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Wagner ROTC Gets Boost From Sebastien

One of Judson ISD's better known students and a huge singing talent Sebastien De La Cruz showed he has a big heart too.  Sebastien showed some of the ways he gives back to the community at a Wagner ROTC Parent Booster meeting. He presented a $500 check to help support the Wagner Cadets.  The program is very thankful for his support...including his sister Shania who is a Cadet and a member of the Armed Drill Team.


Wagner ROTC Tops At Drill Competition

The Wagner Thunderbird ROTC competed in the annual "Remember the Vet" drill competition.  It was held at Somerset High School and cadets competed in a number of different phases of physical, mental and academic tests.  The physical training tests included a timed obstacle course that really pushed the students. The Armed Drill, Female Color Guard and Mixed Color guard teams all competed in Inspection and Regulation phases. The highlight of the day though came when the Unarmed Drill Team competed in Regulation, Inspection and Exhibition Phase and took 1st Place...the first time in Wagner HS history for a ROTC drill team to do that.  Teams also competed in Marksmanship (firing range) and Academics that included knowing military history, drill and ceremony and proper wear of the military uniform.  Congratulations to everyone for such a great job on just the first competition of the year. A big thank you to the Booster Club parents who provided some much deserved refreshments and food after the competition...couldn't do it without you!!









Wagner ROTC Developing Leadership

The Wagner ROTC recently participated in the JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge at John Newcombe's Ranch in New Braunfels.  Nine schools joined the challenge...some as far away as El Paso and Corpus Christi.  It involved a lot of team building exercises that provided individual and group encouragement, improvement in communication and helped hone decision making skills.  As you can see, they also had a chance for some "down time" too cooling off from the south Texas summer heat.  After all was done, Wagner Cadets received 5 individual trophies for being the best at their leadership positions as well as being chosen for the Camp Color Guard.  During the team competition, Wagner JROTC took first place in the Tug of War...you can see they really got into that...first place in the Confidence Course Relay Race, second place in the Water Olympics and third place in the One Rope Bridge. Congratulations to everyone on a successful camp.





Goodwill Gift From Wagner JROTC

Goodwill is one of those groups that help a lot of different people at a number of different levels and it got some help recently from Wagner's JROTC.  The ROTC students participated in a  Goodwill Donation Drive helping round up resources that can be used to provide a brighter future for people who really need it.  SFC Harper, a number of Cadets and the group's Booster Club Parents really put a major effort into the drive...in return, the Wagner JROTC was able to give a generous $2,500 donation to Goodwill.  Thank you for giving your time and service.

Judson ROTC Rockets Best In Show

The Judson AFJROTC Rocketry Team  competed against nine other rocket programs across the state in Austin and came out on top.  The competition held at Del Valley High School was a tough one not only because of the competition, but also because of less than ideal weather conditions. Despite all that, Judson's "Sidewinders" team won the Best In Show title and earned third place in Short Spot Landing.  To be eligible for scoring, you must be able to build and launch a rocket successfully and recover it intact.  Congratulations to you for showing the rest of the state another way that "Rocket Pride" comes  through in what you do.