Judson ISD

Judson Invaded By Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Judson High School hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest in the library recently for any staff members interested, and wow...what can you say. The competition was stiff... but the contestants were all beautiful and gracious in this fun event.  Congratulations to Ms. Longoria, Ms. Carmona and Ms. Vela for being the top three winners.  They won not only jean passes (those are like currency for teachers), but also won some good old fashion coin!  That cash might be good for a nice creamy holiday mocha when the time comes around. 


It was a great event that promoted fun and friendship couched in the Christmas spirit.  Thank you to Ms. Hill for getting the tacos from Pericos, courtesy of the Fueling The Rocket committee. 

Community Partners Promote Franz Safety

Helmets for bicycle riders have not always been thought necessary, however experience through the years has shown that it prevents serious injuries and even saves lives. The Rotary eClub of San Antonio recently purchased and brought more than 50 bicycle helmets for Franz Elementary students.  They went to first and second grade students at the school and were shown how to adjust them to fit properly and provide the intended protection.  So now they can ride their bicycles, scooters and skateboards with some extra protection. Thank you to the Rotary eClub of San Antonio.

The Green Thumbs Of Woodlake Elementary

Digging in the dirt, breaking a sweat and knowing you're doing something that's healthy is a fun way to spend the day. Woodlake Elementary students got their hands dirty developing their green thumbs with a new fall garden.  Students picked their plants and planted them with plenty of growing room for the next few months.  In no time they'll be harvesting cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and greens of all kinds.  A great experience!


2016 Bond Update: Dust Flying Soon

2016 Bond Projects Update 12/2016

New Elementary School 1 – Escondido North Site
In our effort to keep the community informed, here are the updates on where we are with the 2016 Bond Projects. The Board of Trustees approved Stantec Architect Firm for the Escondido North Elementary site school design at the October 2016 board meeting. To receive feedback from parents and staff members, the principals at Rolling Meadows Elementary and Copperfield Elementary schools posted a survey to solicit community input. We have completed negotiations with the architect firm to change the design in areas that need enhancements based on faculty and community input. 

Kirby Middle School, Kitty Hawk Middle School, & New Elementary School 2 – Wortham Oaks Site 
Architectural rankings for selection of the Kirby and Kitty Hawk Middle School renovations and the building of Wortham Oaks elementary site have been completed and will be presented to the Board of Trustees for review and approval at the upcoming board meeting on December 15, 2016. After the selected architect firm has completed a design for both projects, construction companies can submit proposals. We will submit a ranking selection of those companies to the Board of Trustees for approval and construction will begin afterwards. The estimated completion of construction for the Escondido North and Wortham Oaks elementary sites will be August 2018 - December 2018. The anticipated completion dates for Kirby Middle and Kitty Hawk Middle School renovations will be in December 2019 - May 2020.

Elolf Elementary School, Hopkins Elementary School, Judson High School - Agriculture Complex, & Woodlake Hills Middle  School
Construction phases are just about to launch for the security vestibules located at Elolf Elementary and Hopkins Elementary schools over the winter break. In addition, the bidding process has started for the minor renovations planned to the existing Judson High School Agriculture Complex. Chiller replacements at Elolf & Woodlake Hills Middle School were awarded to T.D. Industries and installations are scheduled for Spring Break. 

Wagner High School
Finally, a lighting retro-fit-proposal has been received for the replacement of the existing corridor lighting fixtures at Wagner High School, and coordination with the procurement department is currently underway.

Holiday Wishes Turn Into Action

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays can sometimes be tough for families that are apart...especially those who long for their loved ones serving in the military.  There were several organizations that went beyond just good wishes for the holidays...they stepped up and took action to provide a little extra comfort during this time of the year. The internet server company Rackspace and Now Word Missions Ministries Outreach Project provided Judson ISD military-connected and a numerous civilian families with special Thanksgiving baskets that included some great food items to help stretch the budget.  A big thank you to Rackspace and their "Fill A Box, Feed A Family" project and Now Word Missions for their efforts in its "O Give Thanks" program.