehensive High School

1.   When will the new high school open for students?
It is scheduled to open in August 2016
2.    Where is the new high school being built?
The site is on Evans Road, approximately one mile north of Nacogdoches Road (FM 2252).  The physical address is  7524 Evans Road, San Antonio, TX 78266,
3.    How will student enrollment be handled?
When the new school opens it will house approximately 1,600 students (freshman and sophomores) with  more students added predicated on an anticipated bond passage by voters likely in May 2016. The core capacity of the school would be approximately 2,600 students after the addition of an additional academic wing is completed.
4.    How will school boundaries be affected when the new high school opens?
Initially, school boundaries will not be affected.  The feeder school for the new high school will be Kitty Hawk Middle School.  8th graders ('14-'15 year) that will be 9th graders for the 2015-16 school year will go to Judson High School next year, but after that year, they will be given the option to stay at Judson or move to the new high school.  Kitty Hawk 7th graders during the '14-'15 school year that will be 8th graders in the 2015-16 will be the first group to go directly to the new high school.
5.    Are there some facilities that the new high school that will be either incomplete or nonexistent? 
 Because the priority was to get enrollment relief at Judson HS right away, yet stay within the budget that taxpayers approved, initially the school will open with a cafetorium. Then, likely in May 2016, if voters approve an expected bond, a Performing Arts Center style facility is planned along with another academic wing and finish out the athletic fields to the same quality as the other schools. This strategy gives the school about a 70% start, wouldn't need to raise the tax rate and the ramp up to full capacity and facilities can be quick with voters hopefully approving the next bond which will be similar to the last (2013).
6.    Was this phase-in of the new high school facilities part of the original plan? 
Yes, in fact when it was proposed to voters in the 2013 bond literature and the 2013 Bond video  that explained the proposal,  the new high school was estimated to open to between 850 and 1,600 students (freshmen and sophomores) with an ensuing bond needed to accommodate the balance of the student body.  The priority was to provide enrollment relief at Judson High School and stay within the fiscal boundaries approved by voters. The cost of the current phase one is approximately $50 million. 
7.    Will there be a full offering of extracurricular activities at the new high school when it opens?
Programs such as the fine arts (band, orchestra, choir, etc.) will be there from the start. However, activities such as sports will be handled differently since only freshmen and sophomores will make up the student body at first. While all the sports typically offered at the high school level will be there, it will not be at the varsity level until year two or three.  The school’s UIL district classification will be adjusted as well according to enrollment figures. 
8.    Will there be any magnet programs?
Yes, right now magnet programs include print shop/graphic design and cosmetology. There is also discussion of a third program as well, but no decision yet.
9.    When will the name of the new high school be decided?
The Judson ISD Board named Ms. Christina Clark as the principal for the new high school. She was most recently the principal of JISD's Spring Meadows Elementary.  Very soon she will solicit the community for name suggestions.  Those that either reflect the community best or are frequent suggestions from the survey will be brought before the board for consideration.  Here is the board policy on naming facilities that is more detailed.  Expect the name to be decided by the fall of 2015. 
10.    Has the school mascot been decided?
No not yet, but the school colors have been decided only because contractors needed to know how the interior colors of the school needed to be coordinated.  The JISD Board decided the colors will be Red, White and Blue.
11.     Is there a basic layout of the school available to look at?
Yes, you can go to this link…NEW HIGH SCHOOL LAYOUT…to see a basic bird’s eye view.


Copperfield ES Dedicated

It's always an exciting time when a new school opens. In Copperfield Elementary School's case, its been open since the beginning of the school year, but it hadn't been officially dedicated because administrators wanted to make sure that they got off to a good start with the school year and students felt comfortable with their new school. But October 8th was the big day and Principal Gerrie Spellmann kicked off the ceremony with a brief rundown on how the school was made ready for students. The Copperfield school chorale sang the school song and a video was shown to parents and everyone in attendance about the school.  Superintendent Dr. Willis Mackey, Board President Arnoldo Salinas, Vice President Jose Macias, Secretary June Adair and Board Member Richard LaFoille helped cut the ribbon with the assistance of school administrators, the Bond Oversight Committee and officials from the City of Converse and Selma.  Copperfield was built as a result of voters approving an $83 million bond in May of 2013. That bond also includes funds to build a new high school now under construction near Nacogdoches and Evans roads to be completed in August 2016.



Copperfield ES Getting Ready For First Day


Copperfield Elementary School, Judson ISD's newest school, is putting all the details in place right now.  Much of the furniture is in the building, technology infrastructure is in the works and supplies such as books are coming in too.  Much of the staff will be moving in over the next few days so they can get all the classrooms and facilities ready for students when they arrive August 25th.  The Northeast Herald community newspaper came out for a tour of the new school and conducted interviews with Operations Director Daniel Kershner and Copperfield ES Principal Gerrie Spellmann.  In case you hadn't heard, input from the students going to the school determined that the mascot will be the Copperfield Bobcats!   So congratulations to all you Bobcats out there! Enjoy the new school and new school year. 


New School Construction Goes Vertical

The construction of the new school is rolling along.  The piers are finished and in the next few days the pouring of the whole first floor will be wrapping up.  Already the framework for the second floor is going up and it shows how the project is quickly progressing.  The school is located near the intersection of Loop 1604 and Coppergate road.  As of this writing, the school is unnamed, but name submissions have been received and closed out and the top three possibilities will be brought before the JISD School Board in January.  The school is scheduled to open in August 2014 and will draw students from mainly Salinas and Converse Elementary Schools. 


A Big Thank You For Your Work On The Bond

The Judson ISD school board took a moment to express their thanks and appreciation for a couple of people who helped with the recent successful bond.  Shannon Brown and Rolando Hinojosa (unable to attend)  both served on the Bond Committee that got the information about the bond to the voting public.  This helped get the facts out about the proposal and was instrumental in the bond winning 64 percent of the vote on election night.  Thank you for your commitment.