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Judson HS Tennis Ace To TLU

It's good to see our district's tennis players get some recognition from colleges in the area.  We want to congratulate Megan Ingram who has signed on to play college tennis next year at Texas Lutheran University.  Good to see her family there for this special occasion. She's been a great performer for Judson and we wish her the best next year.  Her coach is Jimmy LaLonde.

Rolling Meadows STAAR Rally, Extra Motivation

Teachers at Rolling Meadows got a bit kooky to get the message out to students on the STAAR test. Do your best and don't sweat the rest .  Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 got together for the rally which featured Kinder through 2nd grade teachers performing funny skits and dances. Even Elvis was in the house to dish out some encouragement.  Thanks to the Judson High School Cheer Squad and Drumline for their time. There was also some dealing making going on.  A contract was drawn up and signed that if their scores meet state standards, the assistant principal would get "slimed" and Principal Erika Garza would have to kiss a horse. A number of teachers also agreed to get a pie in the face for some extra motivation.  Wow...talk about taking one for the team!!  Stay Calm and Test On. 





Coronado Village Rock The STAAR

It's great how different campuses have their unique way of getting students academically and mentally ready to take the STAAR exam.  If you can get across the message of doing your best no matter what, the foundation for testing well has been laid.  Teachers at Coronado Village got their message across  by performing musical and funny skits at their STAAR Pep Rally.  There's something that relaxes and inspires the mind of a student when they see their teachers outside their element having fun as well as doing their best with the activity at hand.  Thank you teachers for putting your dignity aside for a moment to give students a little extra confidence and motivation.

Olympia ES Visited By Miss Fiesta

Fiesta of course is in full swing and it seems Fiesta royalty have been busy lately visiting several campuses in the JISD.  Miss Fiesta, Sophia Campos, took time out of her busy schedule to talk to students about the importance of staying in school, doing their best and being kind to others.  It was fun for the kids to see someone that gets so much media coverage in their own school...even more important was the message she brought.



Paschall Students Take In UTSA Campus

It's never too early to plan out your future.  Students at Paschall Elementary have a great school counselor that organized a tour of UTSA for 5th grade students.  The kids, along with their parents and teachers got a firsthand look at the campus through a great tour, lecture and a campus wide scavenger hunt.  This field trip was part of a year-long college awareness program started by school counselor Kirsten Hadas. Thanks Ms. Hadas for taking the lead on this eye opening trip for everyone.