Judson ISD

Spirit of Judson: Excellence in Educators

The Spirit of Judson is an award that Judson ISD gives to teachers who consistently show a level quality in teaching students that includes respect and results in the classroom.  This year due to having only one ceremony, the district recognized some 40 teachers.  These teachers were recommended by their campuses and vetted by administration and chosen.  The event, which was hosted by the district at JECA, featured congratulations from Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya, Associate Superintendent Nancy Robinson, Board Member Gilbert Flores and a musical performance by JISD Mariachi Juvenil Sinfonico from Judson Middle School under the direction of Amy Martinez.  Congratulations to each of these teachers for living out the Spirit of Judson in the classroom each day!


Priscilla Alfaro ,Wagner HS 
Sharon Hons, Salinas ES
Joy Algate, Kitty Hawk MS
Michelle Hungerford, Hopkins ES
Belinda Alston, Spring Meadows ES
Joseph Jacobson, JSTEM
Jared Anderson, Judson HS
Lori Laguna, Rolling Meadows ES
Christopher Bianco, Masters ES
Melinda Mireles, Wagner HS
Teresa Bonnett, Kirby MS
Debbie Pruitt, Franz ES
Lydia Bosquez, Judson HS
Anne Cody Ream, Kitty Hawk MS
Cory Burgan, Franz ES
Sean Roberts, Judson HS
Pedro Cabrera, Judson HS
Rodney Rodriquez, Miller’s Point ES
Connie Carey, Olympia ES
Laura Rohm, Wagner HS
Barbara Chavez, Copperfield ES
Heather Schumacher, Coronado Village ES
James Combs, Franz ES
Kay Sherrill, Judson HS
Tracy Cooper, Woodlake ES
Annie Smith, Elolf ES
Elizabeth Coston, Franz ES
Stephana Smitham, Crestview ES
Mary Daniel, Olympia ES
Ashley Steen, Woodlake ES
Rachelle Diaz, Woodlake ES
Carly Stetson, Rolling Meadow ES
Shanan Friesenhahn, Olympia ES
Kristen Tatsch, Candlewood ES
Dixie Gonzales, Converse ES
Lisa Taylor, Park Village ES
Pamela Ussery, Judson MS
Carrie Hill, Judson HS
Jasmine Walkes, Woodlake Hills MS

Teacher Appreciation Week: How Do You Say Thank You?

You can show your appreciation to the teacher or teachers that have made a difference in your life just about any time, but this week is a special time to do it.  It's Teacher Appreciation Week, so you've got the entire week to show them in some special way what a difference they've made in your life.  It can be a current teacher or one that made an impact on your life years ago. One way to show that appreciation is to go to thebiggivesa.org and donate to the Judson Education Foundation to fund teacher grants That's just one way. Whatever the case, reach out and let them know...they have a tough yet influential job and encouragement from you could make a big difference. 

Dr. Montoya's Non-Stop Summer Reading Initiative

Summer is a great time to take a break from the academic grind, but you don't want to get rusty either, right?  Well Dr. Montoya has launched a summer reading program that includes some great free reading material for students to take home with them.  It's called the "Non-Stop Summer Reading" program. Through a partnership with Scholastic Books, JISD is providing these books for Kinder through 5th grade students at Title One campuses to take for their own and read during their summer break.  So have fun and read all you can...this will be the best summer ever!


Judson FFA Teams Go To State!

The Judson High School FFA program has a fantastic reputation...only because it continues to produce excellent students with top quality projects year after year. Other schools know they have to bring their top game to compete against this FFA.  In the recent FFA Area Contest, Judson's program was right up there placing in this very competitive event. The Veterinary Science Team placed 2nd and will be advancing to the state level while the Dairy Cattle Team placed 5th overall, but Tyler Bledsoe earned 1st place individual award. Their team also advanced to the state contest.  Congratulations to these students as well as their advisors Lauren Henderson and Andrea Watts...and of course the head of the Judson Ag Program Mr. Jay Trees.

The Veterinary Science Team is made up of Marissa Nordland, Amethyst Godina, Amanda May , and Madeline Cerda and the advisor is Lauren Henderson.


The Dairy Cattle Team consists  of Mary Pugh, Tyler Bledsoe, Mallori Johnson and Josh Borg and the advisor is Andrea Watts

Judson HS Honors Top Students

Keeping your grades up over the extent of your high school years is a big challenge.  For any number of reasons, there could be circumstances to put one's schoolwork on the back burner.  But Judson High School honored those students who have consistently put their academics front and center over the long haul. And many of them have still been very involved in other extracurricular activities. Judson High School's Finalist for National Merit Scholarship is Rebecca Fontenot. She was notified by letter by the NMSC and Judson High School was very proud to find out as well. This will no doubt help Rebecca in going to any college or university of her choice.  In addition, also coming from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation is the National Achievement Scholarship Program. Judson High School student Christian D'Amato was one of 3,100 students nationally that earned this designation because he scored in the top 3% of more than 160,000 Black students that took the PSAT/NMSQT nationally and requested consideration.  

The school also took the opportunity to recognize those students that kept straight A's on their report card through the 2014-15 school.  We want to recognized all these students for their fantastic accomplishments and wish them the best in the future.

Rebecca Fontenot, National Merit Scholarship Finalist with Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya, Assistant Superintendent Elida Bera, JISD Board Members Arnoldo Salinas and Sonny Merrell and Judson High School Principal Jesse Hernandez


Christian D'Amato, National Achievement Scholarship Program winner with Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya, Assistant Superintendent Elida Bera, JISD Board Members Arnoldo Salinas and Sonny Merrell and Judson High School Principal Jesse Hernandez 


Freshmen Straight A students


Sophomore Straight A students

Junior Straight A students

Senior Straight A students


All A's Students by class

Alston-Hicks, Sidney Jai (9th)
Gonzalez, Samantha Danielle (9th)
Milstein, Alexa Morgan    (9th)
Ortiz, Autumn Elaine      (9th)
Puno, Fronrich Royce   (9th)
Soto, Viviana Elizabeth   (9th)
Wilson, Kayleigh Anne Chapman (9th)
Wynn, Rebekah Faith   (9th)
Zacarias, Alexis Elaine   (9th)
Campos, Tatyana Elyssa   (10th)
Langston, Travis Matthew    (10th)
Mayne, Dakota Ann   (10th)
Robinson, Catherine Grace  (10th)
Rodriguez, Wilmer   (10th)
Rogers, Scott Matthew   (10th)
Van Horne, Rishownyah   (10th)
Bonner, Karen Monique   (11TH)
Dzierzanowski, Brianna D (11TH)
Shedd, Aleya Michelle   (11TH)
Villacorta, Rachel Cameron Elipti  (11TH)
Akai, Michael Nnamdi  (12TH)
Cecil, Corey M   (12TH)
Chavez, Victoria Elizabeth (12TH)
Coleman, Stephen Kyle    (12TH)
DaSilva, Lisa Nicole McCray  (12TH)
Fontenot, Rebecca Jane    (12TH)
Ha, Bao G (12TH)
Intessimone, Bridget Jane (12TH)
Khan, Camille Marie (12TH)
Marsh, Tymia Imani (12TH)
Platz, Allyson C    (12TH)
Robinson, Gabriela N (12TH)
Thi, Long (12TH)
Thomas, Unique S (12TH)
West, Shalie Raelyn (12TH)