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JISD April Child Nutrition Employees of the Month

Congratulations to the April Child Nutrition Employees of the Month!  Sherrie Challenger - Elolf Elementary School and Elizabeth Moore - Kitty Hawk Middle School.

School Meal Charging Announcement

May 1st is an important deadline to remember when it comes to lunch for all elementary and middle school students.  Just like every year, meal charging will end so that any unpaid meal charges can be collected before the end of the year.  So, starting on May 1st, if students do not have money in their meal accounts and they do not have a way to pay for lunch – they will automatically be given a sandwich, fruit and milk.  Typically, students are offered a “grace period” where they can still receive a hot lunch even without money, sort of like an I.O.U.  But, that will end on May 1st.  Again, this only pertains to students who do not have money in their meal accounts.  Students on free lunch are not affected.

Lunch Prices to Increase Per Federal Mandate

Per federal mandate, student lunch prices will be increasing by 5 cents for the 2012-2013 school year.  Judson ISD, like all districts that participate in the National School Lunch Program must increase meal prices in order to comply with the mandate.  The School Board approved this increase during the April 18th Board Meeting. 

So, for 2012-2013, elementary lunches will cost $1.50 and middle and high school lunches will cost $1.75. 

The reduced lunch program is not affected by this.

New Breakfast Cart at Judson High School

A mobile breakfast cart is now being offered at Judson High School.  The idea is to reach students who don't typically come to the cafeteria for breakfast.  About 60 additional students per day came to get food from the cart, which is located near the gym.  A second location for another cart is now being considered at the PAC.


JISD Child Nutrition Trucks Get New Look

The Judson ISD Child Nutrition Department has added colorful artwork to their delivery trucks, to show the community that JISD is dedicated to healthy eating.  The Child Nutrition Department is focused on serving fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy.  In addition to pictures, the trucks now have writing that says "Growing a Healthy Future."  The trucks travel throughout the district delivering food to schools.