Judson ISD

Wagner Student Accepted to Air Force Academy Program

Judson ISD has a long tradition of ties to the military and Wagner High School now has its first student prepping to go to the Air Force Academy.  Patricia Patterson was accepted admission to the prestigious program.  The Air Force will indeed be getting a bright package of energy with Patricia. Along with this achievement, she has been a part of the Lady T-Birds Varsity Basketball team, a member of the National Honor Society and is in the top three percent of her class.  Patricia is also a First Sergeant of Bravo Company in Wagner's ROTC program.  Along with all those activities, she is also a Certified Nurse Assistant and stays active help others.  Congratulations to Patricia!

Wagner Spring Signing Day

When our high schools have student-athletes sign a National Letter of Intent to continue their athletic career in college, they try to make it a big deal...because it is.  At Wagner, they've had so many of them lately that they had a "Spring Signing Day."  We're thankful that they are a part of JISD and wish them all the best in the next chapter of their life and education. A special congratulations goes to Julie Mata who became a two-time State Girls Wrestling Champion and is the top ranked girl wrestler in the COUNTRY. She will be going to Missouri Valley College on a full athletic scholarship.  Congratulations to ALL these students:

Kiauna Clark, East Texas Baptist University, Volleyball
Dessiere Johnson, Pittsburg State University, Girls Basketball
Giovanni Collins, Coastal Bend College, Boys Basketball
Julie Mata, Missouri Valley College, Wrestling
Cortney Rhodes, West Texas A&M University, Bowling




Paschall Celebrates National Library Week

A child's school library opens up so many roads to their imagination and Paschall Elementary celebrated that open road with some fun.  First of all, 4th grader Isaiah Perales created a special bulletin board for the event with the special addition of post-it notes from students that explained why they loved the library.  The celebration also included a treasure hunt during their library time that involved ipads, gold coins and some great clues to follow.  Finally, the library "Question of the Week" was...How many books are in the Paschall Elementary School library?  Answers involved quite a range...from 100 to 1,000,000.  The exact answer was 13,925.  A 4th grader got closest to the answer at 12,650.  Love Your Library!!




Judson Rocket Band Takes Contest Sweepstakes!

For those participating in band programs, the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest is the BIG ONE.  It not only tests the muscianship of students in their preparation of prepared musical pieces, but it also measures how they measure up in a setting where you play music you haven't seen before.  The Judson High School Band received first division ratings in both Concert Performance and Sight Reading.  That means SWEEPSTAKES!  We commend these students on their hard work and preparation that went into it. 




Board Recognitions 4-16-15

Pledge Leader: Dao Diann Luu Bui … Dao came to Elolf in Kindergarten where she quickly mastered the English language.  Now a 5th grader, Dao is a model student inside and out.   Her kindness and good character earned her many awards and she has never failed to make the Honor Roll. She doesn’t know yet what career she wants to pursue…she just knows she wants to make a difference somewhere.

The quality of students from JECA continues to come through year after year through so many measures. These two students were recognizing recently participated in the Exxon-Mobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair and certainly got the judges attention.  They received a 3rd Place Special Award from Texas Tech for Natural Resource Management.  Part of the award was a $500 scholarship for each girl.   Congratulations to  Annelise Cornwell and Ashley McCoy for their hard work. Their instructors are Mr. Eric Botello and Ms. Elsa Barrientos.


Judson High School has a great theater program and UIL competition is certainly confirming that.  Several of the school's Theatrical Design students qualified for the 2015 State Competition.  Theatrical design may not be the actual acting part, but set designs have a huge impact on how a production is presented and how it comes off to the audience. This team's creativity and hard work have paid off and will be competing soon for state. These students are: 
Brianna King
Mykenzie McAlister
Mercedes Morales
Cassandra Williams

Vanessa White is the team's UIL Competition Coach

Judson Education Association Scholarship Winners:
Andrew Kennedy of Judson High School. Andrew is ranked #10 in his class. His intended college major is Biochemistry, and he would like to attend Texas State University.

Indigo Cofer of Wagner High School.  Indigo is ranked #5 in her class. Her intended major is Pre-Medicine, and she would like to attend either Texas Tech or Baylor.

Mr. John Rehwaldt, JISD Transportation Fleet Mechanic, was found unconscious in a shop truck in the Transportation Department On April 2nd, 2015 at around 10:30 in the morning. Mr. Larry Luensmann discovered him and immediately asked Ms. Jajeta Barido to call 911.  Mr. Luensmann immediately sounded the alert to Mrs. Michelle Ramm, the JISD Transportation Director, as well as Mr. Arnolfo Sanchez and Ms. Maria Witham. They pulled him out of the truck. Mrs. Ramm and Mr. Luensmann began CPR…later with assistance from another bus driver Mr. John Warren.  EMS arrived less than 5 minutes later and transported Mr. Rehwaldt to North East Methodist Hospital, but he didn’t make it.  District Counselors were available to support the many transportation drivers who witnessed this incident. The Executive Director of Operations, Mr. Fields met with the bus drivers afterwards to offer support.  All left the meeting sadden but knowing everyone did what they could in a tough situation. Later that same day they went out on their routes to transport students back to their homes without incident.  We would like to recognize the quick-thinking actions of the JISD transportation staff for their heroic efforts and teamwork demonstrated on this day. The conduct of the JISD Transportation employees exemplified the genuine concern and comradery in the department and throughout the Judson Independent School District.  

Ms. Michelle Ramm, Larry Luensmann, Arnolfo Sanchez, Maria Witham and Mr. John Warren. Thank you for your efforts and your professionalism during this time. 
 Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Mr. Rehwaldt.