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Judson Female Athletes Show They Care

Working and disciplining the body for athletic performance is a good thing, but there are a number of athletes who are showing they are working on the mind and spirit too. Female athletes involved in the M.A.D. (Making A Difference) program are individuals who have decided to get involved in their community.  These girls recently walked with Stephanie Crane, a downs syndrome participant who the school has supported for the past 10 years. She is a former student of Coach Urbanovsky's from some 18 years ago.  It's great to see time students decide to spend in the support of others.  These individuals are growing in body, mind and spirit...giving to others. 



Dr. Montoya Sworn In As Reserve Deputy

You may not know it, but Judson ISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya is also a Certified Master Peace Officer. He has always had a keen interest in law enforcement and its importance in the school setting for student safety. He took it a step further recently being sworn in as a Reserve Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy.  Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau officiated the swearing in and Judson ISD Board President Mr. Steve Salyer, a Reserve Captain, pinned Dr. Montoya with his county badge. Dr. Montoya's law enforcement experience has drawn the attention of the state. He was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve as Vice Chairman of the Texas School Safety Center Board that assists schools and school district on safety and non-violence issues.


Local Dental Pros Donate, Fit Mouth Guards

Junior Dental Intern Zoe Albidres taking impression

When you watch a football game, one of the details you may not think much about is the protective mouth guard that each player must have.  It's a safety tool that prevents so many injuries to the mouth and teeth.  A number of local dentists and dental assistants volunteered their time and resources to help out Judson football players.  They provided 130 players with custom fitted mouth guards at no cost to the students...a value of $350.00. The Judson Dental Internship Program teamed up with Dr. Campos, Dental Hygienist Paola Romero and several other dentists and dental assistants of the Greater San Antonio Hispanic Dental Association, UT Health Science Center Dental School, Campos Family Dental and Rolling Oaks Dental to make this happen.  Thank you to everyone who took time for this valuable donation. They showed they are dedicated to promoting oral health and injury prevention for kids playing sports. 


Dr. Campos taking impression

Judson Dental Intern Gwen Martinez and Zaria Hall taking impression

Hygienist Paola Romero taking impression

Bridge Built, Donated For 8th Graders To Cross

Making that transition from middle school to high school is a big step, but it's also something that should be celebrated...it's a time of growth and encouragement.  Ag. Science Director  Jay Trees and several Judson High School students took some time to literally build their own version of encouragement, by creating a wooden bridge for the Crossover Ceremony.  The piece will be used at Judson Middle School for their 8th grade completion/graduation events.  A big thanks also to Mr. McCoy who donated the wood for the project.  

Judson Football Players Step Up To Help Others

It really says something when a brotherhood of students athletes come together because they have a sense of teamwork and helping others...a sense that was reinforced by great coaches, teachers and of course parents.  Current and former Judson Rocket football players got together recently to make a trip up to the San Marcos area to help people in that area that lost so much and are trying to piece together their lives again after the devastating floods.  Coach Guy Anderson and Mark Sauceda headed up this group of young men to do some heavy lifting and some real nasty work to help clean up and offer support to flood victims.  Many of these guys helping out know the thrill of winning state football championships, but the feeling you get when you give yourself and your time to someone who's lost everything?  That's a feeling at a different level...Well, that's Rocket Pride at its finest.  Well done guys.


Those helping out:

Former Players:
Mark Milligan played on 83 State Team
Steve Stone and Nathan Vajdos played on 92 and 93 State Teams
Brendon Clemons class of 2014 currently playing at SFA

Seniors that are about to graduate
Kenneth Trest
Nicholas Wildberger
Matthew Kaesburg
Austin Garza

Juniors that will be Seniors next year
Tommy Walker
Conner Burgan
Terrence Hickman
Jakob Alonzo

AJ Garza