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JISD Canned Yam Drive For Jimenez Dinner

JISD Police and Maintenance during last year's 2013 Yam Drive

The Judson ISD Police and Maintenance Departments are once again joining forces to help out the Jimenez family continue a great Thanksgiving tradition in San Antonio. The Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner has been around for decades and it continues to serve a big segment of our population.  The dinner serves a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for senior citizens, needy families and the homeless...some 25,000 people each year.  But they need help and part of that help each year comes from right here in the Judson ISD.  The JISD Police Department and Maintenance Department are asking each campus to collect as many canned yams as possible for this worthy cause. If you would like to donate, just bring them by your child's school. Campuses will be collecting through November 13th, picked up the 14th and the top three winners will be announced on the 17th...including trophies.  Let's show the community and our kids how important giving to others really is.


JISD Officers Leading G.R.E.A.T. Program

G.R.E.A.T. stands for Gang Resistance Education and Training and the Judson ISD Police Department is leading the way helping kids stay on the right path.  Officer Larry Day is one of the JISD officers that is pictured here teaching Metzger Middle School students that the best lifestyle is the one that stays away from drugs, gangs and builds friendships.  Officers are teaching these concepts of success in Health classrooms across the district. Way to go JISD Police Department!!


First of all, the Judson ISD and the JISD Police Department want to thank everyone who worked and contributed to the 2013 Yam Drive.  It was bigger than we even imagined!  This year's drive tripled the number of canned yams over last year.  Get this, 6,282 cans of yams were collected district wide and I think Olympia Elementary is growing their own sweet potatoes because they came up with 2,195 cans alone to take first place.  In fact, the Maintenance Department had to call in reinforcements just to haul them in.  However, four other schools did a fantastic job too.  Kirby Middle School collected 1,000 cans for 2nd place...Kitty Hawk 800 cans for 3rd place...Cresview ES with 698 for 4th place....and Wagner HS ROTC with 391 for 5th place.  All these canned yams will go to supply the annual Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner that will provide a great holiday meal for some 25,000 senior citizens and needy families. Thank you everyone you are YAM-TASTIC.




JISD Police Turns 20

They help keep us safe every day at Judson ISD.  The JISD Police Department formed September 16, 1993...today the department celebrated its 20 years in existence with a nice reception at police headquarters.  Members of different schools and district departments showed up for the morning reception to show their appreciation for what they do every day. From keeping campuses secure and safe to keeping departments updated with the changing laws, they are a valuable resource.  The JISD Police has also forged a great reputation and relationship with other law enforcement agencies around the city and county which is an important link to our whole community's safety. Congratulations Chief and everyone in the department...we appreciate you.


Chief Gonzales Makes NBA.COM!

If you know anything about Judson ISD Police Chief Teresa Gonzales, you know she's a big Spurs Fan. She goes whenever she can. Well, now the whole NBA knows she is and maybe the whole country!  She was caught by a photographer wearing her black and silver sombrero and Spurs jersey cheering for her team.  Good to know she has a healthy outlet after work hours. Way to go Chief...!!

Go to NBA.COM to see it on their website.


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