Judson ISD

Entries for month: January 2013

Title VII-IPAC Meeting Postponed

Judson ISD wants the public and all interested individuals to know about the upcoming Indian Education Meeting scheduled for this month.  However this meeting has been postponed. The time and place for this meeting will be determined at a later date. Check back soon for an update on this event.  


Wagner ROTC Is Tops in Physical Training Contest

Sometimes you don't know what you can do until you try...that certainly goes for your physical abilities.  Wagner JROTC recently hosted a Physical Fitness Competition among other ROTC programs in the area and everyone pushed their limits.  The contest involved bench press where the guys lifted 100 lbs. as many times as possible while the girls did the same thing with 50 lbs. There was also a timed truck pull, a tug-of-war and a 4x4 mile relay for both.  The Thunderbirds came out on top among the 9 boy teams...the Wagner girls finished first among 4 teams.  Congratulations!

Boy’s team: C.J. Patton, David Garza, Samuel Tobias and Tyvon Washington     
Girl’s team: Grecia Martinez, Zulema Martinez, Bridget Trejo and Skye Zales.





Kitty Hawk MS Talks Security on KABB

Security is a hot topic in the media these days...and the local media is no exception.  KABB-TV wanted to see how we conduct our emergency drills...how prepared the teachers and students are if something went wrong.  They went to Kitty Hawk Middle School where they followed Mr. McFalls and campus police to see what happens during an intruder lockdown. The story linked below by reporter Grace White shows how they remembered what to do and where to go.  It also showed how teachers kept classroom doors shut and locked even with administrators asking to be let in.  After the drill, Mr. McFalls was interviewed about what he saw and how well he thought it went. Practice helps to know what to do even in the heat of the moment.

CLICK HERE for the KABB-TV story

Athletic Recruitment Seminar at Judson HS

Athletic scholarships are one of the many ways that students are recruited by colleges. Parents and students know that money can go a long way in paying for their education. Judson High School will be hosting a Recruiting Seminar Thursday, February 7th from 7 pm to 8 pm at the Performing Arts Center.  This time around it’s for Judson High School parents and students or those whose students will be going there in the future.  Coaches will be there to talk about issues that can come up in the process and some of the problem areas as well.  

Judson-Wagner Basketball: Get There Early


You need to get to the gym early for tonight's hardcourt matchup between Judson and Wagner.  The boys are playing at Judson High School and this one will be for the district lead.  Just be warned as popular as this game will be, once the gym capacity is reached, the entrance will be shut down.  If you don't want to be disappointed in seeing an exciting matchup between the Rockets and the Thunderbirds, get there early...in fact, the JV plays at 5:30 and varsity at 7:00 so why not show up for the JV and watch an evening of great basketball.  Judson won the last meeting, but who knows how this game will go? The girls basketball matchup will be just as exciting and will tipoff at Wagner.