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Judson HS Honors Top Students

Keeping your grades up over the extent of your high school years is a big challenge.  For any number of reasons, there could be circumstances to put one's schoolwork on the back burner.  But Judson High School honored those students who have consistently put their academics front and center over the long haul. And many of them have still been very involved in other extracurricular activities. Judson High School's Finalist for National Merit Scholarship is Rebecca Fontenot. She was notified by letter by the NMSC and Judson High School was very proud to find out as well. This will no doubt help Rebecca in going to any college or university of her choice.  In addition, also coming from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation is the National Achievement Scholarship Program. Judson High School student Christian D'Amato was one of 3,100 students nationally that earned this designation because he scored in the top 3% of more than 160,000 Black students that took the PSAT/NMSQT nationally and requested consideration.  

The school also took the opportunity to recognize those students that kept straight A's on their report card through the 2014-15 school.  We want to recognized all these students for their fantastic accomplishments and wish them the best in the future.

Rebecca Fontenot, National Merit Scholarship Finalist with Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya, Assistant Superintendent Elida Bera, JISD Board Members Arnoldo Salinas and Sonny Merrell and Judson High School Principal Jesse Hernandez


Christian D'Amato, National Achievement Scholarship Program winner with Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya, Assistant Superintendent Elida Bera, JISD Board Members Arnoldo Salinas and Sonny Merrell and Judson High School Principal Jesse Hernandez 


Freshmen Straight A students


Sophomore Straight A students

Junior Straight A students

Senior Straight A students


All A's Students by class

Alston-Hicks, Sidney Jai (9th)
Gonzalez, Samantha Danielle (9th)
Milstein, Alexa Morgan    (9th)
Ortiz, Autumn Elaine      (9th)
Puno, Fronrich Royce   (9th)
Soto, Viviana Elizabeth   (9th)
Wilson, Kayleigh Anne Chapman (9th)
Wynn, Rebekah Faith   (9th)
Zacarias, Alexis Elaine   (9th)
Campos, Tatyana Elyssa   (10th)
Langston, Travis Matthew    (10th)
Mayne, Dakota Ann   (10th)
Robinson, Catherine Grace  (10th)
Rodriguez, Wilmer   (10th)
Rogers, Scott Matthew   (10th)
Van Horne, Rishownyah   (10th)
Bonner, Karen Monique   (11TH)
Dzierzanowski, Brianna D (11TH)
Shedd, Aleya Michelle   (11TH)
Villacorta, Rachel Cameron Elipti  (11TH)
Akai, Michael Nnamdi  (12TH)
Cecil, Corey M   (12TH)
Chavez, Victoria Elizabeth (12TH)
Coleman, Stephen Kyle    (12TH)
DaSilva, Lisa Nicole McCray  (12TH)
Fontenot, Rebecca Jane    (12TH)
Ha, Bao G (12TH)
Intessimone, Bridget Jane (12TH)
Khan, Camille Marie (12TH)
Marsh, Tymia Imani (12TH)
Platz, Allyson C    (12TH)
Robinson, Gabriela N (12TH)
Thi, Long (12TH)
Thomas, Unique S (12TH)
West, Shalie Raelyn (12TH)

Dr. Montoya Hosts Superintendent Meet & Greet

Dr. Carl A. Montoya has only been at the helm of Judson ISD as superintendent since March, but he is making tracks to all the schools, events and meetings he can, to get to know the district, students, parents and staff.  There will be a unique opportunity in May to meet Dr. Montoya and see what his vision is for the district over the next several years.  He is extending an invitation to the JISD community to share in that vision so that parents and students can feel more connected and involved in the district's main focus...offering opportunities to make students successful, now and for their future.  Take a look at the details of this event. We hope to see you there at JECA May 19, 2015.

Join Us:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
6:30 pm -7:30 pm
Judson Early College Academy 
8230 Palisades Drive, Live Oak TX


Huge STEM Day Coming- Big Players Expected


Judson ISD will be a part of one of the biggest STEM events of the year in San Antonio.  JISD, the Department of Defense STEM Grant, Congressman Henry Cuellar and Northeast Lakeview College are all partnering on this one and it's attracting some big names in the tech world.  It will be May 23, 2015 on the NLC campus from 9 am to 1 pm.  

Scheduled for demonstrations and exhibits will be companies like Geekbus who will be performing a demo on 3-D printing capabilities. Also seminars from Boeing, The Innovation Studio, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will be tap.  In addition, the Lackland AFB Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Team will be on hand to show students how to control robots that they use to dismantle explosive devices...they'll even let students take a shot at controlling these special robots as well. They get to see if they have the steady hand to complete a mission.  Speaking of robots, First in Texas will also be there to help kids earn their Robot Driver's License. 

It'll be great fun, but it'll also be inspiring for students to learn from some of the biggest and most innovative tech and engineering companies around. 

May 23, 2015
9 am to 1 pm
Northeast Lakeview College

Wagner Students Chosen For National Award

Congratulations go out to Wagner students Sierra Gonzales and Joshua Staton.  They were selected as recipients of the College Board's National Hispanic Recognition Program. Because they were chosen, they potentially could receive merit scholarships and acceptance to top colleges and universities around the country. These students were recognized because they scored in the top 2.5% among Hispanic PSAT/NMSQT test takers in the region.  

Along with being great students, these two are very involved in their school in many different ways.  Sierra is academically number one in junior class and is a member of the Wagner Band, National Honor Society and the Accounting Club.  Joshua is number seven in the junior class, also a member of the Wagner Band and participates in the Wagner Aerospace program and is an intern for the Xiinux X Company of Texas, a local landscape architect company. 


Sierra Gonzales

Joshua Staton

Woodlake ES Students Salsa Gardening

The weather has turned warmer lately and in an effort to redirect any spring fever, teachers of Woodlake Elementary's 3rd grade got students out in the garden with a specific purpose.  For some, summer means salsa so these students pulled weeds, prepped the soil and planted tomatoes, peppers and cilantro to make their own salsa.  They hope to use their zesty sauce on some chips before the school year ends.