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Teacher Grants...JEF Prize Parade, It's What We Do!

Supporting innovative teachers who bring unique skills to the classroom for a richer learning experience is part of what the Judson Education Foundation does.  The JEF Prize Parade was out making its rounds recently and awarded thousands of dollars in grants to teachers who are making a difference in the lives of students.  The grants will help to provide teaching tools in the classroom...from technology devices to unique seating that helps provide a better student learning setting. In all, more than $38,000 in grants were awarded. Congratulations!



Candlewood ES    Deborah Hynes    $        2,500.00     Bulletin Boards for Super Eagle Work
Converse ES    Juliana Berry & Beth Patience    $        1,330.07     Sit Solution Balls for Innovative Seating
Converse ES    DeeDee Haralson    $        1,198.71     Interactive Whiteboard
Copperfield ES    Lydia Panvini    $        2,499.90     Classroom iPads
Franz ES    Kevin Rokey    $        2,318.05     Personalized Learning Project
Elolf ES    Soine Fisher    $        2,478.44     Symphony of iPads
Hartman ES    Esmeralda Garza    $           892.42     Project Smart
Hopkins ES    Kevin Hans    $        2,190.82     Creating SLEDRS: Student Led Reading Society
Kirby MS    Karlos Elizondo & Shelly Ascolese    $        2,490.00     iPad/Smart Music/Tonal Energy Initiative
Masters ES    Carolyn Bruton    $        2,300.00     Read, Learn & Connect to Make Things Happen
Olympia ES    Kayla Portrey    $        2,017.92     Bringing the Canyon to the Classroom
Park Village ES    Elizabeth Amerson    $        2,498.04     K-iPads
Paschall ES    Cynthia Peterson    $        2,485.80     Innovative Language Arts Projects
Rolling Meadows ES    Cristina Johnson & Maria Blackburn    $        2,324.70     DELL ChromeBooks II & Cal Headsets with Microphones
Rolling Meadows ES    Lori Laguna    $        1,390.00     Integrating Reading & Technology with Pebble Go
Salinas ES    Amanda Hampton    $        2,478.44     A Symphony of iPads
Wagner HS    Laura Rohm    $        2,440.93     Fashion Design in the Digital Age
Wagner HS    Jeremy Chapman    $        2,365.98     Enhancing Music Education with Technology


JEF Scholarship Squad On the Prowl!


The Judson Education Foundation's mission is to support students and teachers in the pursuit of their dreams of college and teaching in effective and innovative ways.  The Scholarship Squad visited Judson, Wagner and JECA to award scholarships to 19 students.  The amount awarded varied from $1,000 to $2,500 to each student.  Most of the visits were a surprise...which is half the fun...seeing how they react when they get the check. The grand total that was awarded to students...$25,250!! We congratulate these students for their accomplishments... and you know the JEF Prize Parade is right around the corner for teachers grants, so be looking for them very soon. 

JECA    Gillen, Danielle
JECA    Duran, Kristopher
JECA    Hocking, Crystele
JECA    Ibarra, Daniela
JECA    Nguyen, Vivian
Judson    Akai, Michael
Judson    Bueno, Delisa
Judson    Holmes, Jaelyn
Judson    Moreno, Shaydee
Judson    Aguilar, Idalia
Judson    Hubbard, Jeri
Judson    Torres, Angel
Wagner    Martinez Garcia, Grecia
Wagner    Canales, Mary
Wagner    Hall, Taylor
Wagner    Macias, Jennifer
Wagner    Marshall, Brianna
Wagner    Munoz Jr, Samuel
Wagner    Henley, Calvin-James







Teacher Appreciation Week: How Do You Say Thank You?

You can show your appreciation to the teacher or teachers that have made a difference in your life just about any time, but this week is a special time to do it.  It's Teacher Appreciation Week, so you've got the entire week to show them in some special way what a difference they've made in your life.  It can be a current teacher or one that made an impact on your life years ago. One way to show that appreciation is to go to thebiggivesa.org and donate to the Judson Education Foundation to fund teacher grants That's just one way. Whatever the case, reach out and let them know...they have a tough yet influential job and encouragement from you could make a big difference. 

Security Service FCU Gives To JEF

JISD Communications Director Steve Linscomb, JEF President Al Suarez, JEF Exec. Director Yvette Reyna, SSFCU Board Chairman James A. O' Farrell, SSFCU President CEO Jim Laffoon.

Security Service Federal Credit Union is one of the biggest supporters of the Judson Education Foundation and they came through again to help our teachers and students.  SSFCU presented a check to Executive Director Yvette Reyna and JEF President Al Suarez for $3,000. The check was presented at the official opening of the newest Security Service Federal Credit Union branch...a stand-alone branch in front of Rolling Oaks Mall.  SSFCU President and CEO Jim Laffoon reasoned that this new branch is opening its doors deep in the Judson ISD Community and it's a great way to give back to the area by investing in the future of student education and supporting innovative teachers which is the mission of the Judson Education Foundation.

Security Service Federal Credit Union is one of the top 10 credit unions in the country. There are no professional or military qualifications to be a SSFCU member...anyone in your family can join.

JEF Board Changes And Many Thanks

The Judson Education Foundation Board is an important group of volunteers who are instrumental in steering the foundation in its mission to support students and innovative teachers.  Some members who have served their term on the board, have decided to step down and JEF and the Judson ISD want to express appreciation for their service.  
After serving 3 years on the JEF Board, Rosa Gary is stepping down.  She has offered her time and expertise to the board while at the same time as serving as Executive Secretary for Superintendent Dr. Willis Mackey. The Judson Education Foundation wishes to thank her for her service. 
Ms. Gary accepting an appreciation plaque from JEF Board President Al Suarez.

Starting a three year term on the JEF Board is Kelli Mounce'. Kelli is an account manager at Berlin Packaging and explains her motivation for serving on the board by saying, " I believe in giving back to my local community and I support the endeavors of the foundation."
New JEF Board member Kelli Mounce'

Also, returning for another 3 year term on the Judson Education Foundation is Pat McMahan. Pat helped create Alamo Insurance Group in 1995 and serves as its CEO. He is married with two married children and one granddaughter. Many of us know Pat as the voice of the Gala Live Auction. His auctioneer talents go way back to his growing up days in Lometa, Texas. We thank him for his service and look forward to working with his unique talents and perspective. 
Pat McMahan, JEF Board Member

A word of thanks from JEF Executive Director Yvette Reyna:

I want to thank you for missing family, friends, career and social obligations so you can participate in JEF meetings and events.  I want to thank you for bringing your passion, intellect, experiences and resources to the table when we need it most.  I want to thank you for giving me the tools needed to be able to manage day-to-day operations and trusting my judgment on decisions, knowing that I have the best interests of JEF in mind.  I am thankful beyond measure that of all the organizations/associations/causes you could commit to, you have chosen JEF.  You impact the lives of our communities and schools each and every day!  You are greatly appreciated!