Judson ISD

Active Writers Workshop

Reading and writing can be a really enjoyable and even rewarding experience.  But writing rewarding stories for others to read may take a few adjustments. 4th graders at Coronado Village Elementary spent part of their morning with our Public Information Director, Steve Linscomb working out their pencils and paper to energize their writing with a more active style of storytelling.  Ms. Smejkal warned students Mr. Linscomb was going to show them how to "Blow Up Sentences," and that's just what they did.  Instead of passive sentences that were as interesting as watching grass grow, they blew them up with active verbs that really revealed a bigger story, many times with fewer words.  It was a chance to stretch the mind a bit and Mr. Linscomb was even seen skipping in front of the kids to show how much more interesting active verbs really are. He obviously had fun too.



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