Judson ISD

Acclaimed Writer Helps J.I.S.D. Teachers-Students


Critical reading is a major part of scoring well in the new state testing program now called STAAR, because it's close connection to being able to write well. Well Judson I.S.D.'s Curriculum and Instruction Department took a proactive approach by bringing in education expert and writer Ellin Keene. She conducts workshops all over the world instructing teachers how to get students to read with better comprehension and become better writers as well. She not only conducted an all day workshop with teachers, but also had some fun with some Judson I.S.D. students as well demonstrating how different readers can come to different inferences or interpretations from the same story. Among her published works is  the book "Mosaic of Thought,"  (2007) which she co-authored with Susan Zimmermann. That book proposes a new way of helping students read more efficiently and at a deeper level.


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