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Who Are The Dainty Daisies? Miller's Point Knows

It's the newest organization on the Miller's Point Elementary Campus.  To kick off their exciting first year, these little ladies enjoyed a tea party.  The purpose of the group is to promote social-emotional learning, involvement in their school, and community leadership.  This was quite an event for these girls who seemed to enjoy it all.  Sponsors Ms. Parker, Ms. Rosemond, Ms. Morris, Ms. Clark, and Ms. Regalado put this together for these students. 


Million Father March At Escondido

A father's role in the family may be discounted by some these days, but the impact of a father who cares and takes time for his children has a profound positive effect that is felt for generations.  Fathers at Escondido showed up recently to make that statement.  Around 150 fathers participated in the march and showed their support to their kids and just what it means to be a dad. We know that not every dad was able to come, and that doesn't lessen their impact, but the event gave these men a chance to show they value the role of a being a father...with other fathers. Iron sharpening iron.  


Escondido Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - VIDEO

Veterans Memorial ROTC Gets Air Time

Reporter/Anchor David Sears chats with ROTC students Caraline Mitchell and Kayla De La Rosa

KSAT-TV came out to visit Veterans Memorial recently to put the spotlight on the school's ROTC program.  It's a young program, as most things are at this newest high school, but it is growing and making an impact.  The story will air Friday as a sidebar story leading up to this week's Patriot vs. Highlands Owls football game.  As a lead-in to the game, the telecast typically shows some academic feature that spotlights something about each school.  The crew spoke to two students and recorded video of a weekly inspection.  Be looking for it on KSAT-TV.  

Sending Out An S.O.S., At Hopkins

S.O.S. Day is a special day at Hopkins that teachers prepare for every six weeks that features special hands-on experiments for students.  Rotations of students among grade levels offer everyone a chance to explore something different all day long.  The cool thing is...they're experiments that support the concepts the students have been studying the last six weeks.  This time around, they centered on matter...whether that's solids, liquids, or gas and how they can change properties. 


The kids like it so much it's increased attendance on those days...now that sounds like they're having fun.