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Leave The Sidelines, Be An Impact Player With JISD

The JISD District Site Based Committee is a group that has a significant impact on what happens in our schools. The door is open for you make an impact in carrying out Judson ISD's mission. 


JHS Students and Staff Collaborate with TAMUCC

Judson High School staff and students returned to Goose Island State Park to collaborate with TAMUCC researchers and doctoral students to restock oyster shells collected from coastal bend area restaurants. The shells form a substrate that is highly conducive to habitat formation during the oyster spawning period, which runs from March until June. Talks are ongoing and meetings are scheduled to expand the TAMU Program using JHS resources in a public-private partnership. Students also received presentations and a campus tour from UT Marine Science Institute representatives and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service personnel on careers and preservation of marine habitat. JHS staff and students contributed in excess of 200 community service hours this spring and were recognized by KRIS TV 6 Corpus Christi for their service.

Converse ES Student Council Receives Award

The Converse Elementary School Student Council is not just a group of smart kids learning the governing basics, they are active and thinking of others. In fact they have been involved in a number of charitable events during this year. Because of their hard work and perseverance they were awarded the Honor Student Council Excellence Award by the National Association of Elementary School Principals. They will be awarded the trophy by the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association next fall.  

A Thank You To Health & Wellness Volunteers

Judson ISD has made a noticeable effort to provide a healthier work environment for all district employees.  Through special initiative programs, challenges and education efforts JISD even got special recognition from the American Heart Association as a "Fit-Friendly Worksite" reaching the Gold Level for achievement.  There are a number of people that have helped in this whole effort in transforming our workplace into a healthier mindset and atmosphere. They have helped plan, promote and implement activities on their respective campuses to support a culture of health and wellness for each employee.  They volunteer their time to make this happen and the district wanted to recognize them and say thank you.  All volunteers were recognized at a special dinner for their time and work.  
JISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya, and Tracie Moos, Director of Employee Services and Risk Management attended the event and expressed their gratitude & support of the Wellness Representatives by awarding them with a Certificate of Appreciation.  A special thanks to our sponsors, Alamo Insurance Group, Airrosti Rehab Centers, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. If you are interested in being a wellness representative, please contact BCBSTX Wellness Coordinator, Marissa Ryals at Marissa_ryals@bcbstx.com.

Our JISD Health and Wellness Campus Volunteers

1.    ERC
Elisa Husek 

2.    Miller’s Point Elementary
Nicole Reich 

3.    Olympia Elementary
Jennifer Behling 
Lisa Serna-Morales 

4.    Candlewood Elementary
Adriana Aguero 

5.    Copperfield Elementary
Jessica Kessel 
Allison Gunn 

6.    Metzger Middle School
Barbara P. Meade 

7.    Kirby Middle School
Coach Carla Derington 

8.    Salinas Elementary
Christine Wunstel 
Lydia Sigala 

9.    Ed Franz Elementary
Joyce Benson 

10.    Judson High School
Valerie Moreno 

11.    Kitty Hawk Middle School 
Whitney Watson 
Angie Sandquist 

12.    Transportation Department 
Monica Franco    
Norma Fernandez 

13.    Woodlake Hills Middle School
Michaelia Torres

14.     Coronado Village Elementary
Jo Hebert, RN  
Janet Jackson      

15.     JECA
William McDaniels 
Rene Sterling 

16.    Maintenance Department
Lisa Cooper  

17.     Converse Elementary 
Heather Johnson, RN 

18.    Spring Meadows Elementary
Ursula Campbell, RN 

19.    Masters Elementary 
Leilani Sifuentes  

20.    Hopkins Elementary
Chanel Day 
Eva Ocean 
Priscilla Winrow 

21.    Paschall Elementary
Kirsten Hume 

22.    Hartman Elementary
Meury Havner

Converse ES Students Give Back To Others

Giving is not always in the monetary form.  For some people time is even a bigger sacrifice.  The Converse Elementary Honor Student Council and their families volunteered at the Kitchen Table in New Braunfels recently.  The Kitchen Table is a client choice pantry in partnership with the San Antonio Food Bank.  They took time out by volunteering at the facility and taking in donations of food and household items.  Thank you for giving back to others.