Judson ISD

Olympia Science Fair Standouts

Winners Mason and Dylan

There were some great projects that came out of the JISD Elementary Science Fair recently.  Olympia Elementary had 14 students from 3rd and 5th grades that entered  the competition on their own decision and they came up with some creative and thought provoking ideas.  They had three trophy winners with the rest receiving district medals. Congratulations.

Winner Evelyn



Rocket Winter Guard Going To World Contest

The Judson High School Varsity Winter Guard is a top notch group that has high expectations.  If you don't know what a Winter Guard group is, it's basically a color guard team that performs indoors.  It's a performance of precision team work and the Rocket team just got back from the Winter Guard International Houston Regional at Hightower High School and placed 2nd in the overall competition. The next step is prepping for the Winter Guard International World Championships in Dayton Ohio in April.  Judson is currently ranked 1st in the nation among all groups attending this next contest.  Good luck everyone!!


ThunderRockets Roll To Gold And More

2,500 Special Olympic athletes recently gathered in Austin from across the state to compete in the 2016 Winter Games/Bowling Competition. 41 Judson ISD ThunderRockets hit the bowling alleys and showed some great skill and perserverence in knocking down those pins.  JISD's team walked away with a dozen Gold Medals, nine Silver and five Bronze. The rest of the team played very well and ended up placing too.  With an event featuring 2,000 volunteers and some 5,000 spectators you know this was a big event and our kids did very well. Way to go team!!

Olympia Robotics Club

Robotics is one of those great areas of STEM that is growing at so many campuses because not only does it train kids to think in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math mode, but it also promotes teamwork and piecing together something that has contributions from everyone.  This year Olympia Elementary has two robotics teams and they meet after school to hone their skills and ideas. They recently competed at the last qualifying tournament and picked up the Teamwork Trophy.  Congratulations to these students and their instructors Ms. Carey, Mrs. Hawthorne and Ms. Saldivar.


Kirby MS Art A Celebration of Black History

Kirby Middle School has some very talented art students and a recent project brought their abilities out as they created artwork in honor of Black History Month.  The Art III students designed masks composed of burlap as their medium with acrylic paint designs for the faces.  They added poly fiber and some embellishment to make them really unique and then used floss to sew the masks onto branches.  What wonderful creations.