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Entries for month: June 2017

Students "Knighted" At Hartman

Being "Knighted" as a student at Hartman Elementary School (the home of the Knights) is no small matter.  The school hosts a special ceremony for those students that have demonstrated exceptional character at school and consistently shows a positive and supportive spirit. With staff dressed in their King Arthur-era regalia, students are "Knighted" as the kind of students that are more than just about academics, but the whole idea of being a well-rounded individual who is positive and considerate of others as they pursue their goals.  Congratulations to all of them.


Students Prepping For High School Experience

Making that jump from middle school to high school can be a little intimidating to some students. But it helps if they know what to expect and get the "lay of the land" so to speak on what high school is like, the atmosphere, the clubs...just the whole experience and opportunities that await them.  The Office of Post-Secondary Education and Career Readiness Department hosted its 2017 boot camp called "Rising Ninth Graders" at Metzger Middle School.  

The three-day event featured Mr. Mychal Wynn who is very well versed in leading young people into transition and helping them see it as an opportunity of discovery.  This comprehensive bridge program helped kids with their personal outlook about high school as well as the academic part.  It all helped these students get pumped and motivated to the years of involvement, commitment and, yes, studying to be successful at that level.  In the end the aim is for them to be successful in high school and fully prepared for college or a career. 

A big thanks to the volunteer college students from the University of the Incarnate Word and Huston Tillotson University and volunteer alumni from UTSA, Wayland Baptist University, Our Lady of the Lake University and Houston Tillotson College that came each day to assist.

Rolling Meadows Honors Former Librarian

Rolling Meadows National Elementary Honor Society students created what they call a Little Free Library to honor and celebrate the life and contributions of Librarian Dawn Mulder.  With a little parent help, the students built and painted the little library located at the Selma Stage Stop Park in her memory.  The library was a service project by the NEHS students who wanted to carry on Ms. Mulder's love of reading.  Her family was on hand to cut the ribbon, opening the book sharing point.  According to  NEHS President Brilyn Bridges, "we decided to build a Little Free Library in Mrs. Mulder's memory because she was our librarian and we dearly loved her."