Chili Cook-Off At Hopkins

What better way of celebrating Texas Independence Day than to have a cook-off of the "official state dish of Texas"...CHILI!  Along with the chili, the school had all the student projects that celebrated the Republic of Texas and the State of Texas.  Each grade level had a special cheer for the chili cook-off judges as they tasted each grade's hot entry to the contest.  The panel of judges included Kirby Mayor Tim Wilson, Kirby Fire Department Chief Kevin Riedel, Officer Carmona from the Kirby Police Department, Carmen De La Rosa, Children's Minister of LifeChurch San Antonio and Carlos Cabasos, Assistant Principal at Kirby Middle School. After lots of water to cleanse and sooth the palette from some spicy, but delicious entries, the winning chili came from the 2nd grade called "Chili, Chili, Bang Bang."  2nd place went to Kinder with its "Chil-garten Champion Chili."  3rd place was the 1st grade entry called "Great Bowls of Fire."  Congratulations where are the Rolaids?

S.W.A.G. Event At Metzger

Metzger Middle School will be hosting an event this week called "S.W.A.G."  That means Strength through Wellness and Arts for our Generation.  It's a way of combining wellness, physical fitness and the arts into an entertaining and fun outing for the whole family. It's being led by the Mayor's Fitness Council advocate Diedra Angulo who is a senior at Wagner High School and is highly trained in several types of dance.  All of those dance styles will be taught's a free event.  It happens this Friday, March 7, 2014 from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. For more information you can call 210-946-4224 or 210-771-3690.



The Judson ISD will open Tuesday 3-4-14 and all campuses and district offices will operate on normal schedules. The majority of winter type weather has stayed to the north. However roads are wet with rain iin the area...please use caution when traveling this morning.

Watching Weather Closely For 3-4-14

The Judson ISD is watching the developing weather conditions closely and will keep you informed of any cancellations or delays.  This information will appear on this page and other social media as well as the news media as early as possible Tuesday morning 3-4-14

It's History...In Person At Coronado ES

History can be such a fascinating subject if it's presented right...well how about having the history makers tell you what happened themselves.  Bill Perryman of History In Person Theater is known across the state for his presentations that make history come alive.  He paid a visit to Coronado ES as George Washington and the students loved it.  Nothing like hearing about the crossing of the Delaware River and being the first President of the United States to keep your audience hooked.  Mr. Perryman is well known not only for his wonderful portrayals of historic figures, but he also is an excellent presenter, teacher and local tour guide.  Our many thanks for his visit.