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JISD Elementary Honor Choir Concert

It was a wonderful experience for all who attended the JISD Elementary Honor Choir Concert at the JISD Performing Arts Center.  More than 100 students from all of our Judson ISD elementary school campuses participated under the direction of Marguerite McCormick. Ms. McCormick is the Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus of The Children's Choir of San Antonio.  The group performed songs such as "O Music," "Funga Alafia" (Song of Welcome)  and "Grow Little Tree."  
We want to congratulate each of the students for performing in this group and giving the gift of music to all who came to hear. 


The New 2015-16 Calendar: It's Official!

There were three options for staff to look over and vote for.  The new instructional calendar for the 2015-2016 school year came out to be option 1 and the JISD Board of Trustees voted on it as a part of its regular February meeting.  Some of the highlights...still a week off for Thanksgiving...Christmas break ends with a professional development/student holiday day (1-4-16)...the school year ends June 3rd.  Make your plans now!


Black History Month Celebration Event: Join Us

The contributions of African-Americans and Latinos to the culture and fiber of this country is invaluable.  From music, entertainment and politics to religion, art and the military, these aspects of American life will be highlighted and celebrated in this one event.  The entire community is invited as we look back at these historic contributions and look to the future for what is possible. 

The celebration is entitled: Pro-Gr`es, An Assembly of Entertainment for the Advancement of African & Latin American Achievements.   There will be a backpack give-away, food tasting, art exhibit and talent/speaker showcase. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015 @ the Judson ISD Performing Arts Center, from 1 to 4 pm


JISD Dyslexia Dept. Meets With Congressman

There are so many efforts in Judson ISD that are really having a positive impact on students and their academic success. It's great when legislators acknowledge it and see what is possible. When that happens, they can relay that information to their fellow lawmakers to maybe provide more support.  Congressman Lamar Smith was a guest of the Academic Language Therapy Association where the discussion focused on dyslexia.  He was surprised to discover that JISD is one of only a handful of districts locally that approach dyslexia issues with Certified Academic Language Therapists. With a number of therapists present, they discussed with the Congressman how it works and how he could provide help and support for dyslexia research and awareness in Texas and beyond.  Thanks to the ALTA for providing the opportunity to talk with the Congressman and also to our JISD therapists that know their profession and are willing to share for the good of our kids. 

Distinguished Educators of Judson ISD

There are so many quality people who are producing excellence in the Judson ISD every day.  They go beyond just what is required...they do what needs and what should be done to ensure a quality result.  These are not just classroom teacher...although they are a big part of what goes on...they are also aides, secretaries and maintenance people who make up all the moving parts of JISD that are oiled with positive attitudes and considerate of others...especially the students.  Below are the individuals who were recognized in a ceremony hosted at the Performing Arts Center by the Human Resource Department.  Superintendent Dr. Willis Mackey, JISD Board members and Cabinet members were in attendance and support. Congratulations to these members of the JISD family.

Distinguished JISD Educator of the Year: Theresa Beitel, BAC Teacher, Kitty Hawk Middle School


Distinguished Educators:

Judy Morales—Park Village Elem
Mitzie Navarro—JSAS
Pamela Neill—James Masters Elem
Alma Neira  - Hopkins Elem
Maria Oubre—Millers Point Elem
Lucinda Roy—Rolling Meadows Elem
Carole Rylander—Copperfield Elem
Adam Sanchez—Candlewood Elem
Kari Savage-Egg—Ed Franz Elem
Sheri Schneider—Coronado Village Elem
JoAnne Sliker—Spring Meadow Elem
Sandra Solis—Crestview Elem
Karen Ybanez—Wagner  HS 
Andrea Mata—Hartman Elem                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Katie Alexander—Woodlake Hills MS
Sarah Bancroft– Judson MS
Theresa  Beitel—Kitty Hawk MS
Juliana Berry  - Converse Elem
Michele Fain—Woodlake Elem
Yanett Gardner—Paschall Elem
Liane Gatewood—Olympia Elem 
Rebecca Halliburton  - Kirby MS
Carrie Hill—Judson HS
Meredith Hinojosa—Salinas Elem
Joseph Jacobson—JSTEM
Cassandra  Jennings—Elof Elem
Kimberly Lee—JECA
Cherish Mitchell  - Metzger  MS

