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Entries for month: January 2015

Paschall Crowns Spelling Bee Champ

Many schools are in the midst of their own spelling bees gearing up for the coming Regional Spelling Bee.  Paschall Elementary recently held its school spelling bee sponsored by the Express-News and came up with three great spellers...first place will advance to the regionals.  The Regional Spelling Bee is set for Saturday, February 21st at Trinity University's Laurie Auditorium.  A big thank you to Paschall TAG teacher Ms. Standifer who put this event together. 

1st Place: Julio Williams (Advances to region)

2nd Place: Christian Bekar

3rd Place: Ashley Rodriguez


Lego-Mania Hits Crestview ES

Legos have been around a long time, but it seems these days with all the robotics going on, legos have become cool with a new generation.  Crestview Elementary has opened up a new opportunity for its first and second graders...the first ever LEGO Club!  They met for the first time with some 70 students participating...WOW! What a turnout!  The club emphasizes group work, following a plan, solving problems and of course having as much fun as humanly possible. A great start for this new group.


Metzger Boys and Girls Earn Titles

Congratulations to two teams at Metzger Middle School who are tearing it up on the basketball court and soccer field.  

The Metzger 7th grade Lady Mustangs went undefeated this season. While Aleesha Orange and Vivian Castro were spectacular this season, it was a team effort all the way. The Lady Mustangs were both District Champions and S.T.A.C. Champions.  All of these young ladies are doing an outstanding job in the classroom and their performance on the court speaks for itself. Congratulations

7th grade Metzger Lady Mustangs: District and S.T.A.C. Champions 

Also, a big fist-pump to the 8th grade Metzger Mustang Boys Soccer Team.  They won Judson ISD's first ever District Championship for middle school boys soccer. The team was led by Jose Huerta and Amilcar Ruiz as they reeled off five victories in a row to seal the title. Each member of the team deserves congratulations in this first competitive year for middle school soccer. Coaches Blas Arce and Anthony Jones are to be thanked and congratulated too on leading these young men through the season. 

8th Grade Metzger Boys Soccer Team: District Champs

JISD Police Working With GREAT Students

The GREAT program (Gang Resistance Education and Training) is an effort that involves law enforcement agencies working with students to encourage them to take a positive approach to life.  It emphasizes a resistance to the gang violence culture and to stay in school, respect others and grow respect for one's self.  The Judson ISD Police department is bring the program to a significant number of JIDS students.  It has a complete curriculum that is taught by the officers and is focused on young students in an effort to prevent them going down a destructive path.  As you can see Officers Adolfo Hernandez and Mary Romero were working with this class at Candlewood Elementary School.  This course is being taught through the Boys and Girls Club and Adventure Club.  

Kirby MS Students Connect With Author

Kirby Middle School 8th grade English students took on a unique literature project recently.  They read the memoir of Elie Wiesel called "Night." The assignment saw the students study and analyze the memoir in a critical and contemplative light. Wiesel is a Romanian-born Jew who survived the horrors of Nazi Germany's Auschwitz death camp. He later won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 and is the author of more than 50 books.  It was evident that Mr. Wiesel's writing made an impact on the students, so as they wrapped up the project, the kids got together in groups to plan and write a thank you letter to him for sharing his thoughts of his experience.  Part of the letter also included one question about his harrowing experience. The thank you letter was mailed to the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity in New York City. Not long after that, to everyone's amazement and honor, they got back a personal reply from Mr. Wiesel himself.  The students were really excited that someone they see as "Living History" took the time to give them a response like this. Kirby MS 8th graders wanted to share it with the rest of the JISD.