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Bond Advisory Meeting- Wrap Up

Judson ISD wants to thank everyone who participated in the series of three Bond Advisory Committee Meetings. There was a lot of good information in these meetings, great ideas and important perspectives from staff and especially the community. All of this information will be brought to the JISD School Board at a special meeting on Tuesday, January 26th, 6:00 pm at the ERC Boardroom.  The proposals will be discussed and the board will clarify the need for a bond. If a bond is called by JISD, it will likely come during the February18th Regular JISD Board Meeting.  If you missed the last meeting, below is a link to the summary. Thank you to everyone who gave their input and time. 





Next Bond Advisory Meeting Location Change

The Judson ISD wants to thank everyone who is submitting their thoughts and suggestions to the Bond Advisory Committee as the district assesses the needs and the direction to go in a possible upcoming bond.  The last two Bond Advisory Meetings have been at the ERC Board Room, but to make more room for everyone that's expected, the meeting January 19,2016 has been moved to the Judson Early College Academy (JECA) common area.  We welcome input on what facilities and projects should be priority in the future.  


Bond Advisory Meeting:
January 19,2016
5 pm to 7pm
Judson Early College Academy 
8230 Palisades Dr.
Live Oak, TX 78148-3186

Bond Advisory Input & Next Meeting

In an effort to prepare for a possible bond in May of 2016, a bond advisory committee was established. The architect firm LPA has assisted with our planning efforts. The first meeting was held on December 1, 2015 


The second meeting was held on December 15, 2015. During this meeting attendees discussed the Bond history for JISD and many critical needs associated with growth and the renovations of current campuses and facilities throughout the district. 



The next meeting will be held January 19, 2016 from 5 pm - 7 pm.  Below is a link that takes you to the Power Point discussed in the first meeting held December 1st 2015 and the most recent as well.  In addition you will find the summary of site conditions and needs for campuses and facilities throughout the district. 

Below is the summary from the January 19th meeting.  This was the third and final meeting that will be brought to the board for discussion on January 26th at the ERC Boardroom 6pm. 



After reviewing the campus and facility needs, if you know of other critical needs at these locations we would appreciate your feedback. Please indicate the campus or facility to which you are referring. 

CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR CAMPUS/FACILITY NEED  (The Feedback period for the advisory committee has closed)


High School On Evans Road Right On Schedule


JISD Board Members were recently out at the new high school on Evans Road to see the progress and it seems to be changing significantly by the day.  The project’s first phase is now at 70 percent completion and board members have been pleased with what they have been seeing.  A lot of the inside construction is at full throttle with painting and installation of HVAC systems going on.  

With the school at this point in the construction process, the survey of the community that asked for name suggestions has been completed.  Almost 400 name suggestions were submitted for consideration.  The district wants to thank everyone for their input on the process.  The names will be presented to the school board for consideration in the coming weeks. From there, Principal Christina Clark will work with the school's students and parents on the mascot. In the meantime, the dust will continue to fly out there as construction hums along and we see the district's newest school take shape.  




New High School: Facts For Your FAQs


Judson ISD's new high school on Evans Road is now more than halfway finished and is on schedule to be opened for students in August 2016. When a new high school is being built we know there are naturally going to be questions about it. After all, it's going to affect your student and you want to know what to prepare for to make it the best experience possible.  We've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will help.  It's not exhaustive, but it will address some of the more common areas you might be uncertain about.  If there is something else you have a question about, remember you can let us know through Let's Talk (CLICK BELOW)...our two way communication tool.  We are listening.

FAQs  About Judson ISD’s Newest Comprehensive High School

1.   When will the new high school open for students?
It is scheduled to open in August 2016
2.    Where is the new high school being built?
The site is on Evans Road, approximately one mile north of Nacogdoches Road (FM 2252).  The physical address is  7524 Evans Road, San Antonio, TX 78266,
3.    How will student enrollment be handled?
When the new school opens it will house approximately 1,600 students (freshman and sophomores) with  more students added predicated on an anticipated bond passage by voters likely in May 2016. The core capacity of the school would be approximately 2,600 students after the addition of an additional academic wing is completed.
4.    How will school boundaries be affected when the new high school opens?
Initially, school boundaries will not be affected.  The feeder school for the new high school will be Kitty Hawk Middle School.  8th graders ('14-'15 year) that will be 9th graders for the 2015-16 school year will go to Judson High School next year, but after that year, they will be given the option to stay at Judson or move to the new high school.  Kitty Hawk 7th graders during the '14-'15 school year that will be 8th graders in the 2015-16 will be the first group to go directly to the new high school.
5.    Are there some facilities that the new high school that will be either incomplete or nonexistent? 
 Because the priority was to get enrollment relief at Judson HS right away, yet stay within the budget that taxpayers approved, initially the school will open with a cafetorium. Then, likely in May 2016, if voters approve an expected bond, a Performing Arts Center style facility is planned along with another academic wing and finish out the athletic fields to the same quality as the other schools. This strategy gives the school about a 70% start, wouldn't need to raise the tax rate and the ramp up to full capacity and facilities can be quick with voters hopefully approving the next bond which will be similar to the last (2013).
6.    Was this phase-in of the new high school facilities part of the original plan? 
Yes, in fact when it was proposed to voters in the 2013 bond literature and the 2013 Bond video  that explained the proposal,  the new high school was estimated to open to between 850 and 1,600 students (freshmen and sophomores) with an ensuing bond needed to accommodate the balance of the student body.  The priority was to provide enrollment relief at Judson High School and stay within the fiscal boundaries approved by voters. The cost of the current phase one is approximately $50 million. 
7.    Will there be a full offering of extracurricular activities at the new high school when it opens?
Programs such as the fine arts (band, orchestra, choir, etc.) will be there from the start. However, activities such as sports will be handled differently since only freshmen and sophomores will make up the student body at first. While all the sports typically offered at the high school level will be there, it will not be at the varsity level until year two or three.  The school’s UIL district classification will be adjusted as well according to enrollment figures. 
8.    Will there be any magnet programs?
Yes, right now magnet programs include print shop/graphic design and cosmetology. There is also discussion of a third program as well, but no decision yet.
9.    When will the name of the new high school be decided?
The Judson ISD Board named Ms. Christina Clark as the principal for the new high school. She was most recently the principal of JISD's Spring Meadows Elementary.  Very soon she will solicit the community for name suggestions.  Those that either reflect the community best or are frequent suggestions from the survey will be brought before the board for consideration.  Here is the board policy on naming facilities that is more detailed.  Expect the name to be decided by the fall of 2015. 
10.    Has the school mascot been decided?
No not yet, but the school colors have been decided only because contractors needed to know how the interior colors of the school needed to be coordinated.  The JISD Board decided the colors will be Red, White and Blue.
11.     Is there a basic layout of the school available to look at?
Yes, you can go to this link…NEW HIGH SCHOOL LAYOUT…to see a basic bird’s eye view.