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Spelling Bee Winners At Coronado Village

It must be spelling bee season...a lot of schools are sending in their winners for publication which we appreciate.  Coronado Village Elementary hosted its competition recently and had some great spellers.  Annika Jones was second place and the winner was Julianna Myers. Congratulations 



Freedom Riders Recall Historic Tour

They were part of a push for racial equality in the southern U.S. in 1961.  The Freedom Rides were organized by CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) to test a Supreme Court ruling that banned segregation in interstate transportation and bus terminals.  Some of the members of this historic trip visited both Judson High School and Wagner High School for some candid and educational discussions on what happened during those tumultuous times and on that highly publicized tour that protested Jim Crowe laws and traditions. Panel members included Barbara Bowie, Julia Humbles, Hezekiah Watkins and Macarthur Cotton.  The discussions were moderated by UTSA Professor Mario Salas and touched on how each got involved in the tour and even some of the violence that they experienced.  Students at both high schools were engaged with the discussions and asked numerous questions.  The panel members agree that the reason they do this is to make people aware of history so it is not repeated.  

Freedom Riders At Judson ISD Performing Arts Center



Freedom Riders At Wagner High School




Board Briefs 1-16-14 Regular Meeting

Agenda of Regular Meeting

The Board of Trustees
Judson ISD


A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Judson ISD will be held January 16, 2014, beginning at 7:00 PM in the ERC Board Room, 8205 Palisades Dr., Live Oak, Texas.

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on this meeting notice. Unless removed from the consent agenda, items identified within the consent agenda will be acted on at one time.

