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Rockets vs. Rangers, T-Birds vs. Knights

The holidays are right around the corner believe it or not, but there are still big games yet to be played. For lovers of high school football, these are great times.  The weather has turned cooler and there is a sense of excitement in the stadiums.  Judson will be home this week to take on Smithson Valley at Rutledge Stadium in a game that will be another big challenge...one that can't be overlooked.  Meanwhile, Wagner is looking to turn things around against a Steele squad that has had a few setbacks, but is still a strong team looking to finish well.  So get ready as these teams tee the ball up and provide some great action.  Your support makes a difference...give our teams the edge with your cheering presence in the stands.  

Judson Rockets

Wagner T-Birds


Veterans Memorial Forms First BPA Chapter

The Business Professionals of American (BPA) is a group that supports and enhances the growth of those working in or planning to work in the business world. Many members are still students with dreams in this area.  Veterans Memorial High, with it being so new, is seeing a lot of "firsts," and the latest is the formation of its very first BPA chapter.  

Ten members of Veterans Memorial recently attended the Area 3, Region 3 Fall Leadership Conference at  the T-Bar-M Ranch in New Braunfels for the first time and soaked in the event.  They learned from special confidence and team bonding experiences along with events that focused on leadership.  It also included a tasty taco lunch.

With this being the first BPA chapter, these students took the time to establish the organization's leadership.  Jake Roxas is the first President, Sabrina Lagramenta is Vice President and Candon Martin garnered special recognition at this conference as a candidate for a state leadership role.  

Membership in the Veterans Memorial High School Chapter of Business Professionals of America is open to all Patriot students until November 15th. Please contact Mr. Dwayne Shorter or any member of the campus' BPA chapter if you'd like to know more.  

Criminal Justice Team Shows Expertise

The Judson High School Criminal Justice Team recently competed at the Customs and Border Patrol Explorers Competition at Weslaco High School and brought back evidence of their hard work.  

1st place Domestic Crisis, 2nd place Crime Scene and 2nd place in Felony Traffic Stop.  Congratulations to all.

JISD Staff See Inside The Construction Industry

Providing opportunities for students as they near their graduation is such an important goal for JISD teachers, counselors and administrators.  Better understanding of some of the industries that provide jobs is how JISD staff equip themselves to assist our students in getting those jobs.  Region 20 Service Center helped host a Construction Industry Tour led by the Associated Builders and Contractors.  This event gave educators the overall view of the construction process and the industry in general.  This is actually a program that includes a series of meetings for educators to be better informed of what it takes for students to qualify and secure jobs in this business.  That includes considerations such as educational background, skills, salaries, benefits and growth opportunities. Those are great things to know to pass on to students considering this type work. 

The year's firms offering this wealth of information are RVK Architects, Terracon Engineers, Baker Triangle, and Spawglass. 


Band Extravaganza At Rutledge Stadium

All the color, music and excitement of a high school football halftime show was on display recently at the JISD Band Extravaganza.  All three comprehensive high school marching bands and the 5 middle school band programs were on display at Rutledge Stadium to show family, friends and fans the importance of music education. But of course there's just the joy of seeing these students perform, right?  

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