Distinguished Support  Personnel- Manual Trades:
Diana Avarado—Woodlake MS
Paula Applegate—Metzger MS
Debbie Baker—Transportation
John Bourassa—Maintenance
Patty Conner—Maintenance
Reginald Crayton—Kitty Hawk MS
Guadalupe Cruz—Spring Meadow Elem
Maria Espin—Crestview Elem
Delores Henderson — Kirby MS
Jennifer Johnson—Millers Point Elem
Amie May—JSAS
Juan Meraz—Converse Elem
Elizandro Munoz—Transportation
Elizabeth Montoya—JECA
Hortencia Perez—Transportation
Gabriela Reza—Elof Elem
Michael Ricondo—Hopkins Elem
Rodolfo Rodriguez—Judson HS
Lorrie Saldana—Wagner HS
Genoveva Serratos-Mills - Rolling Meadows 
Nicole  Urbaneck—Transportation
Yvonne Urbaneck—Judson MS

Distinguished Support Personnel-Clerical/Technical:
Laura Blackmon—Millers Point Elem
Sherri Coggins—Kirby MS
Connie Davis—Spring Meadows Elem
Shanise Davis—Judson MS
Marcette Galindo—JSAS
Kathleen Hensley—Rolling Meadows Elem
Lauren Hopkins—Metzger MS
Alfred Simpson—Technology
Anna Whitby—Wagner HS
Yvette Davis– Business Services

Distinguished Para Educator-Classroom Instructional Aide:
Marie Avitua—Paschall Elem
Carmen Briones—James Masters Elem
Monique Burr—Park Village Elem
Courtney Dam—Wagner HS
Lisa Efaw– Kirby MS
Laura Garza– Woodlake Elem
Victoria Pena—Judson MS
Barbara Phillips—Salinas Elem
Kathleen Ristow—Olympia Elem

Distinguished  Professional  Support  Personnel:
Rosalinda Adame-Moylan—Woodlake MS
Adriana Aguero—Candlewood Elem
Chris  Blodgett—Technology 
Josh Ellis—Curriculum and Instruction
Sophronia  Kelly-Zion— Ed Franz Elem
Michelle Robinson—Judson HS
Jenna Ruhd—Kitty Hawk MS
Patricia Santos—JECA
Victor Valdez—Operations
Theresa Harris—Business Services

Distinguished First Year Educator:
Allison Abramo—Copperfield Elem
Megan Brownfield—Woodlake Elem
Julie Burton—Crestview Elem
Esperanza Ceasar— Paschall Elem
Amanda Fuller—Park Village Elem
Ysela Gonzales—Woodlake Hills MS
Veronica Green—JSAS
Betty Harris—James Masters Elem
Charlandra Massey—Kirby MS
Kira McAhren—Millers Point  Elem
Larissa Montes—Wagner  HS
Jessica Novak—Kitty Hawk MS
Dana Odle—Converse Elem 
Cara Poe—Hopkins Elem 
Joanna Randolph-  Candlewood Elem
Jennifer Robinson—JSTEM
Athur Smith—Judson MS
Evelyn Stephens—Rolling Meadows Elem
Ashley Stuart—Coronado Village Elem
Katryna Swilley—Ed Franz Elem
Latasha Teamer—Salinas Elem
Staci Vargo—Hartman Elem
Daisy Vasquez—Judson HS

Distinguished Campus Administrator:
Mike McFalls—Kitty Hawk MS
Yvonne Munoz— Crestview Elem
Martin Silverman—Hopkins Elem
Dawn Worley— Judson MS
Renee Lafreniere—Director of CTE