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Entries for year: 2014

Judson HS DECA Students Volunteer At Expo

Big events always need volunteers to carry out the work that needs to be done for it to be successful. Judson High School's DECA chapter saw an opportunity at the Rock-N-Roll Health and Wellness Expo held at the Gonzalez Convention Center downtown.  They assisted in greeting, registering and distributing t-shirts and sold apparel to the Rock-N-Roll Marathon runners. Thank you for your volunteer time.

Kirby MS Students Complete Tech Certification

The umbrella of technology can cover so many fields...from computer science to the technology that runs your car.  Believe it or not there is a lot of technology that goes into the very oil that is the lifeblood of any automobile.  Kirby Middle School students from Mr. Ken Tucker's Industrial Technology class recently participated in the Team Valvoline U Program by completing the Valvoline Institute of Technology's course on motor oil.  The students took a comprehensive test that was mailed in and graded by Valvoline itself.  Those that passed, earned an Industry Certificate of Completion and are officially certified in Motor Oil 101 and can reference this documentation on their resume as they apply for jobs in the automotive field.

 Congratulations to these students. 

Alvin Bernal 8th grader
Noel Bernal  7th grader
Trevon Davis 7th grader
Mathew Gutierrez  8th grader
Tyler Landry  7th grader
Collin McKeag  7th grader
Richard Quezada  7th grader
Javier Ramirez 8th grader
Roy Ramirez  8th grader
Ivan Rodriguez 8th grader
Tyrell Wright  7th grader
Ariel Omar Avaios  7th grader
Joseph Casas  8th grader
Juliann Hernandez 8th grader
Diamond Moreno  7th grader
Moises Ramirez 7th grader
Jeremy Reyes 7th grader
Christopher Rodriguez 8th grader

Military Support Group Helps Provide Toys For Tots

The CAAS and PAFS student peer support groups for military connected students participated in the community service project "Toys4Tots."  These groups are from Kitty Hawk, Converse, Olympia, Rolling Meadows, Salinas and Masters.  They delivered teddy bear toys to kids at the SAMMC Inpatient Pediatric and Cancer Wards and hurting children who reside at Boysville. The gifts and effort put smiles on their faces and warmed many hearts. This whole project was supported and coordinated by parents of the schools involved and by Sylvia Greenwood, the Military Family Engagement Specialist. Thank you everyone for your time and efforts. 



Christmas Around The World At Paschall

It's been a jolly time lately at Paschall Elementary with concerts, Christmas Around The World and hallway carolers. Students in 1st, 2nd and 4th grades experienced a round robin tour of Christmas Around The World. The kids went to every teacher on their grade level to learn about how other countries celebrate the Christmas season. The virtual tour took them to countries like Israel, France, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and several countries on the African continent. 
Also, Head Custodian Juan Trevino, 5th grade teacher Jorge Molina and music teacher Wendy Roldan along with several great student singers, roamed the halls the last day of school before the break singing carols accompanied by wonderful guitar musicianship.



Board Recognitions 12-18-14

 Pledge Leader: Genesis Villarreal…she’s a 5th grader from Paschall Elementary. Genesis’ favorite subject is math because she enjoys solving complex problems that make her think critically.  She has a passion for music and is a member of the Paschall Honor Choir.  She is hoping to become a member of the JISD Honor Choir after January try outs.  After graduating from high school, she plans on attending Texas A&M University to study engineering. 

The first ever Judson Education Foundation Fiesta Medal Design Contest had three winners recognized by the board. They are 1st place Esmeralda Guiterrez, 2nd place Iain Rankin and 3rd place Mauricio Castillo. Congratulations

The Winning Medal!!

Taking college level courses to get ahead on the road to a college acceptance letter and a college degree is at the heart of what JECA does, but there are four students who took it to a whole different level.  Eduardo Emanual Sanchez (MIT), Daphne Martin (Dartmouth), Jason Priest (MIT) and Daunte Baccus (Harvard)

It was a great football season for the Judson Rockets.  For Head Coach Sean McAuliffe...his first year as head coach...it was a season to remember in many ways. From injuries that plagued the team at quarterback, revealing a tremendously talented freshman quarterback, to a defense that really came into its own causing turnovers that the offense rarely wasted, if the defense didn’t score on its own which they did often. It finally ended in the semifinal game 38-31.  The Rockets left it all on the field and that's the way you want to end it whichever direction the score ends up going.  Congratulations Rockets for a tremendous ride this year.