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Yellow Brigade Collects For A Cause

The Holidays are about giving and lending a helping hand that’s why our Judson ISD Transportation Department is making sure others don’t go without those things that can make their holidays merry. The Transportation Department is gearing up for their Yellow Brigade event Saturday, December 15th.  They’ll be collecting non-perishable food items for the Greater Randolph Area Services Program, Inc. (G.R.A.S.P.) and the Ronald McDonald House of San Antonio. Donation centers will be set-up this Saturday at Olympia Elementary, Kitty Hawk Middle School and the Northeast Baptist Hospital Healthy Women’s Center from 10am-2pm. 
Please come out and support the Judson ISD Transportation Department and help them make a difference!

Yellow Brigade's Fall Festival Coming

The Yellow Brigade (Judson Transportation) will be hosting an exciting and entertaining Fall Festival for elementary school students.  It's all happening at Kitty Hawk Middle School on November 3rd.  There will be games, prizes and a "moon balloon. Don't let your kids miss out on this event...it's events like this that make the Fall season special.

"Way To Go" awards to Bus #51 Students

Being in an auto accident can be a trying experience for just about anyone...especially if you're still in elementary school.  But cooler heads prevailed inside bus #51 on October 1st as students from Masters Elementary School stayed calm even after another school bus clipped the front of their bus. The school district awarded those 59 students "Way To Go" awards for keeping a bad situation from getting chaotic and out of hand.  That's amazing considering the students on that bus ranged from pre-k to 5th grade.  Staying calm, remembering their training and listening to their bus driver John Warren who led them through it all, was critical. Also honored were Masters kindergarten teacher Teresa Perusquia and Wagner High School student Tyler Skinner who helped out after the accident. Congratulations, we are so proud of you.



Bus #51 Driver John Warren Honored By Board

It was his training, quick thinking and calm demeanor that kept a bad accident from being worse.  John Warren was honored by the Judson ISD board for his professionalism and his ability to keep the students calm during a difficult time. He was the driver of bus #51 for Judson ISD when an SAISD bus going the opposite direction suddenly jumped a median island and headed for his bus as he was carrying 59 students to Masters Elementary.  The October 1st crash was unsettling to say the least, but he was able to negotiate around the other bus, keeping the collision to a minimum and keep the students safe with only minor injuries.  Thank you John.

Judson ISD Transportation Is Rolling!

It takes a lot of preparation to get buses ship shape and ready for new school year and that's exactly what the Judson ISD Transportation department has been doing. But it's not just about engines cranking up and tires rolling down the road.  Making sure our bus drivers are properly trained and ready for safely commuting our students back and forth from home to school is critical.  That means being prepared for most anything that comes along during their routes. Judson ISD Transportation's in-service at Metzger Middle School included training from experts like members of the Epilepsy Foundation. They taught both drivers and bus monitors what to do if a rider has a seizure. Being as prepared as you can be makes for a safer roundtrip to school and back.

(Below) Judson ISD Transportation Dept. Blas Rodriguez with Elizabeth Ortiz with The Epilepsy Foundation