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Entries for month: June 2012

Summer Learning Night at Woodlake Elementary

Just because it's summer, doesn't mean you turn off your brain. You can still have fun and stay sharp.  That's what happened at Woodlake Elementary Summer School Parent Night. Parents, students and teachers proved that having fun and learning can still go on even if the school bell is not ringing.  It was fun because the night was filled with all sorts of hands-on activities that included digging into different kinds of experiments, learning new reading strategies and wrapping their brains around math skills that were fun.  It was a great night for bridging the learning gap for some students and for others it was a way to stay sharp and be ready to hit the ground running next school year. And with parents and teachers to offer that important encouragement and guidance, the impact was that much bigger.

Literacy Night At Masters Elementary Summer Academy

Building the basics in reading is crucial for children just coming into the system of learning and that was exactly the purpose to the Bilingual Parent Literacy Night at Masters Elementary School Summer Academy. Parents and teachers both gave Pre-K and Kinder incoming students a taste of the fun of reading and literature with a range of hands-on activities. This brought the concept of reading and enjoying a good story to life to kids that are beginning to learn English and will be soon entering classrooms with an opportunity to begin their school years with an excitement about education. Reading is a building block to a lifetime of learning and the teachers at Masters Elementary School Summer Academy are proud to have a part in that.

Judson I.S.D. Board Passes 2012-13 Budget

After weeks of discussion, the Judson I.S.D. Board passed a budget that will keep the district on track for the coming 2012-2013 school year without cuts in the classroom. The $155.6 million dollar budget will provide for the recently passed retention incentives for most employees scheduled for late November, keep quality standards for students on a daily basis and keep the budget balanced. After working through discussions over the district's maintenance department, the budget was passed as presented in a final unanimous vote late Monday night. The Judson I.S.D. Board also passed measures finalizing the student handbook, including the dress code and the district's employee compensation plan.

Judson H.S. AG Students Win Big Scholarships

Agriculture is still big money and students from Judson High School's Agriculture Science program proved it once again. Seven students were awarded $16,000 scholarships each, from the San Antonio Livestock Exposition/Bexar County FFA as well as the Judson FFA Chapter. Hailee Anderson, Jenna Bednarz, Tiffany Bednarz, Hannah Brehm, Jocelyn Ensley, Nicole McNair and Meredith Berry were recognized by the Judson I.S.D. Board on June 21st. The students were not notified about their awards until the week after school ended due to the way the processing of these scholarships are conducted, but the district wanted to recognize these students hard work. Proud AgScience instructor Adam Lampman was also in attendance for the recognition. Each student will use this money to go to the college or university of their choice. Total scholarship money to Judson High School Ag students this year drew close to $140,000 dollars and nearing $1 million dollars over the last eight years.

Fun At Metzger Middle School Camp Invention


Metzger Middle School students used critical thinking skills and hands-on activities to build a rollercoaster. Not only that, but they also created shelter, clothing and a spaceship after crash landing on planet ZAK. What an experience! For the engineers in the group, appliances were taken apart in order to plan and build a Rube-Goldberg machine that would burst a balloon!