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JISD Child Nutrition Best Of The Bunch Award

The Texas Department of Agriculture selects an elite number of school districts across the state that are setting standards for quality, variety, nutrition, and selection of food for student and staff meals.  That exclusive award is called the Best of the Bunch.  Less than 10 percent of school districts reach this achievement.  It takes a commitment to making sure that there is a variety to expand the palettes of students so they will grow and mature into a healthy lifestyle. It encourages the use of local food products when possible so it's fresher and tastier for kids and at the same time it supports local producers. Congratulations to Child Nutrition Director Janet Daniel,  Assistant Director Beveylon Concha, Secretary Maria Krohn and of course all the people who prepare, serve and plan the meals for all of our staff and students. 

VIP Breakfast At Spring Meadows

The Child Nutrition staff at Spring Meadows held a contest recently that encouraged students to eat breakfast when they came to school.  Each time they did, their name was put in the hopper for a drawing that would win a VIP-style breakfast.  Principal Barrera drew the names of the VIP Breakfast Stars and each student that won picked someone to come along with them.  

When the big morning arrived each student was indeed treated like a VIP with table-side service from the Child Nutrition staff on the cafeteria stage. While they were munching down on the chow, the tables included some fun crafts that the students could enjoy.  

The next VIP breakfast at Spring Meadows will be in November.  All students are encouraged to participate!!

Fuel Up Grant Paying Off

Back in January 2017 JHS received the Fuel Up to Play 60 grant

You may remember last January a grant that Judson High School received called "Fuel Up to Play 60." It was a $4,000 award that was geared toward getting students to eat better...especially at the beginning of the school day.  Judson Coach Theresa Urbanovsky worked with District Dietician Carlie Rauschuber and Judson High School Cafeteria Manger Cathy Estrada in drawing up a plan to get more students to eat breakfast.  A pivotal part of that plan was to set up a new hot breakfast kiosk located at a part of the campus that sees a lot of student foot traffic in the morning.  

Well the word got out.  According to the campus cafeteria numbers, there was between a 6.5% to 8% increase in students grabbing a hot breakfast in the morning before class. Campus staff and everyone involved in writing the grant and the breakfast plan were so excited about the results.  They hope this is the beginning of helping other students to get that important meal that starts off the day...it can be critical in how they perform in class.  That vision is to locate another grant funded kiosk in the future in another popular part of the campus during those morning hours. 

JISD's Summer Meal Program Details


For a child, getting a good breakfast and lunch during the summer when a parent may not be able to prepare something can be a challenge.  JISD's Child Nutrition is already preparing for this and below is a listing of the JISD Summer Food Program for the community. There are closed and open sites so please check the listings. Closed sites are for those individuals who qualify through the reduced-price meals in the National School Lunch Program. Open sites are open to all children 18 years old and younger.




Vote For A Winning Lunch

In recognition of National School Lunch Week, the Judson ISD Child Nutrition Department put together a fun survey to dial up awareness of what a healthy school lunch looked like. Taking on the election idea, they could vote for what they thought was a healthy lunch election.  The choices were Candidate Cookie and Candidate Sandwich. The two candidates went on the campaign trail together letting students know the best parts of both choices.  The students got a kick out of meeting the candidates and finding out what each one is about.