Judson ISD

Entries for month: October 2017

Olympia's First Fall Picnic

Olympia Elementary hosted its first inaugural Fall Picnic for students and parents. What a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy this nice, cool weather. Also, a great way to get parents involved with the school.

Hopkins Hispanic Heritage Celebration

The families at Hopkins Elementary got together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a dinner and dance. Families brought food from their native country to share their cultural heritage. They learned about the variety of foods served around the world from Latin American countries. Fun, food, and dancing was shared by everyone.

Jets Soar In Writing Competition

Miller's Point Elementary held their first nine-week's writing competition. Kindergarten through Fifth grade student's had to respond to the given prompt. The goal is to develop and encourage students to explore writing. Winners of the contest were recognized and treated to a special lunch from McDonald’s. Congratulations to the wonderful Jet writers!

Fall Football Night: Judson-Clemens, Wagner-NB

Grab your jacket and bring some money for hot chocolate or coffee because a fresh cold front will be barreling in for this Friday night's matchups and you'll want to enjoy the games. Judson is coming off the Hammer bowl victory to take on a dangerous Clemens team at Lehnhoff Stadium that is 4-0 in district play and 7-0 overall.  Meanwhile, Wagner showed some real ability and spark hanging with Judson for the first half of the Hammer bowl.  They are looking to leverage some of that as they take on New Braunfels at Rutledge Stadium.  Enjoy a chilly, crisp fall evening supporting our teams as they try to finish strong.  

Wagner Thunderbirds

Judson Rockets

Board Recognitions 10-19-17

Pledge leader was Allazay Renay Maldonado. She is an outstanding 5th grader from Miller’s Point Elementary. She is a member of student ambassadors, the school’s Honor Roll and participates in Mrs. Liles’ Before School volunteer program. She is also active in her community.


Our Board Recognition this evening comes from the JSTEM Academy. The school within a school located on the campus of Judson Middle School has been named as the Project Lead The Way Gateway Showcase School. JSTEM is the only middle school in the state of Texas to be awarded this honor. This evening we want to recognize the teachers at JSTEM that have helped develop such a high level of engagement, rigor and consistency in the engineering design and research for this kind of curriculum.  These teachers are:

Lydia Ayala, Russell Baskin, Sally Bancroft, Ashtine Elliot, Joseph Jacobson, Meghann Latimer, Melissa Martinez, Randall Ohman, Jennifer Robinson, and Danielle Smith.
The Director of the JSTEM Academy is Dawn Worley.