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1st Day of School 2016



It was a big day for teachers, students and administrators...the first day of school is filled with both excitement and nervousness for many.  2016 was the first day of school ever for Veterans Memorial High School. Some 600 freshmen and sophomores walked through the doors of Veterans Memorial as they were greeted by members of the armed forces. Superintendent Carl A. Montoya and Principal Christina Clark stood by as well greeting and directing students where to go.  Their show of support and their warm smiles were appreciated as the day began and history was made.  We also congratulate teachers and administrators across the district for preparing for this big day.  We look forward to a great new school year making a difference with each student.

Veterans Memorial HS


At Kitty Hawk MS



Salinas ES


Parents, Teachers and Students writing sticky notes about what their hopes are this year.

2016 Convocation: The Video!

2016 Convocation: It's A JISD Super Hero Thing!

For someone who has never attended a JISD Convocation, the thought may come across the mind, " what are these people doing?" Those outside the district may not understand, because it's become " a JISD thing."  Instead of attending a highly orchestrated and maybe even stilted event where applauding and cheering is limited to the so-called appropriate times and you stay planted in your seat unless asked to make noise, the JISD Convocations lately have transitioned into a celebration and recognition of a new school year and its opportunities. A great DJ and the high school drumlines provided plenty of thumping music inspiring a lot of movement as well as performances by Nathaniel Cullors belting out a Michael Jackson tune and the incredible a cappella rendition of the National Anthem by the singing group "Sixtas."  Super Heroes was the theme of this years convocation...a way of encouraging teachers to be a Super Hero to their students so they will be inspired to do their best each day. The program included some thoughts from Board President Steve Salyer, Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya and a special message from 5th grade Hartman student Rebecca Rivera.  The event was topped off with the introductions of each of the campus principals.  What an event!  A big thank you to Tracy Dennis and Yvette Reyna for putting this event together. 





ESC 20 TEPSA President-Elect Is A JISD Principal!

Ms. Spellmann (right) recently being awarded a JEF Principal Scholarship

Congratulations go to Copperfield Elementary Principal Gerrie Spellmann who has been named the Region 20 Texas Elementary Principal and Supervisors Association (TEPSA) President Elect.  She is a great instructional leader who professionally engages students, parents and staff.  Judson ISD is proud of her and know she will be a great asset to TEPSA as she has been for JISD.

New Teacher Academy

Each year there are always new teachers coming into the district to bring their unique talents and abilities to carry out the JISD vision of excellence.  We're excited about the quality of these teachers and their enthusiasm they bring to the district.  Approximately 170 newbies participated in the New Teacher Academy that was hosted at the new Veterans Memorial High School.  Before a lot of the nitty gritty content of the event, Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya got up and welcomed everyone and expressed words of encouragement about starting out that first day...you know, when nerves sometimes can give way to those butterflies in the stomach.  After that it was getting down to instruction, policy, procedures and helping them successfully launch their new class. Nothing like some tasty barbeque for lunch to fuel the day too. Good luck everyone...enjoy your year and connect with a veteran teacher to help navigate those first year waters.