A.    Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance    
Teather Vandenbranden and Diane Newkirk 
Victor Mata
Cheri Armstrong
Sable Lowe
4.    CONSIDERATION OF CONSENT ITEMS (items A-E passed, items F and G were tabled)    
A.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Board Minutes for the Regular Board Meetings held on September 19, October 16 and November 21, 2013    
B.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Minutes for the Special Meeting held on December 10, 2013    
C.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Monthly Financial Information as of December 31, 2013    
D.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Quarterly Cash Investment Report for all Funds as of December 31, 2013    
E.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Request for Proposals 14-12 for Print and Copy Services    
F.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Policy Update 98, Affecting Local Policies - Second Reading    
1.    BBE(LOCAL) - Board Members - Authority    
2.    CKE(LOCAL) - Safety Program/Risk Management - Security Personnel    
3.    DBA(LOCAL) - Employment Requirements and Restrictions - Credentials and Records    
4.    DFFA(LOCAL) - Reduction in Force - Financial Exigency    
5.    DFFB(LOCAL) - Reduction in Force - Program Change    
6.    DGBA(LOCAL) - Personnel - Management Relations - Employee Complaints/Grievances    
7.    DH(LOCAL) - Employee Standards of Conduct    
8.    EC(LOCAL) - School Day    
9.    EIA(LOCAL) - Academic Achievement - Grading/Progress Reports to Parents    
10.    FEA(LOCAL) - Attendance - Compulsory Attendance    
11.    FEC(LOCAL) - Attendance - Attendance for Credit    
12.    FFB(LOCAL) - Student Welfare - Crisis Intervention    
G.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Local District Updates, Affecting Local Policies - Second Reading    
1.    AA(LOCAL) - District Legal Status    
2.    AB(LOCAL) - District Name    
3.    BBF(LOCAL) - Board Policies    
4.    BDAA(LOCAL) - Officers and Officials - Duties and Requirements of Board Officers    
5.    BDB(LOCAL) - Board Internal Organization - Internal Committees    
6.    BDD(LOCAL) - Board Internal Organization - Attorney    
7.    BJCG(LOCAL) - Superintendent - Retirement or Resignation    
8.    BP(LOCAL) - Administrative Regulations    
9.    BQA(LOCAL) - Planning and Decision-Making Process - District-Level    
10.    BQB(LOCAL) - Planning and Decision-Making Process - Campus-Level    
11.    DEA(LOCAL) - Compensation and Benefits - Wage and Hour Laws    
12.    DEC(LOCAL) - Compensation and Benefits - Leaves and Absences    
13.    DED(LOCAL) - Compensation and Benefits - Vacation and Holidays    
14.    DEE(LOCAL) - Compensation and Benefits - Expense Reimbursement    
15.    DH(LOCAL) - Employee Standards of Conduct    
16.    DIA(LOCAL) - Employee Welfare - Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation    
17.    DNA(LOCAL) - Performance Appraisal - Evaluation of Teachers    
18.    DP(LOCAL) - Personnel Positions    
19.    EIAB(LOCAL) - Grading/Progress Reports to Parents - Makeup Work    
20.    FB(LOCAL) - Equal Educational Opportunity    
21.    FD(LOCAL) - Admissions    
22.    FFF(LOCAL) - Student Welfare - Student Safety    
23.    FFG(EXHIBIT) - Student Welfare - Child Abuse and Neglect    
24.    FFH(LOCAL) - Student Welfare - Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation    
25.    FJ(LOCAL) - Gifts and Solicitations    
26.    FNG(LOCAL) - Student Rights and Responsibilities - Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances    
27.    GF(LOCAL) - Public Complaints    
28.    GKD(LOCAL) - Community Relations - Nonschool Use of School Facilities    
29.    GKDA(LOCAL) - Nonschool Use of School Facilities - Distribution of Nonschool Literature    
H.    Consider and take action regarding approval of the Campus Executive Summaries. (passed)    
I.    Consider and take action regarding approval of the District Improvement Plan (DIP) (passed)    
J.    Consider and take action regarding approval of Statement of Impact Submitted by:    
1.    IDEA Public Schools (Failed, 5 no, 1 yes, 1 abstention)    
A.    Consider and take possible action regarding approval of Elementary School Boundary Changes  (passed)    
B.    Consider and take possible action regarding approval to Purchase 12 School Buses and a Corresponding Budget Amendment (passed)    
C.    Consider and take possible action regarding approval of Inductees to the Judson Civic and Athletic Hall of Honor as selected by the Hall of Honor Committee (passed)    
D.    Consider and take possible action regarding approval of the Naming of the New Elementary School Located at Loop 1604 and Coppergate Road (Copperfield chosen as school name)    
E.    Consider and take possible action regarding approval to Initiate a Construction Audit of Existing Infrastructure and Facilities (Macias) no action taken    
F.    Consider and take possible action regarding approval of Revisions to the Board Operating Procedures (Salinas) (passed)    
G.    Consider and take possible action approving a 3 Percent Pay Increase for All Employees for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year (Amended, passed)    
H.    Consider and take possible action(s) regarding approval of the Personnel Report and Updates Including New Hires, Resignations and Administrative Appointments (passed)    
A.    Superintendent Report    
1.    Update on HB5 (Flores)    
B.    Report on Natatorium Feasibility Study (Salyer)    
C.    High School Graduation Dates (Macias)    
D.    No Trespass Notices Issued in Judson I.S.D. (Adair)    
E.    Update on Board Advisory Committees    
F.    Update on Board Training, Conferences, Events and Consider Future Agenda Item Requests by Board Members    
A.    Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, Discussing Personnel    
B.    Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071, Private Consultation with the Board's Attorney Regarding Board Operating Procedures    
C.    Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071, Private Consultation with the Board’s Attorney Regarding Approval to Initiate Contemplated Litigation Regarding Existing Facilities    
A.    Consider and take possible action(s) regarding Personnel    

Parent Meeting With Resources To Empower


Parent Empowerment Meeting January 23rd

 If you’re concerned about your child’s academic and personal success, the Judson ISD will be hosting a special Parent Meeting just for you.  On Thursday, January 23rd you are invited to participate in helpful and informative discussions on a variety of parenting and family topics.  It’s also designed to help identify parent and student strengths and assets.  Mark your calendar for Thursday, January 23rd from 8 am to 11 am at the Judson Education Community Center located at 102 School Street.  You can call 619-0361 for details or...


Watchdogs Now At Olympia ES!

The Dads Of Great Students...or DOGS program has come to Olympia Elementary School.  They like to call them Watchdogs, but it's a new program of volunteers targeted at getting dads involved at the school.  Mr. Darin Woods, dad of Olympia student Hailey Woods, is the very first volunteer for the program. He will share his time and talents with the staff and students helping in classrooms and different parts of the campus, but most importantly he will be there to be a role model for students.  If you want more information on the program at Olympia make sure you call the school.

Darin Woods and daughter Hailey