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New High School On Evans Road

The construction on the new high school on Evans Road continues to roll on by leaps and bounds. Progress has surpassed 70 percent of the initial opening phase. Assistant Superintendent of Operations Rob Fields and School Principal Christina Clark have been busy checking on the building process and working on the school name and mascot process.  The school board now is in possession of all the name suggestions and will soon meet to make that decision, likely in a special meeting, so be looking for that.  

Meanwhile, the new school has been getting some good media attention.  Local Community News came out to do a story with Ms. Clark as the principal and what goes into organizing a whole new school.  As a part of the article, the newspaper sent out a photographer to take some shots of her for the piece which should go out in its September 2015 issue.  

To give you a feel of how the construction is going take a look at these aerials...the excitement is building!!

Back To School Thoughts From Dr. Montoya

JISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya wanted to make sure he visited JISD schools the first day and this first week and as he did, he was encouraged and impressed by what he saw.  He wants to pass that encouragement on to each staff member and offer his support to ensure that everyone makes this year a successful one for our students. 


Convocation 2015--We Know How To Start A Year!

Convocation each year is an opportunity to get everyone cranked up for a new school year.  By the looks of what happened at this year's event, I think we're ready...don't you?  This was the first time in a several years to have Convocation at another location other than the Performing Arts Center.  This year it was at the Wagner gym and the change of venue produced a change in atmosphere.  Not that past convocation events were not exciting, but it dialed up the energy and sort of gave everyone permission to cut loose...a little bit. That included Dr. Montoya and Board President Steve Salyer and Board Member Renee Paschall.  It was an event that was filled with music, humor and some folks that stepped out of themselves a little bit and showed a different side.  It was a great fun and a super way to get our staff amped up for the year!  Take a look.




JISD Honored By Northeast Lakeview College

Judson ISD and Northeast Lakeview College have a great partnership going and it's obvious that it's positively impacting both involved.  NLC in fact awarded its first ever Community Partner of the Year honor...and Judson ISD was their choice.  The award recognizes an individual or community partner that embodies the spirit of continuous improvement and strong community collaboration.  This has been carried out in several different ways.  Of course, the biggest has been the start of the early college relationship between the college and the district that was formally started when Judson Early College Academy opened its doors in 2009.  More recently, NLC launched a pilot Adopt-A-School project that brought the college experience all along the JISD educational pathway...even down to the young elementary ages. That impacted more than 2,000 of our students at three campuses. Even more recently, NLC and JISD partnered to fund the Math Summer Immersion Program that helped at-risk juniors and seniors better understand college level math. 
NLC President Dr. Craig Follins presented the award to JISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya. Judson ISD values and appreciates its relationship with NLC and Alamo Colleges and looks forward to seeing it grow even stronger.

Welcome New JISD Teachers

Great teachers always seem to find their way to Judson ISD and we are glad they do.  But even the best teachers need some guidance when they're coming into a new setting.  That's what the New Teacher Academy is all about.  Some 200 new teachers coming into the district spent time at Judson High School learning the JISD way of producing excellence. From learning what instructional expectations are, to classroom management and when pay day is, this event each year is informative and hopefully sets many minds at ease during their transition. Some are first year teachers and some are veterans coming into the district for the very first time. Either way, we're happy to have them and we hope that they will lean on other experienced JISD staff to navigate their first year and make it a great year for themselves and their students.