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Ring In Season At Jingle Bell Jamboree Dec. 5th

Looking for some unique gift ideas and festive atmosphere to enjoy while doing your Christmas shopping?  It'll all be there at the 11th Annual Jingle Bell Jamboree. More than 40 vendors will be on hand to help you with ideas and of course explain any of the items they have for sale. Also, JISD Choirs will be on hand to keep you fresh and jolly during the whole experience.  It's a great shopping opportunity and a wonderful way to help support the Judson Education Foundation. 

"Psyched" About First Ever Principal JEF Grants

One of the wonderful parts of the recent Administrative Summit was the first annual Principal Grants from the Judson Education Foundation. Principals from around the Judson ISD wrote project proposals for the grant earlier this year and the grant committee decided who the three winners would be. They were announced by JEF Board President Al Suarez the second day of the 3-day summit and they were all very excited. The elementary grant of $3,000 went to Erika Garza of Rolling Meadows Elementary School.  The $5,000 middle school grant winner was Caroline Ross of Metzger Middle School. The high school grant worth $7,000 went to Donald Stewart of Wagner High School.  Each grant will fund a worthwhile project at their school that was vetted by the JEF Grant Committee. A big thank you goes out to each of the committee members...Committee Chair Lanny Lambert, Converse City Manager and members Ed Cimics, Live Oak City Councilman & Lexie Potter, Area Technician with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Presenting the grants were JEF Board President Al Suarez and Elizabeth Kuhlmann of RBFCU.

JEF Tees Up Support For Students, Teachers

Each year the Judson Education Foundation raises money for scholarships for students and grants for teachers through a fun golf tournament.  Money is raised through players registering to play at the prestigious Brackenridge Golf Course as well as auction items that players can bid on.  The great thing is that it was an event open to everyone...from scratch golfers to bona fide duffers...each playing with others of similar playing ability.  We had so many community members come out for the event and we want to thank them for their support of our students and teachers...it truly makes a difference.  We hope they had fun along with it.  We'll have a total on money raised from the event in the coming days.  


JEF Football Camp Success With Eric Dickerson

The Judson Education Foundation Youth Football Camp is hosted by Hall of Fame NFL star Eric Dickerson.  Each year the response by community youth is outstanding and this year was no different.  The reasons for its success are many, but ranking up there... the organization of the event, the great players and coaches that the kids get to learn from (including Eric himself), and the encouragement they get for really getting in there and working for what they want.  We want to thank all the event sponsors, including Eric, who donated money and time to make this camp happen. Also thanks to the players/coaches who gave their time as well...David Hill, Eric, Anthony Miller, Andre Gurode, Leroy Irvin and Kody Zurek.


Teacher Grants...JEF Prize Parade, It's What We Do!

Supporting innovative teachers who bring unique skills to the classroom for a richer learning experience is part of what the Judson Education Foundation does.  The JEF Prize Parade was out making its rounds recently and awarded thousands of dollars in grants to teachers who are making a difference in the lives of students.  The grants will help to provide teaching tools in the classroom...from technology devices to unique seating that helps provide a better student learning setting. In all, more than $38,000 in grants were awarded. Congratulations!



Candlewood ES    Deborah Hynes    $        2,500.00     Bulletin Boards for Super Eagle Work
Converse ES    Juliana Berry & Beth Patience    $        1,330.07     Sit Solution Balls for Innovative Seating
Converse ES    DeeDee Haralson    $        1,198.71     Interactive Whiteboard
Copperfield ES    Lydia Panvini    $        2,499.90     Classroom iPads
Franz ES    Kevin Rokey    $        2,318.05     Personalized Learning Project
Elolf ES    Soine Fisher    $        2,478.44     Symphony of iPads
Hartman ES    Esmeralda Garza    $           892.42     Project Smart
Hopkins ES    Kevin Hans    $        2,190.82     Creating SLEDRS: Student Led Reading Society
Kirby MS    Karlos Elizondo & Shelly Ascolese    $        2,490.00     iPad/Smart Music/Tonal Energy Initiative
Masters ES    Carolyn Bruton    $        2,300.00     Read, Learn & Connect to Make Things Happen
Olympia ES    Kayla Portrey    $        2,017.92     Bringing the Canyon to the Classroom
Park Village ES    Elizabeth Amerson    $        2,498.04     K-iPads
Paschall ES    Cynthia Peterson    $        2,485.80     Innovative Language Arts Projects
Rolling Meadows ES    Cristina Johnson & Maria Blackburn    $        2,324.70     DELL ChromeBooks II & Cal Headsets with Microphones
Rolling Meadows ES    Lori Laguna    $        1,390.00     Integrating Reading & Technology with Pebble Go
Salinas ES    Amanda Hampton    $        2,478.44     A Symphony of iPads
Wagner HS    Laura Rohm    $        2,440.93     Fashion Design in the Digital Age
Wagner HS    Jeremy Chapman    $        2,365.98     Enhancing Music Education with Technology