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JISD Police Take On Bike Patrol

It's seen as a more efficient way of getting police presence where it's need at a time that it's needed.  Judson ISD Police are hitting the campuses on bicycles. The San Antonio Police department has had its bike patrol for years, in fact they helped train 8 JISD officers in this specialty patrol.  Bike patrol is a part of only a handful of San Antonio area school districts, but Chief Teresa Ramon says the two wheeled vehicles are a faster way of getting from point A to point B and improves visibility on campuses as well as big events like football games at Rutledge Stadium.  The department has 10 bikes and will use them at several campuses in a number of patrol uses.  You may think that riding a bike around is just a piece of cake, but there is important training that's specific to police work and just getting around safely through traffic and around crowds.  The Judson ISD Police Department is always looking at new methods to keep people safe so everyone can learn and enjoy what ?they are doing. 



Judson HS Place At Criminal Justice Competition

Congratulations goes out to the Judson High School Criminal Justice Competition Team who placed a number of students at the recent C.J. Regional Competition in Copperas Cove, TX.  You represented Judson ISD very well...Congratulations!

•    1st place Criminal Case Analysis-Shannon Andrews and Caitlyn Escobedo
•    1st place First Responder-Miguel Fuentes
•    1st place Bulletin Board-Caitlyn Escobedo and Naomi Ixpanel
•    2nd place Obstacle course-male-John Carron
•    3rd place Domestic Disturbance-Franklin Davis and Jessica Vasquez
•    3rd place Criminal Investigation(Forensics)-Alexandra Rodriguez, Alyssa Ambriz, and Genesis Sanchez
            Instructor A. Williams USN-Retired                                        Instructor J. Acosta

NEW LAW ALERT...Cell Phone Use On Campuses

...use of your cell phone in any way is prohibited in an active school zone, including  school property, while you are the operator of a motor vehicle.

Many of us have seen stories about not texting or talking on cell phones while driving...especially in school zones, but a new law is taking it a step further.  According to the Texas Traffic code 545.425, use of your cell phone in any way is prohibited in an active school zone, including school property, while you are the operator of a motor vehicle. Clarification by the Attorney General's Office explains the change means that if you are driving on to a campus, you should not to be talking, texting or otherwise using your cell phone (photos or games) during school zones hours, unless the vehicle is parked.  If you’re caught, you could be issued a citation. This will take effect September 1, 2013. That call or text may have to wait until you get out of the school zone.


National Police Week, Thank Our JISD Officers

Our Judson ISD police officers do a lot to help keep students and staff safe every day.  They work countless hours at all sorts of events, they keep our campuses secure, train for all sorts of situations and they put their own personal safety on the line when it's necessary. Other police departments in the city (including SAPD) and at other school districts know that our department and chief are always there to help and cooperate too. Make it a point to thank an officer for what they do every day.  It's a tough job, but the officers, including Chief Gonzales and Lt. Quiroga do it well.  Thank you!

District Canned Yam Drive A Success

When you're preparing to feed some 25,000 people on Thanksgiving Day like the Jimenez family, you have to have resources.  The Judson ISD is proud to be one of those resources providing a hefty number of canned yams for Thanksgiving plates come time to eat the big meal.  This is the second year for the drive and this time around the Judson ISD Police Department collected 1,500 cans of sweet potatoes.  Of course this drive was also a challenge that went out to all the district campuses and organizations to see who could bring in the most and 1st place Olympia ES, 2nd place Wagner ROTC and 3rd place Hopkins ES.  Congratulations.  A big thank you goes out to San Antonio Firefighters Assoc. Local 624 , Judson ISD Police and Judson ISD Maintenance Dept...And of course the Jimenez Family who were on hand too.

Pictured: JISD Maintenance Dept.- Joe Powell, Javier Garza, Frank Urbaneck, Anthony Rippey.  JISD Police Dept.- Ofc. Larry Flechter, Lt. Jesse Quiroga, Chief Teresa Gonzales, Ofc. John Salas