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National School Lunch Week, Since 1962

It's National School Lunch Week and our campuses are serving up not only healthy meals but promoting the importance of good nutrition for effective learning. Dr. Ball was spotted at Woodlake Hills Middle School serving up lunch and Hopkins Elementary School's Administration was also hitting the serving line too. National School Lunch Week was created in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy to celebrate and spotlight the benefits of the National School Lunch Program. This week recognizes the importance of a healthy school lunch and what it does to fuel a productive learning day at school and beyond.  30 million students are served healthy lunches every school day...5 billion annually.  

Dr. Ball At Woodlake Hills Middle School Cafeteria

Ms. Combs and Mr. Cabasos serving lunch at Hopkins Elementary School 




JISD and Healthy Schools: Your Flu Fighters

The 2017-2018 flu season was the worst in a decade with reports of some districts closing whole schools because of students and staff going down with it.  This year Judson ISD is teaming up with Healthy Schools to offer flu shots to our STUDENTS AND STAFF with $0 copay...that means it is free of cost.   STAFF just need to notify the campus where they want to go to get the shot and bring proof of insurance with them when they arrive. They'll be asked to fill out a short form as well at that time.  JISD STUDENTS can get the flu shot whether their family has insurance or not, but signup is encouraged so sufficient vaccine is made available for each clinic.  Children of JISD STAFF members (JISD students or not) can get the shot too, but they should be signed up and insurance card available to show on arrival. 

It's an effort to be proactive about the flu season, and while the shot is not fool-proof, statistics show it makes a difference.  Clinics will be set up at each of our campuses during a three day period in November, but we wanted to give you a heads up on the where and when now.  The links below show you the shot schedule for each campus and an online portal to sign up for the shot.  Being looking for more information and communication about this campaign in the coming days.  


CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP (for student shots)



Meet Dr. Ball, Our Superintendent of Schools

She's only been working with JISD for a few months, but she's covered a lot of ground already.  Dr. Jeanette Ball has been getting to know staff, teachers, administrators, and especially parents and students, but it's a work in progress.  If you haven't had the chance to at least shake her hand, there will be a special event specifically to meet and talk with her. But it won't be just about meeting her, but there will be several student musical groups on hand to mark the occasion.  So you are invited to meet Dr. Ball and enjoy some great student talent.  It's all happening Tuesday, October 30th at 6 pm at Kitty Hawk Middle School.  

Appreciation For Our Custodians! Updated!

They do the thankless jobs that many times don't necessarily get noticed. But they are important jobs.  Keeping our campuses clean and ready for our students daily is no small task and our Judson ISD custodians do that hard work every day.  Our campuses have been showing their appreciation to their custodial staff this week in different ways. That includes the ERC and District Offices as well.  Take a look at some of the photos as we salute the people who keep our places of work clean and ready to go for everyone each day.  Thank you.

Coronado Village ES

JISD District Office 


Miller's Point ES



Escondido Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - VIDEO