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Administrative Summit-Planning The Journey Ahead

Building on the successes from the previous year...that's part of the mission of Administrative Summit.  This year's Summit at Judson Early College Academy gave an opportunity for all campus principals and district office directors to get on the same page and know what the plan is for the coming year.  Everyone was briefed on new laws and guidelines that will kick in this school year and then the Curriculum and Instruction Department dug into the nuts and bolts of taking what we've learned from student tests results. That helps everyone see what needs to be addressed and how, as well as identifying strengths and enhancing them with specific strategies.  


NBA Stars Return To District To Give Back

Giving back to the community.  It's an easy phrase to say...almost trite.  But then there are those who follow through with that idea.  Like former Wagner students Andre Roberson and Jordan Clarkson who recently conducted a special basketball camp at Veterans Memorial High School.  Both are impact players on high profile NBA teams...Andre is with the Oklahoma City Thunder who always seem to go deep in the playoffs and Jordan who has served his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, as a shooting guard as well as point guard serving up assists. 

A rockin' crowd at the gym cheered them on as they made a grand entrance, spoke to the crowd for a moment and then quickly got to the business of working with the kids and helping them have fun with the game.  As you can see, Andre and Jordan had a great time hanging out together and encouraging the kids in the process.  





Free and Reduced Meals Registration Underway

Judson ISD is offering free and reduced price meals to students who qualify.  Your family is encouraged to submit an application for the 2017-18 school year…even if you have submitted applications and participated in the program in the past.  Information and a form should have been mailed to you, however both are also available online on our website.  For more information on Free and Reduced qualifiers CLICK HERE.  For the online application CLICK HERE .  Completed applications can be returned to the campus and will be confidential.  Please fill out only one application per family and list all students enrolled in the district. 

If you have questions, please call 945-6720. 

JISD Football Schedule Is Out...Get Tickets Now

The sizzling summer is almost over.  Die hard football fans can finally make their fall plans and ticket purchases for the upcoming JISD football season.  So here you go!  Here is a quick look at football schedules for Judson, Wagner and Veterans Memorial. The link at the top of each schedule goes to a corresponding PDF file of the schedule to print out if you wish.  Let's support our student athletes in having a great 2017 football season!




Summer Preps For New School Year Underway

It takes a lot of preparation and even orchestration for a new school year.  When classes are not in session, it gives administration and year around staff time to make needed changes and take stock in how everything worked the past year.  Principals and campus secretaries are already back in the saddle attending workshops and meetings to get briefed on procedures and policies, new and not so new, so everyone is on the same page.  

This year featured a number of new principals.  Some are new to the district, but many are those who have spent years in the district and are getting their chance to show their leadership as a principal.  Campus leaders attended their own workshop at the district board room and then later attended the Secretaries Symposium at Judson Early College Academy.  The school year is right around the corner...it's time to get ready!