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Letter Jacket Ceremony Means Something Special

This was the 13th letter jacket ceremony and 7 students received their jackets this time around.  Elijah Alvarado was also recognized as the athlete of the year award for his selflessness and being a team leader for Special Olympics. The Espinosa-Borrego family received the family shining star award for their volunteering, support, and contributions to the Special Olympics program. Our Physical Therapist Nicole Turner and Director Dr. Theresa Arochagill were acknowledged with Shining Star awards for their constant support and dedication to the program. Wagner Jr ROTC received the organization shining star award. 


Christmas Spirit With JISD's AYVP Students

The Adult Years Vocational Program helps teach great life skills to students who have special needs and one of the projects they work on from the beginning of the school year is Christmas related items. Their teacher Teresa Pena worked with them on things such as ornaments, unique greeting cards, and small gift items. They showed off their work to employees at district office and the ERC recently and sold a number of their items.  One of their customers was Dr. Ball who spent some time with them.  

Breakfast In The Classroom Coming As Pilot!

A Message from JISD Child Nutrition… 

We are excited to introduce a pilot program of Breakfast in the Classroom for voluntary campuses throughout the district.  The campuses that have elected to participate in this program are: Candlewood Elementary, Converse Elementary, Escondido Elementary, Elolf Elementary, Paschall Elementary, and JCARE Academy and will start on January 8, 2019.   Judson ISD serves breakfast at no charge for all students at all levels.  The School Breakfast Program can be served in many ways.  Traditionally breakfast has been served in the cafeteria where students can eat prior to the school bell. An alternative method is where breakfast is served in the classroom, a complete breakfast of easy-to-eat items that meet the nutritional guidelines for students. Breakfast cereals, crispito, low-fat muffins, along with milk, juice, and fresh fruit are brought to the classroom in insulated rolling bags for students to enjoy their breakfast.  Judson ISD is piloting this program in an effort that all elementary campuses will have Breakfast in the Classroom in the 2019-2020 school year. By delivering breakfast in this manner, instructional time is not lost and the students are fed and ready to learn.   
In an effort to ensure a smooth transition to Breakfast in the Classroom at all elementary campuses District-wide for the 2019-2020 school year we are taking this opportunity to introduce the concept at participating campuses.  Providing breakfast to students improves their concentration, alertness, comprehension, memory, and learning. Breakfast in the Classroom takes the traditional school breakfast and improves it by moving it into the classroom.  There are a host of reasons that students do not regularly participate in the school breakfast program: Lack of awareness about school breakfast, lack of time to eat breakfast, and late bus schedules.  With this program, breakfast will be available to every child present which will make it possible for all children to participate. Breakfast in the Classroom has proven dramatically to increase participation in the school breakfast program throughout the nation and we are excited about this program implementation in Judson ISD and look forward to your feedback.


JISD Distinguished Educators To Be Recognized

The quality of JISD's teaching professionals is something that needs to be celebrated. Caring about students and knowing how to engage their minds is an ability that is a gift. We have teachers that do this each day at such a high level that it's just extraordinary.  Each year, every campus nominates a teacher from their school as its Distinguished Educator. That person exemplifies the total teacher...one who connects with students, is innovative in getting through to a range of children and learning styles, as well as how they work with other teachers and administrators. 

Below is a list of the Distinguished Educators that will be recognized. If you've been a student or a parent of a student of one of these teachers and want to tell them thank you, you have your chance coming up on December 17, 2018, at the Performing Arts Center starting at 6 pm. 

Community Partners Step Up For Military Families

The San Antonio Food Bank, Rackspace and Now Word Missions Ministries Outreach Project provided Judson ISD military-connected, McKinney Vento and civilian families with special Thanksgiving baskets that included a frozen turkey, holiday fixings and fresh produce to help stretch the budget. A tremendous thank you to Rack Space, San Antonio Food Bank for the “Fill A Box, Feed A Family” project and Now Word Missions Ministry for their continued support in its "O’Give Thanks” project. 
For many families in our Judson ISD military community, they celebrate Thanksgiving in a different manner every year, depending on their leave status and current operation; with one or both spouses serving on a deployment. For the third consecutive year, three organizations stepped in and helped.