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Law Enforcement Appreciation Week: Thank You

They do so much to help us feel safe, secure and ensuring our freedoms in this country where there are so many opportunities.  We want to thank those who carry out this call each day...many times without a thought to their own personal safety.  Here in Judson ISD we are in a unique position in that we serve seven municipalities as well as Bexar County. In turn, the district is served by the law enforcement agencies of these cities and we want to say thank you to each for their service...and of course to our own JISD Police Department who keep our students and staff safe each day.  


Judson ISD Meets Texas School Safety Bar

Keeping campuses as safe as possible is not only a priority of Judson ISD, but it's an ongoing process as times change.  The Texas School Safety Center at San Marcos (Texas State University) has awarded JISD a school safety certificate. That means that the district has met all criteria determined by the TSSC at Texas State University.  


Wagner Hosts Statewide School Safety Summit

A fundamental element for effective learning is to make sure that students have a safe environment for instruction. That's at the heart of the 2015 School Based Law Enforcement Summit hosted by the Judson ISD Police Department at Wagner High School.  School law enforcement members from around the state came to this event as a great training tool to look at new ways of addressing current and emerging safety and legal issues.  The conference is developed and run by the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University and offers this free training that is specific to the school campus setting. Issues like Positive School Climate (anti-bullying), Gang Intervention and Inappropriate Relationships were just some of the topics on which the event focused.  
The two day event is paid for by the Office of the Governor and Criminal Justice Division and is invaluable for school police departments to pick up knowledge, training and skills on procedures and best practices that can help keep campuses safe for all students. It's a great way to work toward a safe and successful school year. 




JISD Police Take On Bike Patrol

It's seen as a more efficient way of getting police presence where it's need at a time that it's needed.  Judson ISD Police are hitting the campuses on bicycles. The San Antonio Police department has had its bike patrol for years, in fact they helped train 8 JISD officers in this specialty patrol.  Bike patrol is a part of only a handful of San Antonio area school districts, but Chief Teresa Ramon says the two wheeled vehicles are a faster way of getting from point A to point B and improves visibility on campuses as well as big events like football games at Rutledge Stadium.  The department has 10 bikes and will use them at several campuses in a number of patrol uses.  You may think that riding a bike around is just a piece of cake, but there is important training that's specific to police work and just getting around safely through traffic and around crowds.  The Judson ISD Police Department is always looking at new methods to keep people safe so everyone can learn and enjoy what ?they are doing. 



Judson HS Place At Criminal Justice Competition

Congratulations goes out to the Judson High School Criminal Justice Competition Team who placed a number of students at the recent C.J. Regional Competition in Copperas Cove, TX.  You represented Judson ISD very well...Congratulations!

•    1st place Criminal Case Analysis-Shannon Andrews and Caitlyn Escobedo
•    1st place First Responder-Miguel Fuentes
•    1st place Bulletin Board-Caitlyn Escobedo and Naomi Ixpanel
•    2nd place Obstacle course-male-John Carron
•    3rd place Domestic Disturbance-Franklin Davis and Jessica Vasquez
•    3rd place Criminal Investigation(Forensics)-Alexandra Rodriguez, Alyssa Ambriz, and Genesis Sanchez
            Instructor A. Williams USN-Retired                                        Instructor J. Acosta